Act 38 - Dream 5: Venus Dream

Originally appeared in Nakayoshi, August 1995.
Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.02, 1.97.

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Mamoru kneels on his bed, coughing. The Pegasus stands next to him.

Makoto runs into the room. "Mamoru-san!!"

"Black blood!!" says Usagi. "Mamo-chan! How long? Why is your blood black..."

"I don't know," he says. "Since a little while ago. My chest started hurting..."

"And the black shadow in my lungs..." he thinks to himself.

"Helios!" says Chibi-Usa. "Tell me! You must know! Is Mamo-chan's black blood related to the enemies and you? Is this the enemies' doing!?"

"It seems the time has come already," says the Pegasus. "Let us talk."

In a glowing light, the Pegasus transforms into a man, with the same gold horn on his forehead. He kneels before them.

"I am Priest Helios of Elysion," he says.

"Priest Helios, of Elysion?" asks Chibi-Usa. "Elysion?"

"Elysion is the holy land that protects Earth," he says. "It quietly rests deep in the Earth, a place like the heart of this planet. I serve as a priest there. My mission is to continue watching over Elysion, and this planet Earth, and you, Prince Endymion. I am also the guardian priest of this planet and you."

"My guardian priest...?" thinks Mamoru.

"Since the distant past," continues Helios, "you have protected this planet all alone. Noble Prince Endymion."

"Do you know me?" he asks.

"Yes, Prince. But you probably don't know me. This planet is protected by the holy land Elysion. I live together with that Elysion. You, this planet, and Elysion and me. Our four spirits and bodies are linked. And those four spirits and bodies and starting to resonate."

"Our four spirits and bodies are... linked? Resonating?"

"But for that," says Helios, "this is happening."

A beam of light shines from his forehead to Mamoru's chest. A dark flower appears in front of him.

"Mamo-chan!?" says Usagi. "Inside your chest...!"

Mamoru looks at himself in the mirror.

"Inside my chest..." he thinks. "A black rose is blooming...!?"

"In my chest as well," says Helios. "A cursed black rose is ruining me. It is a sign of Elysion's ruining. Prince, you are suffering from a curse just like I and Elysion are."

"Inside Mamo-chan's chest..." thinks Usagi. "A black rose...? A curse!?"

"The form you are looking at is an illusion of me," says Helios. "My body now is also being changed into a Pegasus by the curse. I am confined to Elysion."

"A curse!?" says Chibi-Usa. "Confined!? Who could do such a thing...!?"

"There is only one who could do this. In the kingdom of nightmares, inside the new moon. Queen Nehalennia of the Dead Moon. The Dead Moon, their kingdom was sealed deep in the darkness of the new moon. Since long ago, they have been plotting to overthrow the kingdom of light, the Silver Millennium, and rule Earth. The Dead Moon's Queen Nehalennia is an apparition of revenge. If the shining power of the Silver Millennium is eliminated from the moon, and they cause damage to Elysion, this planet will fall easily. From inside the darkness, the heart of the Earth, Elysion, was cursed. First, to lift the curse from within, I prayed continually. But with my small power, my prayers were not answered. The curse spread like a nightmare. Elysion was ruined, and soon the power protecting Earth faded away. Taking that chance, they crept in the moment of the beautifully cursed solar eclipse. It seems this planet is now being invaded from within and without. Due to the curse on Elysion, its dying condition is under rule by darkness and nightmares. If these conditions continue long, the nightmares will shortly spread to the surface as well, making this planet a dead planet, and making it theirs. Princess Selenity. No, Super Sailor Moon. They are not aware of the reincarnation on this planet of the successor to the Silver Millennium, you. Please, I request that you use your power and the power of the Mystical Silver Crystal to defeat them."

"I understand!" says Usagi. "I will defeat the enemies! If I do that, I'll save Elysion, you, and Mamo-chan, too!"

"It's regrettable," says Helios, "but even if you defeat them, with only the Mystical Silver Crystal, you cannot lift the curse on Elysion and the Prince."

"What are you saying!?"

"In this ruined body, it was quite hard getting to you and the Prince. Then I finally found you. Princess Selenity, if you are indeed the chosen maiden, you should be able to search out the Golden Crystal and bring forth its power. If you have the beautiful dream, protected by the light of the moon. If you are the princess soldier. If you are the chosen maiden, who carries the crystal that can break the seal on the Golden Crystal."

"The Golden Crystal?"

The wings sprout out from his back, and he hunches over.


He reverts to his form as a Pegasus. "Maiden," he says. "I am a priest. I only have the power to pray for salvation and watch over. Maiden, I need your power. The day to break the seal on the Golden Crystal has come. Please, save everything from the nightmares with the power of the Mystical Silver Crystal and the Golden Crystal..."

He disappears.

"Helios!" Usagi calls. "Without the Golden Crystal, I can't save Mamo-chan and Helios, and Elysion and Earth! The Golden Crystal!! Where is it? How can I find it...?"

Mamoru coughs up more blood.


"You should stay away from me!" he says. "This curse... You might catch it! You shouldn't stay with me."

"I can't even lend you my strength with this body," he thinks.

"I will stay with you," says Usagi. "Just like you feel the pain of this planet, your pain is my pain." She runs to Mamoru and throws her arms around him. "I'm going to make you get better! So I'll always stay with you. We'll get through this together!"


"I'll protect this planet, you, and everyone!"

"Helios...!" thinks Chibi-Usa. "I want to help him... Helios."

"Without the Golden Crystal," thinks Makoto, "the Prince and Elysion won't be saved. And maybe even this planet. The Golden Crystal... Where could it be? What kind of crystal is it!?"

"So to completely save Earth from the Dead Moon," says Ami, "we need the Golden Crystal... And this thing that's happening to Mamoru-san..."

"We should have been thinking of these enemies differently," says Makoto. "From now on, the five of us have to fight to help Usagi-chan and to protect Mamoru-san."

"Right!" says Chibi-Usa.

"Now how are we going to go about fighting the enemies? We need to work on a strategy."

"Yeah, we do."

"If those three were here now..." says Makoto.

"Huh?" says Minako.

"Haruka-san, Michiru-san, and Setsuna-san. That's what I'm thinking. When we fought together with those three, we were given vitality."

"There was a time when I couldn't transform," says Rei. "But when I thought of Haruka-san, Michiru-san, and Setsuna-san, I was filled with strength. Then I powered up and transformed."

"Those alter egos that appeared when we transformed, in our forms," says Ami. "I think that was those three sending us a message to hang in there. Right, Mina?"

"Um, yeah," says Minako. "Right..."

She leaves.

"How come I'm the only one who can't transform?" she thinks. She raises her arm. "Venus Planet Power! Make Up!"

Nothing happens.

"Right... I didn't tell the others, but... I can't transform. Only me."

"So they all said there was a time when they couldn't transform," says Artemis. "That they felt a power-up, and they met their own alter egos? This is a special transformation. It'll surely happen to you now. You're in the process of storing power as a leader in your body, Mina. Yes, this is a special transformation. Something is surely going to happen from here on. What are you going to do! You're the leader of the soldiers! Soon you'll be able to transform! Even though you're late, the time will come!"

"I guess," says Minako. "Even if I worry, there's no helping it. Yeah. I'm going to go take a bath."

She goes into the bathroom and gets into the bath.

"With that evidence, Mina," she thinks to herself, "lately you haven't been pretty at all. To be just like the goddess Venus..."

Artemis peeks through the door, his face red, as Minako gets out and towels off.

"Leader..." she thinks. "Yeah. I am their leader for now."


"Hey, Mom," says Diana. "Those eyes that Dad looks at Minako-sama with, they look just like a lover's eyes."

"Come on now, Diana," says Luna.

Luna bites into Artemis's tail. "But, I'm not just going to let you peep into the bath."

Artemis cries out in pain.

"Well now," says Cere-Cere. She looks into a mirror at Minako's face. "Of all the sailor soldiers, there's one who can't transform."

"There's one in every world," says Palla-Palla.

"I'm tired of only sprinkling nightmares among the humans at the circus show," says Ves-Ves. "Shall we put on a fun event using this one?"

"All right!" says Palla-Palla. "Xenotime! Zeolite!"

Two circus men appear.

"Leave it to us, sisters," says Xenotime.

"We're not like that good-for-nothing Amazon Trio," says Zeolite.

"We won't just use the lemures and spread nightmares into the world. At the event's climax, we'll wipe out the annoyances!"

"At the behest of our Queen Nehalennia, we'll take the Mystical Silver Crystal!"

"Man, the summer this year is really hot," says Minako.

"Somehow, the city is getting more and more run down."

Lemures hide in the dirt and darkness.

"The Dead Moon Circus!" says Makoto. "We have to get rid of that tent! But how? Should we risk a surprise attack!?"

They see two men arguing.

"What, a fight?"

"This heat makes people irritable."

"What's that?"

"Michiru-san's mirror," says Rei. "I borrowed it from Chibi-Usa. I thought if there's anything strange going on, I could sense it with this mirror. It's not just the heat, lately I've felt an air of unrest."

"From the center of the circus," says Ami, "there's a strange aura surrounding Juuban. A force field, or brainwashing waves..."

"A force field?" thinks Minako. "Could... Could that be why I can't transform? But still, that would be weird. Only me..."

"Mina?" says Ami.

"Oh, no, nothing," she says. "Ami-chan, you found the force field all by yourself? Amazing!"

"Yeah, I did it with a program Setsuna-san gave me."

Makoto looks to the sky as she hears a chopper overhead.

"Whenever I hear the sound of a helicopter," she says, "I always think maybe it's Haruka-san and the others. If we could use helicopters like them, we could investigate things a lot easier!"

"Five times!" says Minako.

"Say what?"

"Today since we met, those three's names have come up five times. I don't think there's any excuse for thinking about people who aren't here!"

"Mina?" says Ami.

"We're talking about how if they were here, we could depend on them," says Makoto.

"Of course, you can't depend on your leader!" Minako says.

"That's not what we're saying!" says Ami.

"Mina, you're acting strange today," says Rei.


"Of course I'm strange!" says Minako. "Strange is fine! Cock-a-doodle-doo!"

She turns and runs away.

"Mina!!" the others call.

"Now I've failed as a leader!" she thinks, tears in her eyes. "Oh, how stupid! Oh, why am I so irritable? What's wrong? My power... How come I can't transform? If an enemy appears now, how am I supposed to fight him!?"

She stops and blows her nose.

A man approaches her.

"You," he says. "Would you like to go to an idol audition?"

"You were scouted!?"

Minako tosses her hair back. "Yep. He said that, and I'm going to the audition. It was my dream!! To be an idol!! Whatever it took! Now I'll be one."

"Mina!?" the others say.

"We have to talk, Mina," says Ami. "Doesn't this look like a suspicious production? Show me the scout's card."

Minako shows her the business card:

Dead Moon Entertainment
Mr. Xenotime

"Dead Moon Entertainment!?"

"Mina...! Look at this!"

"Bye-bye!" Minako calls as she runs out the door.


Minako looks at the audition ad as she walks down the street.

"I'm such an idiot," she thinks. "I knew it was probably a Dead Moon trap."

"Mina! Wait!" calls Artemis. "What are you thinking! Are you planning to go after them by yourself? Even though you can't transform!"

"Shut up!" says Minako. "This is the chance to show my power!" she thinks. "I'm the leader! I have to act! I'm going after them! The Dead Moon! Sailor Venus! I'm made to fight, for fun and profit!"

Minako goes to the Dead Moon idol audition.

"All these Dead Moon buildings are here all of a sudden!?" she thinks. "It's so hot and stuffy. It feels really suffocating here. It's not just the heat. I'm sure there's a strange air hanging. We've been invaded without knowing it. Now! I'm going to check this out thoroughly!"

She puts on a dress and gathers with the other girls there for the audition.

"What!?" she thinks. "This many girls came!?"

She looks at her reflection in her crescent moon compact.

"There's no way I can save everyone by myself," she thinks. "I guess I should call Ami-chan and the others... But... then everyone will find out I can't transform! No! Don't be afraid! Never say die, Mina! I'll fight by myself! That's what I've decided!"

"Everyone!" says Zeolite, holding a microphone. "Please enter the tent where the audition will be held!"

Minako goes inside the tent, and sees trees and dense foliage everywhere.

"A jungle!?" she thinks.

"Now! The survival audition begins!" says Zeolite. "This audition will fit you for the story. One after another, become brave girls, and come out of the jungle. Then save the children on top of that tower!"

Four kids cower on the tower, crying.

"They put children up there!?" thinks Minako.

"First place gets a prize of 50,000,000 yen!" says Zeolite. "And a starring role in a TV movie! You'll also get a role in a commercial, and a CD sale! Start!"

All the girls charge into the jungle, shoving others out of the way.

"Hehe," says Jun-Jun. "Get angry, get angry. Release more and more energy. The lemures will change your energy and dreams into nightmares. Being able to spread this many nightmares makes me happy."

"Everyone, calm down!" says Minako. "This audition is strange! Get out of the tent!"

"Shut up!" says one girl. "We're going to be idols!"

They continue running.

"Wait, everyone!" Minako calls.

Boulders begin falling toward Minako.

"Look out!"

Makoto runs in front of her and destroys the boulders.


"Mina!" Makoto says. "I don't care what you say."

"Right!" says Ami. "When we go after enemies, we all go together!"

"Mars!? Mercury!?"

Lemures begin attacking her.

"Mina! Transform!"

Minako thrusts her arm into the air. "Venus Planet Power! Make Up!!"

Nothing happens.

"Oh no!" she thinks. "I still can't transform!"

"Mina!?" says Makoto.

"Like this, I'll just be a burden on everyone!" Minako thinks.

She runs into the jungle. "I'm going ahead!"


Minako comes to a clearing and sees lemures swarming over unconscious bodies.

"Everyone!" she says. "Hold on! They're multiplying rapidly, these things! Oh no! Could they be sucking up everyone's power!? They just want to be idols. Preying on those pure and clean dreams! I won't allow it! I'm stopping this event, Dead Moon! I'll save them all!"

She climbs up the tall tower holding the kids. As she approaches the top, knives begin pelting down at her.

"Even if you're truly disgusted, sailor soldier," says Xenotime from the top, "you won't become the lemures' prey if you come up here."

"Mina! Watch out!" calls Rei.

Knives fly at the three soldiers.

"Seems we have people who aren't participants in the audition," says Zeolite. "Make one move, and I won't guarantee the survival of your little friend who can't transform. Now, lemures! Eat up these sailor soldiers, and put them to an end! Ahahaha!"

Minako reaches the top of the tower.

"I made it!" she says. "Now I'm going to save you all!"

The kids change into lemures.

"They're not children! Damn!!"

She drops to the floor as more knives fly at her.

"Congratulations!" says Ves-Ves. "You've cleared a number of obstacles, and you've arrived here in first place! Now you're one step away from being an idol!"

"I can't move my body!" Minako thinks.

"Last, we'll do a little treasure hunting," says Ves-Ves. "Little lemures!"


Minako screams as the lemures delve into her body.

"I feel faint..." she thinks. "They're slipping inside my head..."

"Ehehe," says Ves-Ves. "Now you're a member of the Dead Moon. So, go to where your friends are, and steal the Mystical Silver Crystal."

Minako gets up.

"The Mystical Silver Crystal..." she says. "For our Dead Moon... Heh."

Artemis jumps at her and claws her in the face.

"Mina!!" he says.

Minako cries out in pain.


"Get a hold of yourself, Mina!" he says.

"Damn!" says Ves-Ves. She stamps her foot on the floor.

A trap door opens underneath Minako, and she drops through it.

"Oh no! I'm fallllllling!"

Artemis grabs onto her hand, holding her in the air.


"Oh no..." she thinks. "My arm feels like it's going to come off..."

Palla-Palla appears. "This is where I have my fun," she says.

"Palla-Palla!" says Ves-Ves.

"Hailstone Ball!" she calls.

A boulder appears in the air.

"Artemis!!" calls Minako.

The boulder falls down toward the white cat.

"Artemiiiis! Noooooo!"

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