Materials Collection

Short story: Parallel Sailor Moon

Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.1, March 2000.

[Inside front flap]


Born March 15, a Pisces with blood type A. From Yamanashi Prefecture.
In 1986, she debuted in Nakayoshi Deluxe (Sept. 1986 issue) with the
winning entry for the Second Annual Nakayoshi New Manga Artist Award,
"Love Call".
Her major works include Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Code Name wa
Sailor V, Miss Rain, and PQ Angels. For Bishoujo Senshi Sailor
Moon, she won the 17th Annual Kodansha Manga Award. In January 1999,
she married manga artist Togashi Yoshihiro. Currently, while living
life in newlywed bliss, she is planning a new work. Her recent hobbies
are observing her husband and gardening.

[Page 1]

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
First Series
Original Creation Pictures

[Page 2]

Title:          Initial stages of creation

Makoto:         Sailor Jupiter
                Kino Makoto
                Image color: Green

Minako:         Sailor Venus
                Aino Minako
                Image color: Yellow

[Page 3]

Ami:            Sailor Mercury
                Mizuno Ami
                Image color: Blue

Rei:            Sailor Mars
                Hino Rei
                Image color: Red

Usagi:          Sailor Moon
                Tsukino Usagi
                Image color: Silver

[Page 4]

Title:          Sailor Moon

Clockwise from upper right:

                Shoulder protector is three of these.


                Disguise pen.

                Wing decorations.


                Transformation brooch given by Luna.

                Pink manicure on her hands.

                She wears a protector on her chest.

                (Changes to a better version after she becomes the

                (Wing decorations.)


[Page 5]

Title:          Tsukino Usagi

Clockwise from upper right:

                Minato Ward Juuban Junior High uniform.

                Summer clothes.

                This pen also becomes an umbrella.

                The disguise item pen is always inside her pocket.

                Worn in dumplings.

                Born June 30 (Cancer) -> (Ruling planet is Moon.)
                (Birthstone: Pearl, moonstone.)
                Blood type O.

                With the scarf clasp (brooch), she transforms into
                Sailor Moon (it's always attached).

[Page 6]

Title:          Sailor Mercury

Clockwise from upper right:

                Her eye color after transforming is light blue.

                A microphone is connected to her earring.

                If her gloves are removed, she has a light blue

                She can create a fog (her earrings shine blue).

                She occasionally wears glasses. Like the Terminator,
                directions from the internal computer project inside.

                White line on her arms.

Lower left panels:

                Sailor Mercury's transformation method.

                1. She takes out her pen (from chest pocket).

                2. Like Usagi-chan's transformation method, she throws
                it high into the air.

                3. Pen. Rises as it spins around.

                4. The circle (spherical) at the tip of the pen spins
                around, releasing light. (Stars also scatter out.)

                5. She shouts (putting in all of her body), "Mercury

                6. (Up.) "Make Up!" She hides her face with her hands.
                (Her fingernails shine light blue.)

                7. For an instant the picture shines white. Gloves are
                on her hands. When she removes her hands, it is Mercury
                after transformation. (Draw back camera.)

                8. (Full body.) While spinning slowly, she catches the
                pen that has dropped down.

[Page 7]

Title:          Mizuno Ami

Clockwise from upper right:

                She occasionally wears glasses and a sweater.

                She always carries her pocket computer.

                Her outward appearance is like Sakai Noriko-chan.

                Born September 10, blood type A.

                Her eye color before transforming is deep blue.

                The team brain, a genius girl.

                Minato Ward Juuban Junior High uniform.

[Page 8]

Title:          Sailor Mars

Clockwise from upper right:

                Red manicure. (She can fire laser beams.)

                After transforming, her pendant comes to this position.
                With this pendant, she can use fire to burn an enemy to

                Image color: Red
                Image jewelry: Ruby

                Born April 17.
                Blood type AB.

                Protector on her chest.
                The ribbon on her chest is black.
                She sometimes wears gloves, and sometimes does not.

Title:          Hino Rei

From top to bottom:

                She always wears this pendant.

                Her eye color before transforming is purple.

                She can handle black magic.

[Page 9]

Clockwise from upper right:

                T-A Private Girls School uniform.

                Emblem on her chest pocket.

                Summer clothes.

                She always carries a bamboo broom and sweeps the
                grounds of the shrine in these clothes.

                When she's a shrine maiden.

                She takes care of two crows, Phobos and Deimos.

[Page 10]

Title:          Sailor Jupiter

Clockwise from upper left:

                Her favorite cologne.

                Her eye color after transforming is green.

                Antenna manipulates thunder and lighting.

                Protector on her chest.

                A plastic ball case with potpourri inside is tied
                around her waist with a chain belt.

                Green manicure. (She handles nature. She can do things
                like cause wind.)

                The ribbons on her shoes are white.

                Image color: Green
                Image jewelry: Emerald

                Rose earrings. (She always wears them.)

                In summer she rolls up her sleeves.

[Page 11]

Title:          Kino Makoto

From top to bottom:

                She keeps wearing the uniform from before she changed

                Born December 15.
                Blood type O.

                Senpai at the junior high of the heroine.

[Page 12]

Title:          Sailor Venus

Clockwise from upper left:

                Her costume when she appears in the first episode.
                (Her costume before she meets the heroine.)

                In the beginning, she acts as a soldier independently
                in this costume.


                Her eye color after transforming is gold.

                Her costume after meeting the heroine (when there are
                five soldiers).

                Her back ribbon is light yellow.

                She wears a chain belt.

                She wears a chain belt.


                Her hands have a yellow manicure.

                Image color: Yellow
                Image jewelry: Topaz

[Page 13]

Title:          Aino Minako

Counterclockwise from lower right:

                The same school badge as on her chest.

                Summer clothes.

                In her chest pocket are a student notebook and magic

                Minato Ward Shiba Park Private Junior High uniform.

                Born November 22.
                Blood type B.

                Her eye color before transforming is the same blue as
                her sailor suit.

Box title:      Height comparison.

From right to left:



                A little meatier than normal (muscles).
                Mamo-chan [sic]

                A little chubby.


[Page 14]

Title:          Endymion

Text:           Shoulder protector.

[Page 15]

Title:          Tuxedo Kamen

Text:           Chiba Mamoru (Mamoru, Mamo-chan)
                Tuxedo Kamen (Estimated age 17-18)

[Page 16]

Right title:    Luna

From top to bottom:

                Gives items to the heroine Usagi.
                Raises her as a soldier.
                Watches over her.

                Her whiskers are long!

                Is she cute?

Lower left title:

From bottom up:

                Like Luna, he speaks human words.

                Luna's twin. Possibly a pair in existence like light
                and shadow.

                He appears together with the fifth girl, Aino Minako
                (Sailor Venus).

Upper left title:
                Moon fairy Diana

From top down:

                (Playful, talkative, impertinent, and cute female
                fairy.) Fragile like a teardrop.

                The five girls find her among the ruins of the moon.
                She sticks around the heroine Usagi and Luna. She
                doesn't get along with Luna.

                Thin, light blue wings.

                Thin, lemon-colored lace clothing.

                Her bottom always flutters.

[Page 17]

Upper right title:
                Tsukino Kenji

From top down:

                Black hair.

                Office worker (magazine editor).

Upper left title:
                Tsukino Ikuko

From top down:

                Slight temper.

                (Hair clasp.)

                Has a (normal) two-story house in the Juuban shopping

                When she laughs, her eyes lower.
                She laughs with a booming voice.

Lower title:    Tsukino Shingo

From top down:

                Hair (yellow ochre color).

                He loves Nintendo. He's an impertinent brat. He's
                popular in class.

                Weakness: Mika-chan.

                His favorite book is Shounen J*mp.

                He makes fun of his big sister (the heroine).

[Page 18]

Upper right title:

Upper left title:
                Umino Gurio

Center title:   Classmate girls

Text:           Yumiko, Kuri

Lower right title:
                Naru-chan's mom

Lower left title:

[Page 19]

Upper title:    Big brother at the game center

From top to bottom:

                Head tempered with light-colored hair (yellow).
                First year student in the literature department at
                nearby K University.

                He has lots of outfits with jeans and sneakers.

Lower title:    Reika-san

Text:           Devoted women's college student who the game center big
                brother longs for. (Attends the nearby women's science

[Page 20]

Top title:      The Four Heavenly Kings

Upper title:    Jadeite

Text:           Typical beautiful person.
                Estimated age is 18.
                A ruthless, serious type.

Lower right title:

From right to left:

                Estimated age is 16-17.
                Effeminate, youngest-child type.
                Treated as Kunzite's younger brother.
                Uses dirty methods of attack.

                His blond hair is more brown than Jadeite's.

Lower left title:

From top to bottom:

                Among the four kings, he is the eldest-son (?) type.
                Acts overly proud of himself.

                Estimated age is 19.
                Emotional and intense.
                Will likely get himself killed right away...

[Page 21]

Title:          Kunzite

Clockwise from top:

                (I have affection for Kunzite.)
                White hair.

                Estimated age is 25-26.
                The greatest and best of the Four Heavenly Kings.
                Has the air of an Arabian king.
                Silent and calm. Frightening when angry.

                The Four Heavenly Kings all have basically the same
                costume, but just this one has a kind of look of

                His sword is a little smaller than Endymion's.

                He is the tallest. Next is Nephrite. Next are Zoisite
                and Jadeite, about the same.

[Page 22]

Title:          Queen Beryl

From top to bottom:

                Horns spring from her shoulders and arms.
                The holes of her ears are pitch black.

                She also has fangs.

                Gag face.

[Page 23]

Text:           This person is always worried about the interior of
                the palace, so the back is always a place of total

[Page 24]

Title:          Princess Serenity

From top to bottom:

                Princess's tiara.


                She wears a tiara, pearl hair decorations, and

                The forehead mark is the symbol of the princess.

                She carries a piece extended from the stick.

                In formal settings, she wears a cloak.

                (Back side.)

                She sits on a pedestal that looks like a pink rose

                (Her attendant.)

[Page 25]

No text.

[Page 26]

Title:          Queen Serenity

From top to bottom:

                Wings like a fairy spring from her back. They're
                transparent and very thin.

                She's quite slim...

                She has silver hair and silver eyes.
                (Eyes like glass balls.)

                Her appearance is of an 18-year-old.

[Page 27]

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Second Series
Original Creation Pictures

[Page 28]

Title:          Usagi Small Lady Serenity

From top to bottom:

                (SL is Small Lady. Neo Queen Serenity gives that name
                someday to a wonderful lady.)

                A precocious brat. She's impertinent, mischievous,
                loves pranks, and doesn't really listen to what people
                say. But she loves her dad (Mamo-chan) and mom (Usagi),
                and admires them.

                Her age is 900. Growing up is slow in the Silver

                Her appearance is of a first grader.

                As items, she carries a key that can travel through
                time and the future Phantom Silver Crystal.

                (Chibi Usa when the symbol of the black queen has

[Page 29]

Upper title:    Chibi Usa

From top to bottom:

                (Appearance from behind.)

                Her hair is sugar pink.

                Her mouth is small.

                (Summer clothes.)

Lower title:    Luna-P

From right to left:

                (Something like a rubber ball that often bounces.)

                The color is the same as Luna's.

                (Chibi Usa's toy that has the role of guardian.)

[Page 30]

Title:          Furuhata Unazuki

Balloons:       I hate studying!
                I want to play!

Clockwise from upper left:

                (T*A Girls School, first year of high school.)

                For the high school at T*A Private Girls School, the
                tie is a strong brown.

                For the junior high school, the tie is light brown.

                A fast-talking, pleasant girl. Light on her feet and
                fairly careless. Her grades are below average.

                She sometimes notices Rei-chan, and admires her.

                Chibi Usa

                (About the same)

                For street clothes, she doesn't wear anything but
                miniskirts! (Occasionally hot pants.)

[Page 31]

Title:          Asanuma Ittou

From right to left:

                Casual wear.
                (This shows that he looks good in red.)

                (His clothes when he follows Chiba Mamoru.)
                He occasionally wears glasses.

                (He's an only child.)
                His home is in Sendaizakaue. His mom's car is a deep
                red Porsche.

                His notebook is essential for taking notes on
                everything. (Chiba Mamoru's actions in particular.)

                First year student at Moto Azabu Junior High.

                (They're on the same site!)

                Moto Azabu Private High School uniform. (The color of
                the tie is different.)

                Summer clothes.

                He must have his notebook and pen at his breast.

[Page 32]

Title:          Crimson Rubeus

Clockwise from upper left:

                He wears a leather vest.

                Stone pendant.

                His hair has the image of a flame.

                His skin color is a bit darker compared to that of
                Demand and Saphir.

                Hot-tempered, intense, radical.

                They all wear earrings Saphir made from the Evil Black
                Crystal. The leaders of the Black Moon time warp from
                the power of these.

                Leather boots.

[Page 33]

Title:          Prince Demand

From top to bottom:

                His cloak is fastened with diamond ornaments.

                (The ornament on his chest is the same.)

                Estimated age is 18.

[Page 34]

Upper title:    Green Esmeraude

From top to bottom:

                She's a high queen. She has an alluring, booming voice.

                She has a large emerald bracelet and necklace.

                Her bottom is huge.

                Her neck is long.

Lower title:    Chiral and Achiral

Text:           Optical isomers. Twins like mirror reflections.

[Page 35]

Title:          Blue Saphir

Clockwise from upper left:

                (Demand's cute, cute younger brother.)
                Occasionally calls Prince Demand "big brother".

                He's always quietly disagreeable.

                His skin color is of a fairly light complexion.

                Stainless steel rod-shaped ornaments.

                He doesn't remove his gloves very often.

                Saphir and the droids don't wear Evil Black Crystal

                (Height comparison.)


[Page 36]

Title:          Four Weird Sisters

Right subtitle: Petz (eldest daughter)

From top to bottom:

                Threatening, low voice.

                (Her hair is long and tied in the back.)

                Furry black wings are attached to her back.

                They're floating, light material.


                She manipulates animals and plants.


Left subtitle:  Calaveras (second daughter)

From top to bottom:

                High-pitched voice.

                A big, gold ribbon.

                (Her hair is long and tied in the back.)


                She manipulates the mental states of humans.


[Page 37]

Right subtitle: Berthier (third daughter)

From top to bottom:

                Sugary, lisping voice.

                She manipulates water.


Left subtitle:  Koan (youngest daughter)

From top to bottom:

                Adult, sexy voice.

                She wears a black rose corsage on her neck.

                She manipulates fire.

[Page 38]

Upper title:    Wiseman

From top to bottom:

                He sits cross-legged.

                It feels like the darkness spreads inside his cloak.

                (Since he doesn't often come out in bright places, the
                insides can't be seen.)

                A black crystal ball floats above his lap.

                It would be very good if, once the one called
                "Wiseman" appears, the crystal ball appears after a
                little delay.

Lower title:    Wiseman's castle

[Page 39]

Upper title:    Death Phantom

Lower title:    Droids (soldiers)

From top to bottom:

                The soldiers of the Black Moon family, manufactured
                by Saphir using the Evil Black Crystal.

                Their heads are like they're wearing iron masks. There
                are no eyes or mouths.

                They're robots resembling sand figurines.

                They have human-like brains, but of poor quality.

                They understand will in their heads. For words, they
                can only make a screeching voice.

                Male type.
                Female type.

[Page 40]

Upper title:    Sailor Pluto

From top to bottom:

                Guardian of the underworld (between times).

                She's the soldier protecting the time door.

                She has been ruling time all alone for thousands of

                (Item.) A key that can travel through time.

                (On the future Earth, time travel is forbidden.)

Lower right title:
                Space-Time Door

Lower left title:
                Garnet Rod

[Page 41]

Upper title:    King Endymion

Upper middle title:
                King Endymion's Staff

Lower middle title:
                Neo Queen Serenity's Tiara

Lower title:    Crystal Palace

[Page 42]

Title:          Black Lady

Clockwise from upper left:

                Diamonds are sewed on the wrists of her sleeves.

                To distinguish her eyes from Chibi Usa's, they're done
                like glass balls.

                Her sleeves and the chest portion are organdy.

                Her high heels are satin.

                The fabric of her skirt is the same color as her shawl.

                There are two slits in her skirt, one on each side. The
                blue organdy part seems to stick out.


                Black Lady
                Sailor Moon

[Page 43]

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Third Series
Original Creation Pictures

[Page 44]

Title:          Sailor Chibi Moon

From top to bottom:

                The hair decorations Usagi wears on her ears.

                Two of these.
                Two of these.

                Since she's a child, the ribbon on her skirt is big.

                Her proportions are slightly extended.

[Page 45]

Upper right title:
                Sailor Uranus

From top to bottom:

                The soldier of the sky, Sailor Uranus.
                (She manipulates wind and light.)

                Uranus's item, a sword.

Upper left title:
                Sailor Neptune

From top to bottom:

                Neptune's item, a mirror.

                The soldier of the deep sea, Sailor Neptune.
                (She manipulates the sea.)

Lower title:    Sailor Pluto

From top to bottom:

                Dark cherry eyes.

                The brooch, when she is reincarnated, is black.

                Her main color is black.
                Her ribbon is brown.

                10/29, Scorpio.

[Page 46]

Title:          Ten'ou Haruka

Right side, top to bottom:

                Haruka in male clothes.

                Conceited, smooth, light, funny, selfish.
                A brilliant racer.
                Ignorant of the world.

                Crest. (It's on the girls' sailor suits too, but the
                ribbon covers it up.)

                The Infinity (high school) uniform.
                In summer, it's a short-sleeved white shirt.

                The belt is black.

Left side, top to bottom:

                Ten'ou Haruka

                Age 16, first year of high school.

                Born 1/27, Aquarius, blood type O.

                Selfish and stubborn. Black-and-white type. Radical
                and hard. She hates being restrained.

                Haruka in female clothes.

                She plays a male role in Takarazuka. A silky voice
                suits her well!

        [Translator's note: The Takarazuka Revue is an all-female revue
        company in Japan, created as a counterpart to the all-male
        Kabuki theater. Each woman trains to play roles of one gender.]

                Her clothes have lots of leather.

                Her waist is super-thin!

                She often wears very short miniskirts, hot pants,
                jeans, and things like that.

[Page 47]

Title:          Kaiou Michiru

Clockwise from upper left:

                Kaiou Michiru
                Age 16, first year of high school.
                Pisces, 3/6, blood type O.

                Her voice is low and mature. She is calm and reticent.
                Affiliated with Takarazuka.

                She's an artist type, and the type who can get by
                without men. She's frightening when angry.

                Who knows what she's thinking.

                But she has a kindness as great as the sea.

                Call it wakame hair!

        [Translator's note: "wakame" can be either seaweed or young

                It feels kind of like Esmeraude became calm.

                I intend her to be wearing artists' clothes!

                When she's going to school, she always has this

                Summer clothes.

                She always carries her violin case.

                The Infinity Academy uniform.

                The designated school bag.

[Page 48]

Title:          Tomoe Hotaru

Clockwise from upper left:

                Her appearance is of a 12-year-old.

                Born 1/6, Capricorn, blood type O.

                (Her collar is indigo blue.)

                The Infinity Junior High uniform.

                In summer as well, she wears tights and long sleeves.


                (The colors of the boys' ties and the girls' ribbons
                are the same.)

                She's fair-skinned, delicate, and her body is weak.
                Her eyes are black like holes.
                Her voice is low and quiet. She's precocious.

Shirts, top to bottom:

                Infinity Academy
                High school clothes

                Kindergarten clothes

                Elementary school clothes

[Page 49]

Upper title:    Sailor Saturn

From top to bottom:

                She carries a staff.

                Sailor Saturn
                The soldier of silence.

                Sailor Saturn's item, the silence glaive.

                Sailor Saturn's image in her previous life.


                Sailor Uranus, Neptune
                Guardians of the outer solar system. They protect the
                inner part from outside invasions.

Lower title:    Mistress 9

[Page 50]

Upper title:    Professor Tomoe

From right to left:

                He always wears a white coat.

                He's a refined professor. About 35 years old, white.

                His pupils (they're alluring) are hollow and dark. It
                feels like they can't be seen.

                (He has white hair.)

                He wears glasses. (It doesn't really mean that one eye
                can't see. These are those kind of glasses.)

Lower title:    Ms. Kaori, secretary and assistant

From top to bottom:

                (White coat.)

                It comes down to her knees.
                (Maybe a miniskirt.)

                Her breasts and hips are large.

                She's a sexy, adult lady. About 28.

                This is the basic style of her casual clothes.

[Page 51]

Title:          Kaolinite

Clockwise from upper left:

                She wears a braid.

                Kaolinite (after transforming).

                Earring (black).

                Her ponytail is in a relatively high location.

                Gray tights.

                (High heels.)

                Her dress is black velvet. The lining is rouge velvet.

[Page 52]

Upper title:    Witches 5

Lower center and right titles:

From top to bottom:

                Older sister.
                (Younger sister.)

                The two of them are always one twin. When fighting,
                they split in two. Cyprine is the surface, and Ptilol
                is the shadow. Ptilol splits from Cyprine. (These
                twins use monsters.)

                They use staffs to lash with.

                (Death move.) "Ribbon Buster".

                She [Cyprine] carries a blue-violet staff.

                She [Ptilol] carries a brown staff.

Lower left title:

From top to bottom:

                She uses plants.
                She turns plants into monsters.

                Her staff becomes a vine.
                (She carries a green staff.)

                Her death move is "Mandragora Buster".

[Page 53]

Right title:    Viluy

From top to bottom:

                A mosaic hat (a mirror is attached).

                She's a conjurer of nanotech. (She analyzes

                With her staff she can freeze her enemies.

                (She carries a light blue staff.)

                Her death move is "Mosaic Buster".

Middle title:   Eudial

From top to bottom:

                (Warrior of flame.)

                Iron plates are hanging.

                Weapons extend.

                Her hair becomes flame.

                (She carries a red staff.)

                Her death move is "Fire Buster!"

Left title:     Mimete

From top to bottom:

                They each carry a staff.
                This is the design.

                Stars come out from her staff as she casts spells.

                She uses love magic.

                These are purple ribbons.

                She uses the power of charm (she turns people into

                Since she's an idol, a bimbo voice is good for her!

                Her death move is "Charm Buster!"

[Page 54]

Title:          Super Sailor Moon

From top to bottom:

                Earrings, in the shape of crescent moons.

                Choker. The ribbon is yellow, the heart is pink.
                (It becomes the same motif as the brooch when it powers

                The collar lines are gold (yellow) lines.

                Protector. Think of it as light pink wings being

                Ribbon behind the skirt. The material is the same
                as that of the protector. It's light pink.

                The belt part has the same piece as the brooch.

                The skirt is the above rainbow color.

                The skirt materials are the same materials as those of
                the skirt of the Princess.

[Page 55]

Title:          Luna (human girl form)

Clockwise from upper left:

                To look at her, her age is about one year below
                Usagi's. There's a slender feeling of having selfishly
                lost weight.
                Her hair color is the color of Luna's body (black,
                gray, purple).

                She wears the crescent-moon color ribbon she got from

                Her bangs meet her eyes.
                There are two dumplings each on the right and left

                (Construction of a short person's skirt.)

                (From the part just above.)

                (Torso portion.)
                Open a hole in the center of the square. Pass the body
                through that hole and wear it.

                Her hair length is uneven.

                A soft, black organdy skirt.



                A crumpled cloth that she wears as a flower.

                Flower decorations made of black organdy are attached
                to her breasts and behind (waist).

                (A crescent-moon color dress.)

                Cat eyes.

[Page 56]

Title:          Oozora Kakeru

Clockwise from upper left:

                Soft, fine hair.

                (Age 29.)

                His eyes are the color of tobacco.

                He doesn't wear a necktie.

                A watch with a black flax band.

                His complexion looks bad.

                An ID card is attached to the right side of his chest.

                At the Space Development Team (his workplace), all the
                staff members wear white coats or suits.

                I hope for his eyebrow hair to be the same whitish
                color as the hair on his head.

[Page 57]

Title:          Nayotake Himeko

Clockwise from top:

                (Age 22.)

                Her bangs are above her eyebrows.
                Her hair is fine and straight.

                Her eyes are ink black.

                She always wears these earrings and this necklace.

                She always ties back her hair with a light blue

                She wears a slightly short white coat.

                She wears a watch with a black flax band.

                Black high heels.

                The suit she always wears (she's a commuter).



                ID card.

[Page 58]

Upper title:    Princess Snow Kaguya

From top to bottom:

                (Princess Snow Kaguya)

                It feels like she was a beautiful woman about 29 years
                old in a previous life.
                Her skin, hair, clothes, and accessories are all made
                to be ice.


                Not just her pupils, but her eyebrows and hair are

Lower title:    Snow Dancer

[Page 59]

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Fourth Series
Original Creation Pictures

[Page 60]

Upper title:    Chibi Usa

From right to left:


                Her knapsack is pink.

                Name tag.
                (She wears it occasionally, on the left side of her

Lower right title:

Clockwise from top:

                The parting of the hair on his head is on the right

                He wears the white T-shirt inside so that it can be
                seen as much as possible.

                Checkered shirt.

                Ordinary jeans.

                Converse shoes.

                Soba is his favorite!

Lower left title:

Clockwise from upper right:

                She loves Chinese food.

                Even in winter, she wears a half-sleeved Chinese dress.


                Momo-chan has outstanding style.

                She likes cherry pink and orange Chinese dresses.


[Page 61]

Upper title:    Tsukino Usagi (Juuban High School uniform)

From right to left:

                There's no ribbon behind the skirt.

                She carries a normal student bag.

                The color of the ribbon on her chest is more tasteful.
                (It's rouge.)

                There's a chest pocket.

                The skirt length is shorter (above the knees).

Lower right title:
                Hino Rei (T*A Girls School, high school uniform)

Clockwise from top:

                Gold badge.

                Yellow ochre.

                Dark color.

                Dark color.

                Grayish dark color.

Lower left title:
                Phobos and Deimos

From top to bottom, right to left:



[Page 62]

Title:          Pegasus (Helios)

From top to bottom:

                A gold horn and gold eyes. A red protector is on his

                Maybe this is what it's like when he's in Chibi Usa's
                hand. Even if he folds his wings when he sleeps...

[Page 63]

Title:          Helios

From top to bottom:

                There are times when you can catch a glimpse of him
                in human form instead of Pegasus form.

                Crystal earrings.

                Crystal ball ornaments with tufts attached.

                A gold horn sticks out as a sign of the magic cast on
                his captured body.

                His image has the feeling of the young Prince Endymion
                (in his previous life).
                (For his color as well, I want to use what was used for

                His age is about that of a seventh grade boy.

[Page 64]

Right title:    Amazon Trio

Text:           (The transvestite trio.) I want them all to use
                feminine speech.

Left title:     Tiger's Eye

Right side, top to bottom:

                A tiger kept at the circus.
                "Little tiger eye".

                (As a human.) Tiger's Eye.

                Acts very flashy as a wild animal tamer at the circus.
                But his dream is to someday become a rock artist and be
                world famous.

                An ambitious man.

                His favorite phrase is, "My dream is to be an artist."

                He tightens his fist.

                With a chuckle, he want to puts on his suit right away.

                He is changed into human form by the magic of the
                Amazoness Quartet, and battles the sailor soldiers
                each time.

Left side, top to bottom:

                His earrings are shaped like razors.

                The knot of his turban cannot be seen.

                He wears a fur whether it's summer or winter.

                He's not a pro wrestler. He appears imitating a rock

[Page 65]

Title:          Fish Eye

From top to bottom:

                The forehead mark is the symbol of the Dead Moon. It's
                a black new moon mark.

                A tropical fish kept at the circus.
                "Little fish eye".

                (As a human.) Fish Eye.

                On just the hands are webs and scales.

                Acts as a ball-balancing girl (??) at the circus. But
                is very clumsy! Dreams of someday being the best
                ball-balancing girl (!) in the world. (A Mimete-chan

                Always teased by Tiger Eye [sic] and Hawk's Eye, and
                then cries.

Balloon:        H- How mean! Just because I'm the cutest one!

[Page 66]

Title:          Hawk's Eye

Clockwise from top:

                A hawk kept at the circus.
                "Little hawk eye".

                (As a human.) Hawk's Eye.

                He appears putting on this kind of coat. (When he
                suddenly takes it off...)

                He has the feeling of Zoisite-sama having gained ten
                years of experience and become independent.

                His dream is to someday have a shop in Las Vegas
                (but Ginza would also be fine), and be a bar madam.

                Acts as a fire-breathing man at the circus.

                The three assume poses like those of models.

                The ages of the three are (about) that of high school

                He wears lots of safety pins.

                Square diamonds are embedded in his forehead.

[Page 67]

Title:          Zirconia

Clockwise from top:

                (Leader of the Dead Moon Circus.)
                * Called "old maid" by the Amazoness Quartet.
                * Has been alive for tens of thousands of years.
                * Nagging, stingy, misery, treacherous.

                It stays on the staff.

                The staff is like a tree.

                (Zirconia's messenger spirit.)

                * Flies around spewing flame.
                * Zirconia lets Zircon fly, and through Zircon's eye
                looks at the enemy territory.

                Wears bracelets on both arms.

                One can't really see inside the cloak, but it's like
                an insect body (without flesh).

                The face drawn on the outside of the cloak speaks. It
                is made to speak as an oracle of Queen Nehellenia, who
                is in the world inside the new moon.

                The face is full of wrinkles.

[Page 68]

Upper title:    Amazoness Quartet

Right title:    Jun Jun (Juno)

From top to bottom:

                Third sister.
                (Acrobat at the circus. They also perform acrobatics

                (After, she rides a motorcycle.)

                Of the four, her skin is the darkest.

                * Vulgar.
                * Yankee.

                * Way of speaking: male speech, like "ore".

Left title:     Cere Cere (Ceres)

From top to bottom:

                Eldest sister.
                (Scatters flowers while on a swing in the air at the

                * Uses flowers.

                Her skin is light.

                * Ill-tempered.

                * Way of speaking: "atakushi", "desu wan", "...yon".


[Page 69]

Right title:    Palla Palla (Pallas)

From top to bottom:

                Second sister.
                Very short.
                (Juggles balls on a unicycle at the circus.)

                * Uses balls.
                * Ball-balancing girl.

                * Childish.
                * Crybaby.
                * Bimbo

Left title:     Ves Ves (Vesta)

From top to bottom:

                Fourth sister.
                (Animal tamer at the circus for elephants, hippos,
                bears, horses, camels, and lions.)

                * Uses a whip. "Queen".

                Her skin is a bit darker than Jun Jun's.

                (Height comparison.)

                Cere Cere
                Ves Ves
                Jun Jun
                Palla Palla

[Page 70]

Title:          Queen Nehellenia

Clockwise from upper left:

                Her bangs appear tapered to a point.

                Dumplings like Usa-chan.

                For her hair ornament, the material is glass, and a
                black mirror is attached to the center.

                For the three crescent moons of her hair ornament and
                earrings, only one is yellow.

                The inside of the mirror is always pitch black,
                reflecting nothing.

                Queen Nehellenia.

                Queen Nehellenia's mirror.
                Placed in the room of Queen Nehellenia of the world of
                the new moon, the Dead Moon, and in the room of the
                leader of the Dead Moon Circus, Zirconia.
                They look in on each other's worlds, and possibly see
                the location of Elysion and Helios, or reflect Sailor
                Moon and the others.

[Page 71]

Clockwise from upper left:

                The cloak is not made of transparent materials (though
                being transparent is fine).

                * The cloak gives the image of a den of clouds.

                Her long, free hair drags along loosely as she walks.

                * It would be nice if her nails were very long when
                she powers up.

                * Basically, her hair, breastplate, sleeves,
                underskirt, and rear ribbon are pitch black!

[Page 72]

Upper right title:
                Four soldiers' costumes (powered up versions)

Clockwise from top:

                1. Star decorations are fixed to their chokers.
                2. The shape of their shoulder protectors changes.
                3. The ribbon on the back of their skirts gets a little
                bigger and longer.

                Inside the stars when they transform.
                Each planet mark floats for a moment.

                2. The bulges inside the protectors are the same as
                before, and only one on the outside becomes a little
                bigger as if to wrap around the shoulder. They change
                to transparent materials.

                3. The size of the ribbon becomes a bit bigger.

                3. The length of the ribbon becomes longer.

Lower right title:
                Artemis, Luna (human versions)

From right to left:

                White. (Shoes are also white.)

                Luna's shoes (human version).

Lower middle title:
                Diana (human version)

Lower right title:
                Princess Lady Serenity

Upper left title:
                Princess Venus

Text:           Venus

[Page 73]

Upper right title:
                Princess Jupiter

From top to bottom:




Upper middle title:
                Princess Mars

Text:           Mars.

Upper left title:
                Princess Mercury

Text:           Mercury.

Lower right title:
                Princess Pluto

From top to bottom:

                Choker (no ribbon).


Lower middle right title:
                Princess Saturn

From top to bottom:

                Choker (no ribbon).


Lower middle left title:
                Princess Neptune

Text:           Choker (no ribbon).

Lower left title:
                Princess Uranus

From top to bottom:



[Page 74]

Title:          Perle

Right side, from top to bottom:

                It's hard to understand, but a characteristic purple
                mesh is in only three of the curls the bangs.
                (The three curls are thin curls.)

                (The place where the mouth goes.)

                (Perle's flute.)

                The material is glass. Inside are some pearls.

                It's very thin.

                His clothes when he first met Chibi Usa.

                His ears are also human ears. He wears one earring

                The belt is black.

                The shirt is a little baggy.

                Gold buttons (on his chest, too).

Left side, from top to bottom:

                (The idea is pearl, liqueur, and bonbons.)

                Neutral feeling.

                Pearl-colored hair.

                Two pearl earrings.

                Layered haircut.
                (There are three layers.)

                Pearl-colored wings. Six wings. At special times only,
                they shine with the colors of a rainbow.

                Normally transparent (and white) wings.

                Things like white wire ornaments.

                Pearl ornaments.

                It's a slightly transparent material.


[Page 75]

Title:          Badiane

Right side, from top to bottom:

                The back sides of the wings have no bordering. They're
                all white.

                Her back. The star anise is attached directly to her

Center, from top to bottom:

                (The idea is the star anise.)
                It's that star anise used in Chinese cooking. They are
                attached all over her body as accessories.

                The image of bat wings.

                She wears red eyeliner.

                The cape seems to flutter as she walks.

                It's an iron cane. (Pitch black.)

Left side, from top to bottom:

                She wears a crown.

                She wears star anise earrings.

                Her hair has the image of twisted bread.

                On her chest, the star anise and wings are attached
                directly to her skin.

                Her hair and skirt are pitch black.

[Page 76]

Upper title:    Poupelin

From top to bottom:

                The hair is green. The eyes are red.

                Layered haircut with two layers.

Lower right title:

From top to bottom:

                (Image of oranges.)

                Male transvestite.

                Broken teeth.

Lower center title:

From top to bottom:

                (Image of bananas.)


                The tongue stretches out.

Center left title:

From top to bottom:

                (Colorful candy balls.)

                Transform into...

Lower left title:
                Bonbon Babies

From top to bottom:

                The image of newborn babies.
                (But their hair is abundant.)

                The image of babies of the colorful candy balls. There
                are babies of various colors. They seem like
                impertinent kids. Piercingly loud.

                Anyway, they often laugh, and they often cry.
                They all have the same hairstyle and the same face.

[Page 77]

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Fifth Series
Original Creation Pictures

[Page 78]

Title:          Eternal Sailor Moon

From top to bottom:

                Sample of the front of the face.

                Loose hair.

                Sample profile.

                Sample of the front of the entire body.

[Page 79]

From top to bottom:

                The wings are four on top, four on bottom.

                The bottom wings are in front.

                Her eyes slant down.

[Page 80]

Upper title:    Chibi Usa

From right to left:




                Skirt belt.

Lower title:    Hotaru

From right to left:

                Choker: Black satin ribbon.


                Black jumper skirt.


[Page 81]

Title:          Hotaru's Everyday Clothes

Clockwise from upper left:



                Summer dress.

                Winter coat.

                Her socks black high socks. Her shoes are black or red.

                (Underneath are dresses.)

[Page 82]

Title:          Seiya Kou

Lower right, right side:

                Seiya Kou (female), Juuban High, grade 10, class 1,
                age 16, blood type A. Club: Football.

                Born 7/30 (same birthday as Schwarzenegger), Leo.

                Sometimes wears a red headband. (Like during sports.)

                Unkempt hair.

                Trimmed in back.

Lower right, left side:

                Hobby: Fighting.

                Cool. Not very understandable.

                She gives the impression of Mamoru and Haruka added
                together and broken in two, to make a shounen.

                Always mad.

                Physical and egotistical.

                A worrying super-pessimist.

Left side, from top to bottom:

                Silver earrings.

                The model was Jenny Shimizu!

                Light blue ribbon.

Box:            The three of them form the idol group "Three Lights"
                (techno style).

[Page 83]

Title:          Sailor Star Fighter

Right side, from top to bottom:

                Sailor Starlights: The three soldiers' theme color is
                navy blue.

                Her keyword is seriousness. Her theme color is navy

                Belt-type protector.

                Star containing a sailor crystal.

                (Hot pants.)

                (Bra frame.)
                When you look from the side.
                The breastplate does not fit neatly over her breasts.
                It's loose.

Left side, from top to bottom:

                Sailor Star Fighter

                The zealous hero type.

                Death move: "Star Serious Laser".
                Star Fighter Kick, Star Fighter Punch, Star Fighter
                Uppercut, Star Fighter Attack, others.

                High heels with spiked heels.

                The costume material is enamel.

[Page 84]

Right title:    Taiki Kou

Right side, from top to bottom:

                Taiki Kou (female), Juuban High, grade 10, class 1,
                age 16, blood type AB. Club: Literature.

                Born 5/30 (same birthday as Dante), Gemini.

                Hobby: Poetry reading.

                Internal egotist. A 200% Takarazuka type.

                Anyway, she is cool, with a poker face.
                Not very understandable.

                Her charm points are her long ponytail and long

                She gives the impression of a cool, reticent Setsuna.

                Earrings are amethyst.

                She often wears black sunglasses. She even wears
                glasses. (Her eyes are good.)

Left title:     Sailor Star Maker

Left side, from top to bottom:

                Her keyword is grace. Her theme color is light brown.

                Heavy metal iron protector.

                Death move: "Star Gentle Uterus".
                Star Maker Relaxation (what kind of move could that
                be?), Star Maker Strike (a bit ecchi), Star Maker Music


                Purple ribbon.

                (Tiara and choker.)

[Page 85]

Right title:    Yaten Kou

From top to bottom:

                Yaten Kou (female), Juuban High, grade 10, class 1,
                age 16, blood type B. Club: Returning home.

                Born 2/8 (same as James Dean), Aquarius.

                Super dark-natured, super jerk, super egotist
                (especially her face). She's a fashion model.

                She has never carried anything heavier than chopsticks.
                Injuring her face or body is the most unpleasant thing
                for her.

                Super delicate, super wily, super nervous, super
                grudge-holding type.

                She has no interest in girls (even though she is a

                Boasts a weight of 38 kg.

                If she doesn't sleep 13 hours a day, her body doesn't
                hold up.

                Earrings are emerald.

Left title:     Sailor Star Healer

Left side, from top to bottom:

                Her keyword is delicate. Her theme color is gray.

                Death move: "Star Sensitive Inferno".
                Star Healer Beam, Star Healer Tornado, Star Healer

                Choker (protector and belt).

                Crystal balls are punched on her belt.

                Yellow-green ribbon.

[Page 86]

Title:          Three Lights - Uniforms and Plain Clothes

Clockwise from upper left:

                Yellow rose image.
                Animal image: Chameleon.

                Red rose image.
                Animal image: Doberman.

                All three are the same.

                White rose image.
                Animal image: Leopard.

                (Height comparison.)

[Page 87]

Title:          Chibi Chibi

Right side, from top to bottom:

                Chibi Chibi Moon.

                High heels. (Adult-looking.)

                Chibi Chibi Moon's color tone is the same as Sailor
                Moon's rod.

                Sailor Chibi Chibi's rod.

                White tights.
                Little Red Riding Hood.

                Normal clothes.

Left side, from top to bottom:

                Chibi Chibi.

                Her hair color is more pink than Chibi Usa's.

                Her eye color is the same as Usagi's.

                Her collar and sleeves are lace.


                Her bangs curl around.

                There is a heart-shaped space on her forehead.

                When she takes off into the galaxy, wings spread out
                and she flies together with Usagi.

[Page 88]

Title:          Sailor Galaxia

Clockwise from upper left:

                Eye shadow.

                Her bangs are in odango.


                Crystal ornaments.

                When her hair is let loose.

                Below her shoulders, her hair is deep red.

                Unkempt hair.

                (Hair length.)

                (Choker and belt.)



                Galaxia's image jewelry: Alexandrite.

                On the side and the back as well, it is in odango.

[Page 89]

Clockwise from upper left:

                (Soldier of solitude.)
                Sailor Galaxia.
                Queen of the "Shadow Galactica" empire.
                Lives in the "Galaxia Palace" stronghold.

                Her height is about the same as that of Uranus.
                Her voice is a deep, menacing voice.

                Image color: Gold.

                Armor seams.

                (Color of the center stone.)
                Right, facing her.
                Left, facing her.

                "Galactica Bracelets", in which her power is sealed.
                When these bracelets are put on, power is confined
                inside them. (You become Galaxia's slave.)
                When Galaxia removes these bracelets, her true power
                appears. She becomes Sailor Chaos.

[Page 90]

Title:          Sailor Iron Mouse

From top to bottom:

                Sailor Iron Mouse.

                Think of her as a mouse.

                Loose hair hangs from her ears like tails.

                Her voice is high-pitched. She's a fast talker.

                Her earmuffs, protector, gloves, and boots have fine
                white fur.

                Only Iron Mouse has bracelets underneath fur on her

                The shape of her bra.

                These give the impression of those old bloomers.

                This girl is about the same height as Chibi Usa.

                Death move: "Galactica Crunch".

                The character emphasizes her behind.

[Page 91]

Title:          Sailor Aluminum Seiren

From top to bottom:

                She has the power to manipulate songs. Her hobby is

                Sailor Aluminum Seiren.
                (From the planet Mermaid. She manipulates ice.)

                Her voice is husky. Her personality is dark.

                (Galaxia's bracelet.)


                Galaxia's bracelet.
                She wears them on both arms.

                Her height is around that of Sailor Star Maker.

                She has a manicure.

                (Back - panties.)

                You can't see much, but...

                Death move: "Galactica Tsunami".

[Page 92]

Title:          Sailor Lead Crow

Clockwise from upper left:

                She has crow wings.

                Sailor Lead Crow.
                (From the planet Coronis. She manipulates rot. She
                likes shiny things.)

                Her skin is a shade darker than Pluto's.

                Crow's wing.

                Her make-up is thick. (Her deep red lipstick is a charm

                Her mouth is large.


                The ends of her hairs are like crow's wings.

                Her shoulder protectors are also wings collected

                Her protector and the ends of her hairs are pointed.

                She has a manicure. Her nails are extended.

                She laughs often.

                Her voice is husky and menacing.
                She's a sadist. She loves the image of weak people.

                Death move: "Galactica Tornado".

                She carries a whip as an item.

                She wears Galaxia's bracelets on both arms.

[Page 93]

Title:          Sailor Tin Nyanko

Clockwise from top:

                Sailor Tin Nyanko
                (From the planet Mau. She manipulates scent.)

                She has the art of parturition. (She has nine lives.)

                Platinum earring.

                Think of her as a cat.

                She wears Galaxia's bracelets on both arms.

                The ornaments on her head are also bells.

                She wears fishnet stockings.

                Her height is about that of Sailor Moon.

                Death move: "Galactica Puppet".

                Her loose hair can't be seen.

                Her earring is this slender.

                Her pupil when she eyes her target.

                Lots of bells are attached to her choker, her chest,
                and her skirt.

                Two strands are put together as one.

[Page 94]

Title:          Sailor Metal Papillon

Clockwise from top:

                Sailor Metal Papillon.
                (From the planet Cocoon. She manipulates fire.)


                She boasts sex appeal and beauty.
                She's a samba dancer.
                She's actually a parent.
                Her make-up is thick.
                She cries easily. Her tears are fragile.

                Death move: "Galactica Scales".


                She has a manicure. Her nails are extended.

                She wears Galaxia's bracelets on both arms.


[Page 95]

Upper right title:
                Sailor Mnemosyne

Right side, from top to bottom:

                Sailor Mnemosyne.


                Her hair is parted on the right.

                Her eyes slant downward.

                Each is tied with a black string.

                Long rolls (two each on the right and left).

Upper left title:
                Sailor Lethe

Left side, from top to bottom:

                Sailor Lethe.

                Chain hair ornaments.


                Her hair is parted on the left.

                Looped odango. (Loose.) Two each on the right and left.

                Her eyes slant upward.

                Long rolls (two each on the right and left).

                Bracelets. (Each hand.)

                Fine pleated skirt. (The cloth is thin.)

                The same sandals.

Lower titles:   Sailor Chi
                Sailor Phi

From top to bottom:

                Sailor Chi.
                Sailor Phi.

                (Hair ornaments.)

                Bangs (mesh).

                Bracelets (both hands).


                Back side.

                (Earring, belt.)


[Page 96]

Title:          Princess Kakyuu

Clockwise from upper left:

                Fragrant olive flower ornaments.

                Fragrant olive hairpins.

                The costume material is silk.

                Hair length when the right and left are tied together.

                Kakyuu's incense burner.


                The sleeves and skirt are made of transparent material.


[Page 97]

Upper title:    Sailor Cosmos

Text:           Sailor Cosmos's rod.

Lower title:    Chaos