Code Name: Sailor V

This is the story of Aino Minako and her talking cat Artemis. Minako transforms into Sailor V, the soldier of justice, and together they fight to stop the Dark Agency and foil its evil plots.

This was Takeuchi Naoko's second major series, and the precursor to Sailor Moon. Soon after the appearance of Sailor V, she started work on the new series featuring a team of sailor soldiers. Most of her efforts focused on Sailor Moon, but she did continue to write Sailor V chapters.

Sailor V ran in Run-Run intermittently from Summer 1991 to November 1997.

Beginning in September 2011, Kodansha USA will be publishing brand new English editions of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V. At last we will have an official proper translation of these series.

I made my translations available only because there had never been an accurate licensed English version, but now they will no longer be necessary. Instead please buy the new Kodansha volumes.