Chibi-Usa's Picture Diary

Originally appeared in Run-Run, March 1995.
Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.0, 2.97.

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3:00 p.m.

"I'm back!" Chibi-Usa calls as she runs into the house.

"Welcome home!" says Ikuko. "For snacks today, I've got donuts and lemon pie. And chocolate too."

"All right!"


8:00 p.m.

Usagi, Chibi-Usa, and Kenji sit back at the table.

"Great dinner!"

"And for dessert," says Ikuko, "pudding and ice cream."

"All right!"


9:30 p.m.

"It's getting time to do homework," says Chibi-Usa.

"Oh great," says Usagi.

"Hey, everyone," says Ikuko. "I have chestnut bean jelly and cream puffs, but... Which should we eat?"

"Both, of course!"

Chibi-Usa moans.

"Chibi-Usa-chan..." says Momoko, drinking a can of juice. "Are you okay? If you have a headache, you should stay home from school..."

"It might be a cold..." says Chibi-Usa.

A bag hits Momoko in the back of her head.


"Ouch!" she says. "Kyusuke! What are you doing?"

"I'm going to tell Kaigui-sensei!" he says.

"I brought this juice from home!" says Momoko. "Want a sip, Chibi-Usa-chan? It's refreshing."

"Thanks, Momo-chan."

She grabs the can and takes a gulp.

She spits the juice out.

"Th- That hurts!"

"Chibi-Usa-chan," says Ami. "This isn't a headache or a cold. You have a cavity."

"A cavity?"

"And you too, Usagi-chan," she says.

"What's a cavity?" Chibi-Usa asks.

"Huh?" says Minako. "Chibi-Usa, haven't you ever had a cavity before?"

"It's when a hole forms in your tooth," says Rei, "and it starts to hurt."

"What!? A hole in my tooth!?" Chibi-Usa says. "But that's such a primitive problem! We don't have those in the 30th century!"

"Chibi-Usa-chan," says Ami. "What's called a cavity is a scary bacteria called Streptococcus mutans and lactic acid bacilli. It's a hole that opens in your tooth because of the bacteria feeding off sugar in your mouth and breeding."

"Chibi-Usa!" says Minako. "With cavities, your jawbone will turn to mush and be ruined! It's scary!"

"We'll have to go to the dentist right away," says Ami.

Usagi grabs her. "Oh, please! Anything but that!"

"Dentist?" says Chibi-Usa.

"That too," says Usagi. "It's all, all because of Ikuko-mama's snacks!"

Ikuko walks into the room.

"Did you say cavity?" she asks. "After all I've told you, you haven't been brushing your teeth regularly?"

"We're sorry!"

"Being sure to brush after every meal gives you the appearance of a maiden," Ikuko says. "For now, no more snacks! Tomorrow, your dad will take you to the dentist."

Chibi-Usa looks at her teeth in the mirror.

"Yuck..." she says. "If I go to the dentist, I'll get better, right?" She chuckles nervously. "I need to hurry and get better! I don't want to die from a strange disease like this!"

"Laugh while you can, Chibi-Usa," says Usagi. "The dentist's office is a horrible, horrible place. If you think you'll be coming back from there alive, you're mistaken, big time!"

The next day.

Usagi's dad takes the two girls to the Juuban Dentist Office.

"This place has been here forever," he says. "The dentist here is really first class, and has a proper history in dentistry..."

Two children step out of the building, bawling loudly.

"Torturing me like this!" says the boy. "Mom's trying to kill me!"

"Sugar is devil's powder! Devil's powder!" says the girl. "I'll never eat it again for the rest of my life!"

Usagi and Chibi-Usa peer inside.

"Welcome," says the old man. "How many?"

They recoil in fear.

"T- T- Two people!!"

"One minute, please," he says. "I'm in the middle of pulling a tooth."

"Pulling a tooth!?" thinks Chibi-Usa.

The man goes to the crying boy in the dentist's chair.

"Yes, yes, you'll be better soon. First I'll attach this kite string to your cavity, and then tie the string to the door. It'll be all right. When I shut the door, the tooth will come out and you won't feel a thing."

Usagi and Chibi-Usa run outside, screaming.

"I'm leaving!" Usagi cries. "I'm going home! I'd rather have my jawbone turn to mush and die!"

"Such a horrible place exists..." says Chibi-Usa. "I want to go back to the 30th century."

"You two will get better," says Kenji. They pass by a shop. "Say, want to go get some apricot nectar?"

"But mom said we can't have sweets..."

"It'll be our secret," he says. "In exchange, tomorrow we will go to the dentist."

They go to the shop and eat.

They walk home.

"So when they say dentist," Usagi thinks, "they aren't talking about some cute young guy."

"There wasn't a beautiful assistant," thinks Kenji.

Night falls on the Juuban Dentist Office.

A spirit emerges from the floor.

"I am the genius loci inhabiting this land, Regine. For years and years, I have used the wretched cavities pulled here as nourishment. But lately, there have not been many. I must get more and more cavities!"

She shoots a beam of power at the building.

The next day.

As Kenji opens the morning newspaper, an advertisement falls out.


He picks it up.

Juuban Dentist
Now renovated!
You too can have pretty teeth!
Opening celebration
Half price today!

The phone rings. Usagi picks it up.

"Usagi!" says Minako. "Did you go to the Juuban dentist!? The director is a hot young guy! Did you see the flyer!?"

They arrive at the sparkling new dentist's office.

"Wowww!" says Usagi. "When did it become such a clean building!?"

She goes inside with Chibi-Usa, Minako, and Kenji.

"Welcome," says the attractive female assistant. "Now, how many people?"

Kenji stares at her. "Four people!"

The young male dentist approaches them. "Ah, patients? One moment please."

Usagi and Minako stare at him. "No way! He's hot!"

"What's that smell?" says Chibi-Usa.

The assistant carries out a tray. "Have some delicious cake and chocolate," she says. "You'll be treated soon, so relax and eat some."

They all sit down on a large couch.

"Ahh," says Kenji. "A white waiting room, the scent of tea, non-intrusive background music. That lovely assistant is a refreshing young doctor. This is the way the dentist should be."

"But," says Diana, resting on Chibi-Usa's head. "Isn't it a bit suspicious?"

Kenji yawns.

He lies down on the couch, where Usagi is already sleeping.

"This feels so good, I'm getting sleepy..." says Minako as she lies down.

Diana pushes on Usagi. "Usagi-sama! Wake up!"

The assistant comes to them. "Tsukino Usagi-san, please enter the dentist's office."

Chibi-Usa gets up and follows her. "Yawn... I'm going now."

"Small Lady!?" says Diana. "Wait a minute!"

Chibi-Usa goes into the office, and sees a dentist's chair shaped like an elephant.

"Wow! An elephant chair!"

"Go ahead, sit down," says the assistant.

As she sits in the chair, braces lock around her wrists and stomach, holding her down.

"What the--!?"

The assistant holds up a giant syringe. "Well now."

The dentist holds up a saw. "Shall we begin?"

Chibi-Usa screams.

"Relax," says the assistant. "We won't be pulling anything. It wouldn't be nice to only be cruel to the little cavity. First, I'll inject you with this cavity ghost. And after I make all your teeth cavities, we'll enjoy treating you."

"Noooo! Dad! Usagiii! Mina-P! Luna-P! Dianaaa!!"

Diana pushes the door open and runs into the office, carrying a piece of cake.

"Small Lady!!"

She throws the cake on the assistant's face.


"Small Lady! Transform!"

She hits a button, and the braces holding Chibi-Usa unlock.

"Moon Crisis! Make Up!"

Chibi-Usa transforms.

"My favorite food is pudding! I am a maiden with a gentle, sweets-loving spirit! For love and justice, I am the sailor-suited pretty soldier! Super Sailor Chibi-Moon, that refers to me! Show your true form, suspicious one!"

"I am the genius loci inhabiting this dentist, Regine," says the assistant. "The dentist's certain death tool! Let's see if you can survive this turbine attack!"

"Owowow!" Chibi-Usa says. "The noise is resonating in my teeth!"

She holds her jaw.

"Yeouch! My cavity! My cavity! It's throbbing!"

As she cries and screams in pain, the circles on her balls of hair activate.

Regine cries out. "A supersonic wave attack!?"

The dentist holds up a large cake. "This is for before!"

The cake splats on Chibi-Usa's face.

"What!?" she says. "Cake!? What a waste!"

A cup of pudding flies over her head.

"Oh, I haven't eaten pudding in three days now..."

A piece of cake flies past her.

"And that cake I ate before I haven't had for five days!"

She grabs the pudding.

"Oh, this sweet smell. I'll just have a little..."


Diana scratches wildly.

"Wake up, you two!"



The door to the dentist's office bursts open.

"Hold it right there!"

Usagi and Minako run in.

"We are the friends of maidens and snacks! For love and justice, the sailor-suited pretty soldiers!"

"Code name: Sailor V!"

"Super Sailor Moon!"

"Chibi-Moon, you still haven't trained enough! Do you want to become a fat soldier!?"

They throw pies at the dentist's equipment.

"Oh no!" Regine says. "The sugar will ruin it!"

"Now, Chibi-Moon!!"

"Pink Sugar Heart Attack!"

"Nooo! The pink sugar is--!"

Regine melts to a puddle on the floor.

The sparkling new building vanishes, the old decrepit one in its place.

The young dentist changes back into the old man.

"Even without Sailor Mars," says Chibi-Usa.

"We banished the evil spirit!" says Usagi.

They cringe.

They hold their jaws.


Kenji lies on the couch asleep, dreaming of the lovely assistant.

"So then what?" says Makoto. "What did you do about the cavities?"

"They were pulled, the same way he said they would be..."

Chibi-Usa enters the house.

"I'm home..."

"Welcome back!" says Ikuko. "For snacks today, so you can keep the ability to chew, snacks that won't give you cavities! Raw vegetables and dried sardines!"

Chibi-Usa groans.

The end.

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