Act 37 - Dream 4: Jupiter Dream

Originally appeared in Nakayoshi, July 1995.
Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.04, 1.97.

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"Don't cry, small maiden," the man said.

Chibi-Usa stares into the hand mirror Michiru gave her.

"Don't cry, small maiden."

"Helios hasn't appeared since then."

She sighs.

"Chibi-Usaaa?" Usagi says. "Want an afternoon snack?"

"I don't have an appetite. I'm full."

"What!?" Usagi cries. She leaves the room. "Oh well, too bad. Today we've got lemon pie, melons, chocolate cake, and sherbet..."

Chibi-Usa's eyes widen. She charges downstairs.

"I don't have an appetite, but!" she says. "I'll eat."

"Okay, okay."

Usagi puts on a jacket and heads for the door.

"Where you going?" asks Chibi-Usa.

"Mamo-chan's," says Usagi. "He's been really sick, and he's resting at school. I thought I'd go visit him. You want to come?"

Chibi-Usa thinks of Helios.

"Oh," she says. "No. I'll stay. From now on, I've decided not to come between you two. See you later."

"How'd she come to that!?" Usagi thinks. "The world must be coming to an end!"

"I can't," thinks Chibi-Usa. "While I love Mamo-chan in my heart, since then I've only been thinking of Helios. If I did, I'd feel like it was adultery."

Diana points to a screen, which reads:

Note: Adultery.
Forbidden love with a married man!

"(But neither of them are married...)" Diana says.

Chibi-Usa thinks of the man who kissed her.

"Helios..." she thinks. "Why are you suddenly not appearing? Is that your true form? Why are you taking the form of a Pegasus? Helios seems to have many secrets. I want to make him strong. I wonder if I should go ask advice from someone. I hear Ami-chan's talks get really long..."

"We have to analyze the Dead Moon first!"

"Rei-chan doesn't talk about feelings..."

"Right when he changed into the form of a young boy..."

"I hear you get interrogated by Mina-chan..."

"So? Are you two going to be getting involved?"

"Well, then. I'll talk about it with Mako-chan."

"(Leave it to me!)"

"Usagi's great... She can ask advice from anyone. She has lots of friends."

"Small Lady," says Diana. "Your body is still in training! Comparing your position with Usagi-sama's! They're not equal situations."

"I know... Someday, I'll be a fine soldier too. I hope the time comes... the time when I can have friends like that."

The injured Pegasus lies caged on the floor.

"Have to hold on," he thinks. "Unless I hold on, even the Prince's body will be ruined... And then the planet, too..."


"How may I be of service, Nehalennia-sama."

"Who am I?"

"You are the world's most beautiful and wise, the highest in our Dead Moon, carrying the largest power, the great Queen Nehalennia-sama."

"And our long-cherished goal?"

"Our long-cherished goal, that is to overthrow the hated White Moon Kingdom, the Silver Millennium, to take the Mystical Silver Crystal and this blue land Earth, and soon, to become the supreme ruler of all the cosmos."

"Heh heh heh. Right. Elysion has already fallen into our hands."

"Since ancient times, the White Moon Kingdom has stood watch over this planet. And the moon is already a planet of death, gasping for breath. Heh heh heh."

"We will only settle with those troublesome survivors of the Moon Kingdom," Nehalennia says. "Quickly, fill them with nightmares and darkness. I want to see this blue planet. It has become the planet of the beautiful darkness of the Dead Moon!"

"Queen Nehalennia," the four girls say. "Leave this to us, the Amazones Quartet, to our Amazon Stones, and to our lemures! We will surely make this planet ours! Heh heh heh."

Mamoru lies in bed, coughing.

Kunzite, Jadeite, Zoisite, and Nephrite appear.

"The aura enveloping our master's body is weakening. A disturbance is occurring within his body."

Mamoru coughs harder. Blood splats onto his hand.

"But, there is nothing we can do with our power anymore."

Mamoru continues coughing as his four generals disappear.

"Mamo-chan?" Usagi calls as she enters the room.

"Usa," says Mamoru.

"You must have been sleeping," she says. "Sorry if I bothered you. Is your body feeling well? I thought you might not have had dinner, so I brought a bento box. It's packed full with mom's cooking. Later, I thought we could go outside, get some drinks and medicine..."

"Usa," says Mamoru. "Would you go home? I was thinking of going to sleep, since I want to rest well."

"Oh. Sure. S- Sorry. Well, I'll be going. Sorry for barging in here. Get some rest. See you."

Mamoru winces as Usagi closes the door behind her.

"I can't let her get suspicious..." he thinks. He looks at his wet hand. "...of this black blood!"

"A lung shadow," the doctor said.

"What's wrong with my body! The Dead Moon! From now on, they're reaching their evil hands through this city! When I say from now on, even if I do it again, am I being a burden on Usa...!"

"Mamo-chan...!?" thinks Usagi.

Minako, Makoto, Rei, and Ami walk dazedly out of the circus.

"How was it?" says Ami. "The show today."

"Today's elephant and motorcycle show was impressive," says Makoto.

"Felt like it was sending out intense electrical waves," says Minako. "My head's spinning. I wonder if the people who watched the show are okay."

"Yeah, they look fine for now."

Since that time, we've been coming to the Dead Moon Circus every day to scout.

"I wonder if they're just pretending, to be an ostensibly ordinary circus," says Ami.

"We'll find proof that their plan is to brainwash with electrical waves," says Minako. "The Dead Moon! We'll uncover them for sure! But after that, without fighting the enemies, or particularly changing the circus."

"Then," says Rei, "finally, all that will be left will be to catch the circus people from behind."

"Just who are the enemies?" says Ami. "I wonder what kind of people they are."


The Amazones Quartet watch them from above.

"Yes, how foolish to think that they could catch us by the tail so simply," Ves-Ves says. "However tough they might be, I've heard the rumors. The guardian soldiers of the Silver Millennium, the sailor soldiers! We saw into your dreams. We can finally get you out."

"Let's make this as entertaining as possible," says Jun-Jun. She lifts a slingshot. "Heh heh."


Four balls peg the four girls on their heads.


They look around, then continue walking. They leave the circus.

"For all that, the circus has firmly set itself in this city. I wonder if they plan to stay here permanently."

"Since the circus has come, Juuban has gotten so dirty."

"No helping it. It's all the people gathering."

"When summer gets here," says Makoto, "more people will be gathering at the circus. It's risky, if we don't do something."

"It's hot out," says Ami. "Looks like a heat wave this summer."



"See you tomorrow."

The lemures peek out from behind the trash littered on the ground.

"Oh! Mako-chan!"

"Hey, Chibi-Usa," says Makoto.

"I thought I'd go to your place now!" she says. "I've got something I want to talk to you about..."

"What is it, what is it," says Makoto. "You're getting all serious. Is it some cute boy?"

Chibi-Usa's eyes widen in surprise.

"All right," Makoto says. "I'll make some great dinner for us."


"Let's go to the supermarket!"

They enter the Juuban Supermarket, and notice a commotion.

"What's going on?"

Hawk's Eye is talking with the clerk. "What!?" he says. "No pili or pincko?? You don't have guaraná either!?"

[I have no idea what he's talking about. These are best guesses.]

"Sir, we don't have those kinds of things at this store!"

"Then what about tokon!? Henluda!? Allspice!?"

"I bet..." says Makoto. "Do you want spices? If you do, there's all kinds at the foreigners' supermarket." She takes him outside. "You can't buy spices and herbs at a small store. Would you like to go to the other store together?"

"I appreciate your kindness," he says, "but actually, I was doing market research just now."

He takes them to a store across the street.

"Herb Shop?" asks Makoto.

"I just opened today," says Hawk's Eye. "I'm so happy. I was going around to the other stores in Juuban Shopping Center, doing various research. Please, come in."

"Wow," Makoto says, as she looks around at the shelves stacked with herbs and spices.

"I almost have a complete stock," he says. "But I could use some advice. I wonder if there's a large assortment of Amazon medicinal herbs."

"Amazon!?" thinks Makoto. "It can't be... The circus is from the Amazon! The Dead Moon Circus!"

"Are you from the circus?" she asks.

"Yes, I'm a member. I'm continuing to perform there for now. I managed to put this store up, and I'm working here on the side."

"Then," says Chibi-Usa, "what you were talking about before were Amazon vegetables?"

"Right," says Hawk's Eye. "I make them into medicine. Since I was young, it's been my dream to have a small shop like this. Juuban is a conscientious city, since I was able to lease this shore for cheap. It's a good city. I love it. But with this circus road tour, I'll be going to other cities again. My dream is to someday have shops all over the world."

"Oh," says Makoto. "My dream, too... is to someday own a shop. A flower and cake shop."

"Oh, wonderful!" says Hawk's Eye. "You have to make it come true! When you've had a goal since your youth, you must pursue it! I'll give you two special presents for being the first customers of mine."

He gives them two rings.

"Pretty rings!" says Makoto.

Hawk's Eye points to the ring's stone. "This is an Amazon Stone," he says. "It's an anti-evil charm from the Amazon. It also has the ability to make dreams come true."

Two girls enter the store.

"Oh, welcome!" he says. "Please come in, look around."

"Maaako-chaaan!" Chibi-Usa says, holding up a bowl. "I cut the tomatoes and put them in the salad."

"Okay!" says Makoto. "Now sprinkle on the basil, and you're done."


"It's an herb that makes the tomatoes taste good."

"All right!"

Makoto looks at the ring on her finger.

"A charm that can make dreams come true, eh?" she thinks. "He was a wonderful person. It's twinkling. To make my dream come true, I should keep pursuing it further."

"When you've had a goal since your youth, you must pursue it!"

"My dream... Since my parents died early, I've been living on my own for a long time. It's to marry early, and make a happy home. And then to open a small flower and cake shop. After that is a secret, but... I also really want to become a pretty woman like Michiru-san. And then to become strong like Haruka-san, too. I have lots of dreams. But those dreams... Have I been pursuing them?"

"Then I cooked lots of herbs for Mako-chan!" Chibi-Usa says. "(But I forgot to talk to her about Helios after dinner...)"

"I see," says Mamoru. "Then what?"

"This is that Amazon Stone. The ring's stone is a charm. Hey. It's pretty, but isn't it suspicious!? Getting a stone that looks this expensive for free."

"Chibi-Usa, can I keep this?"

"Of course! Well, I'm going home. Mamo-chan, take care, okay? Be sure you're eating. If you want anything, call me, and I'll come over."

"Right, right."

After she leaves, Mamoru turns to the ring.

"An Amazon Stone...?"

He cracks the stone with a pair of pliers.

"Looks like a normal stone, but... I'll leave it for a while and see..."

Chibi-Usa meets Usagi outside Mamoru's building.

"I told him to take care, like I was supposed to, but he still looks pretty bad."

"I see," says Usagi. "Sorry, Chibi-Usa. Thanks."

"Why didn't you go see him?" Chibi-Usa asks. "You came all the way here, but..."

"It's okay."

"I was scared..." Usagi thinks. "Of being rejected again... Has something happened to Mamo-chan? If I wait a while... He'll talk to me."

Hawk's Eye turns toward the door. "Welcome to... Oh!"

"Hi," says Makoto. "Is it okay if I look around a little?"


He sets out two cups of tea.

"So?" he asks. "Are you doing well going after your dreams since then?"

Makoto looks down. "I can't really talk about it to my friends... I... have lots of dreams. But... I'm hesitant... Which path should I choose? If I keep on being a sailor soldier like this, I only have fighting. I've always kept it buried inside me. My dreams... won't they come true? The path I'm taking now is in the opposite direction, I think--No, what am I saying?"

"If you're hesitant, will you quit?" Hawk's Eye asks. "Being a sailor soldier?"


Lemures begin to flow out from the ring on Makoto's finger.

"What!? These--! This ring! I can't take it off!?"

"These little incarnations of nightmares, the lemures, they want you, filled up with dreams. How would you like to join the Dead Moon Circus, too? Let's spread nightmares around the world together."

Ropes of energy tie around Makoto.

"Ouch! The shutters!?"

The window blinds close on the shop.

Hawk's Eye reverts to his animal form.

Ves-Ves holds up the hawk. "How pitiful," she says. "No one will come to save you now. Heh heh!"

"This is the Amazon Stone, the End Ball," says Palla-Palla. "It unties what is coming undone."

The ropes tighten around Makoto. She collapses.

"I'm losing my strength..." she thinks. "Sorry, everyone..."

"This time it's the end of the sailor soldiers. Simple."


"-piter... Jupiter!"

Makoto opens her eyes and looks up. "This place..."

"This is inside your conscience, Jupiter!"


"Come on, jeez!" says a miniature Sailor Jupiter. "What're you doing, showing the enemies your weakness! Don't be taken advantage of! Have you forgotten your mission? Without the Herculean Jupiter, who will protect Princess Selenity, and Mars, Mercury, and Venus! Who will protect the people of the city!"

"That's right," thinks Makoto. "I am the Herculean Jupiter. I have many dreams, but my biggest dream now is to become the strongest soldier, to protect the ones I love. That is my mission!"

"Remember, Makoto," says Haruka. "Before you defeat the enemies, your biggest enemy is your own weakness!"

"I understand, Haruka-san. I won't give up!"

"That's the spirit, Sailor Jupiter," the small Jupiter says. "My Princess Jupiter." She hands her a glowing heart. "That's your Jupiter Crystal."


"I'm your other self. I'm always watching over you. Hang in there, Herculean Jupiter!"


Makoto breaks the ropes of energy around her.

"Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up!!"

"What!?" cries Ves-Ves.

Makoto feels a wreath of laurel around her head.

"The emblem of thunder and lightning!" she thinks. "Leaves of oak!!"

She runs at the enemies. "I'm going to expel you from this city! That time will be the time when you die! Dead Moon Circus! Jupiter Oak Evolution!!"

Ves-Ves and Palla-Palla disappear. The attack flies by them, cutting apart the flying hawk.

The Herb Shop vanishes.

"Jupiter!?" calls Usagi.

"Usagi! Chibi-Usa!"

The Amazones Quartet wait outside.

"Heh heh heh. It truly is the sailor soldiers!" They disappear. "But the ones who die will be you!"

"Those girls!?" thinks Makoto.

Chibi-Usa hears a ringing sound.

"A bell!" she says. "Helios!?" She takes out the small bell. "Helios! Is he calling me from somewhere!?"

Usagi and Chibi-Usa suddenly gasp together.


They run to his apartment and burst through the door.

The Pegasus stands over Mamoru's unconscious body. Lemures attack them.


"Helios!!" says Chibi-Usa.



"Moon Crisis! Make Up!!"

They transform and hold out their kaleidoscope rods.

"Moon Gorgeous Meditation!!"

The lemures are destroyed.

"Maiden..." gasps the Pegasus. He collapses on the floor.

"Helios!?" cries Chibi-Usa. "There are wounds all over his body!?"

Mamoru coughs hard.

"Mamo-chan!?" says Usagi.

"Don't look," he says.

She sees the blood on his hands.

"Mamo-chan!? Black blood!?"

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