"All of us, everyone, have stars in our hearts."

Act 43 - Stars 1

Originally appeared in Nakayoshi, April 1996.
Translated by Kurozuki (manga@kurozuki.com). Version 1.0, 3.97.

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As Usagi and Mamoru kiss deeply in the moonlight, a star shoots through the sky above them.

"Oh," Usagi says. "Again. A shooting star."

"Did you make a wish?" asks Mamoru.

"I wished that you would always be by my side, Mamo-chan. Will you come back to me?"

He turns away from her in the darkness.

Setsuna, Michiru, and Haruka look out the window into the night.

"Another meteor shower. Happens every day in this place..."

A woman with long hair, wearing a thin, white dress, watches as Usagi appears in her flowing white gown, and Mamoru in his lavender tuxedo.

She stares at the image of Earth in the large, glass ball before her.

"Beautiful light..." she says. "This is the light of the Silver Moon Crystal and the Golden Crystal. Soon this brilliance will be mine. Brilliance suitable for the victor standing at the zenith of the galaxy."

The alarm clock buzzes loudly.

Half past eight.

Usagi sits up in bed.

On the wall behind her is a poster of three men in suits.

Tears stream down her cheek.

"There's no excuse for crying. But still..."

"Chibi-Usa-chaaan!" Hotaru calls. "Gooood morniiing!"

"Morning, Hotaru-chan!" says Chibi-Usa.

Usagi's mom waves as they and Usagi leave the house.

"Goodbye!" says Hotaru.

"Bye!" says Chibi-Usa.

The two run off ahead.

"So! About Kyusuke and Momo-chan..."

"No way! Really!?"

"I swear!"

Usagi stares at the ground.

"You two are good friends..." she says. "Holding hands at this unearthly hour..."

Chibi-Usa and Hotaru stop and look back at her.

"Well," says Hotaru. "Don't you hold hands with Mamo-chan?"

Usagi grits her teeth and charges past them, knocking them apart.

"Good morning!" Usagi calls as she gets to school.

"Usagi," says Minako. "We're playing volleyball in P.E. today!"

"Yep," says Makoto.

"Morning," says Ami. "You remembered to prepare for English and math, right?"

Haruka rides up to the school on a bicycle, with Michiru behind her.

"Waking up in the morning..." Haruka says. "Some life."

"Good morning, Michiru-senpai!"

"Morning, Kaiou-san!"

"Hi there!" says Michiru.

"Michiru," says Haruka. "That looks like so much fun."

"It is fun," she says.

"After a concert tour around the world and raising a child, high school life is fun?"

"We can sing the praises of youth again," Michiru says. "Could anything make me more happy!? Ah, my heart's fluttering. School life. About now, even Setsuna must be thinking that, at the Juuban Elementary nurse's office."

"It hurts..." the boy moans. "I'm going to die..."

"Don't be silly," says Setsuna. She pulls out the rock stuck to the boy's knee. "This is all it was. Now, hurry and get back to the classroom!"

"Setsuuuna-senseeei!" a voice calls.

"Another injured kid?"

"Ehehe!" says Hotaru.

"Will you come home with us today?" says Chibi-Usa.

A bunch of kids crowd into the room.

"Setsuna-sensei! Hotaru-chan said you were her mom!"

"They're all jealous," says Chibi-Usa.

"All right, all right," says Setsuna. "I'll take care of all of you. Hurry and return to class."

Usagi sits in class, staring at her pencil.

A crumpled paper hits her on the head.

She opens the paper up and reads it.

On the way home today, want to stop by the CD shop?
From Mina-P.

She writes a note back.

Today's no good. I have something important to do!

"Mamo-chan's send-off!?" Minako says. She stands in her P.E. uniform, spinning a volleyball on her finger.

"She said it was today. She looked depressed."

"Mamoru-san decided to study abroad in America all of a sudden," says Ami.

"Usagi's really taking it hard," says Makoto. "It's not like they're never going to see each other again."

"Oh, man..." says Minako. "I wanted to show her the Three Lights video I reserved."

"Another new idol group?" asks Haruka.

"Yep!" says Minako. She holds up a poster of three men in suits. "They're the big thing now. It's a three-person group, the Three Lights! The girlish and cute Yaten Kou, the adult-like Taiki Kou, and the coolest guy, Seiya Kou. They just debuted, and they've already got a fan club. They're so cool! Their singing is wonderful, and they dance good too. Oh, I want to go to one of their concerts!"

"Oh, those kids," says Michiru.

"Michiru-san, you're a fan too!?" says Minako.

"I have good news," Michiru says. "Their first live appearance is going to be at the Fantastic Music Hall in Shibuya."

"What!? Why!? How come!? How do you have info even the fan club doesn't know!?"

"Because I perform together with them at that music hall."

"No way!!"

"Haruka-senpaaai!" a girl calls. "We're all together!"

"All right!" says Haruka. "Shall we begin basic training?"

(Haruka is in the track-and-field club.)

"Mako-chan-senpai!" calls a boy. "Be sure to show up at the gardening club today!"

Michiru: Swimming and music clubs.
Makoto: Gardening and cooking clubs.
Ami: Computer club.
Minako: Volleyball club.

"Well," says Makoto. "Shall we go to our clubs too?"

"Track-and-field and gardening clubs," says Ami. "I'm jealous. I joined the computer club I wanted to be in so much, but the boys are only into games. And I'm the only girl in the whole club."

"All right!" says Minako. "I'm gonna get tickets from Michiru-san! We'll all go see the Three Lights live!"

"You're at peace, Mina," says Makoto.

"What are you talking about," says Minako. "We are at peace again! We have to enjoy high school life!"

Setsuna looks up from her computer.

"Right..." she thinks. "Even though that peace may be brief..."

New Tokyo International Airport.

"How long will you be over there?"

"Only a year," says Mamoru. "It might be a little longer."

"I see..." says Usagi. "A year, huh... Since your essay was chosen, you can achieve your dream of studying abroad at Harvard. That's really great, Mamo-chan. I should be happier... I'll laugh today. I was thinking of sending you off, but..."


Mamoru hugs her.

"I'll write," he says. "And I'll call you. Usa, write me lots of letters."

Usagi looks up at him with tears in her eyes.

"I will," she says. "I'll write and call you a lot. Someday, come back to me."

"I will come back," he says. "I have to go now. Usa."

He pulls out a small box.

"A present. Open it."

She opens the box, and inside she sees a shining ring with a heart on it.

"Mamo-chan...! This...! I'm so happy... Thank you, Mamo-chan...! Can I try it on?"

He takes the ring and slips it onto her finger.

He looks at her.

"I love you."

He holds her and kisses her deeply.

"Usa. When I return..."

He jerks back. His body begins to glow.

Usagi gasps.

The Golden Crystal appears outside his chest. It opens up, revealing a diamond-shaped crystal inside.

As his body fades away, a hand appears and grabs the crystal.

Usagi sees a woman in a golden, metallic sailor suit holding the crystal.

The woman disappears, leaving Usagi alone.

Usagi faints.

She falls into the arms of a man with black hair, tied back in a long ponytail.

"We're too late," he says.

He carries her in his arms, and stands next to two other men, one with white hair and the other with brown hair, both wearing their hair in long ponytails.

A crowd surrounds them.

"The Three Lights!"

They run outside the airport and hail a cab.





The three men get into the cab, and it speeds off.


Usagi opens her eyes.

"The scent of fragrant olives..." she thinks. She sees the man with black hair looking down at her. "Who's that?"

"We're in Shinagawa now," he says. "We'll be in Juuban shortly."

Usagi sits up. "I..." she says. "I have to get off..."

"Excuse me," says the man with white hair. "Driver, this is fine."

The cab stops and they get out. Usagi walks away.

"We brought her all the way here," says the white-haired man, "and she didn't even say thanks."

The man with black hair stares after her.

The alarm clock buzzes loudly.

Half past eight.

Usagi sits up in bed.

"Usagi!!" Minako calls. She grins. "How'd it go yesterday? Did Mamo-chan give you a nice long goodbye kiss?"

Usagi is silent.


"Oh my god!" says Makoto. "Usagi!! You're wearing a ring on your ring finger! Wow! Did Mamo-chan give that to you?"

"Yeah..." says Usagi. "He gave me this ring... Got on the plane... And made it to America safely."

"And so," says Chibi-Usa, "my Pink Moon Crystal appeared. I met Helios and Sailor Ceres and the others. I have to tell Mom about everything that's happened. I'm thinking of going back to the 30th century."

"I am eager to report on Small Lady's activities," says Diana. "The King and Queen must be worried."

"I think you should," says Michiru.

"They'll definitely be pleased to see you," says Setsuna.

"Chibi-Usa-chan," says Hotaru. "You're going back to your real home? It'll be boring."

"I'll be back soon," Chibi-Usa says. "Be waiting."

"Be careful."

"I will! Bye!"

She runs through the park, into the light, and disappears.

"Mamoru-san and Chibi-Usa-chan are suddenly gone," says Ami. "It'll be so lonely."

"It's not like that," says Usagi. "Chibi-Usa will be back soon. Mamo-chan said he would call and write. He said he would come back someday."

Michiru plays her violin onstage at the Fantastic Music Hall.

Haruka plays the piano next to her.

The crowd cheers.

"It's Haruka-san!" says Makoto. "That's so cool!"

Three men in suits walk onto the stage.

"The Three Lights!?" Minako cries. "No way! I had no idea they were going to do a joint performance!"

"So these are the Three Lights," says Rei. "They're cool."

"They're so far away," says Usagi. "You can't see their faces very well."

The man with brown hair tied in a ponytail holds out a flower.

"Kaiou Michiru-san," he says. "You were wonderful. I am Taiki Kou."

"I am Yaten Kou," says the man with white hair. "I have all your CDs and videos. Nice work."

"Thank you," says Michiru.

The man with black hair holds out his hand to Haruka.

"I am Seiya Kou," he says. "I like your style. It's like the wind. We carry the same things. I'd like to shake your hand."

Haruka shakes Seiya's hand.

"Three Lights!" calls the crowd. "Please give us an encore!"

Haruka stares at the three as they walk away.

"Haruka?" says Michiru.

"Starlights," she says. "Those three... Who are they?"

As the Three Lights go on stage, a girl watches from the back of the room.

"Ehehe..." she says. "I've found them. The ultimate starseeds. Carriers of the Sailor Crystals. I feel it. I feel it! I don't believe it! The ten pieces are here as well! Galaxia-sama will be pleased."

She jumps up.

"Ultimate starseeds of the Earth's surface! Sailor Crystals! I, Sailor Iron Mouse, have got you!"

She shoots a blast of light at the stage.

The Three Lights jump out of the way.

Electricity sparks on the equipment onstage.

"This is the emergency route," says a voice over the P.A. system. "Please obey these instructions and do not panic."

"What the-!?" says Usagi.

"What happened!?" says Rei.

"Hehe!" says Sailor Iron Mouse. "I finally found you, and now you expect me to let you escape? Now, come on out, carriers of the Sailor Crystals!"

"An enemy!?"

"Venus Crystal Power!"

"Mercury Crystal Power!"

"Jupiter Crystal Power!"

"Mars Crystal Power!"

"Make Up!!"

They transform. Makoto pushes all the people outside the room. Rei and Minako lock the door.

"The door won't open!" says a man.

"Damnit!" says another.

They pound on the door.

"What the hell's going on!?"

"Silver Moon Crystal Power!" Usagi calls. "Make Up!!"

"I am Sailor Mercury!"




"And I am Sailor Moon!"

"I've been waiting for you, sailor soldiers," says Sailor Iron Mouse. "Galactica Crunch!"

"Space Turbulence!" yells Haruka.

"Submarine Violin Tide!" yells Michiru.

The attacks are absorbed by a bracelet on Iron Mouse's wrist.

"Star Sensitive Inferno!" a voice calls.

Iron Mouse is surrounded in light and destroyed. Her bracelet drops to the floor and vanishes.

"Who's there!?" says Michiru.

Three spotlights shine on the stage, showing three women standing there. They each wear tight black leather shorts, tops, and boots, with leather sailor collars around their necks. One with black hair, one with white hair, and one with brown hair.

The three women jump into the air and disappear.

The seven soldiers stare after them.

"Those three!?"

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