"My dream is to be an idol," thinks Minako.

"My dream is to marry happily, and to work at a flower shop and a cake shop," thinks Makoto.

"My dream is to be a doctor," thinks Ami.

"My dream is to be head priestess at the Hikawa Shrine," thinks Rei.

Act 36 - Dream 3: Mars Dream

Originally appeared in Nakayoshi, June 1995.
Translated by Kurozuki (manga@kurozuki.com). Version 1.03, 1.97.

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Chibi-Usa runs through the streets, tears streaming from her eyes.

"Oh... I ran away... I was scared... Even though nothing's changed. I'm so stupid. I knew it, but..."

"So, Super Sailor Moon," said Helios. "You are Princess Selenity?"

She touches her hand to her brooch and reverts to her school clothes.

"It was Usagi all along. The maiden he was searching for... wasn't me... I'm hurt."


"He flattered me by calling me that..."

"Lend me your strength..." he said. "Please, call me..."

"I thought maybe even I could do something."

"You have the beautiful dream," he said. "You're protected by the light of the moon. The princess soldier. You are the chosen maiden, who carries the crystal that can break the seal on the Golden Crystal."

"But I wasn't after all. The chibi me, with no power..."

The small bells rings. The Pegasus appears.

"Helios..." Chibi-Usa says. "I wonder if, someday, the time will come when I'm needed too... When I'll become big, become a fine soldier, a wondrous lady... I wonder if, someday, my dream will come true..."


Usagi, Mamoru, and the four girls look around.

"Chibi-Usa!?" Mamoru says. "It's starting to pour! Let's go search!"

"Chibi-Usaaa!" Usagi calls.


Chibi-Usa buries her face in her hands.

The Pegasus nudges his nose against her face.

She opens her eyes.

She sees a young man with white hair and a golden horn kissing her.

"Don't cry, small maiden," he says. "Because of your helping her, now Super Sailor Moon can fight with all her strength. Everyone is worried and looking for you. Around you, the path is filled with love. In this body, I'm limited to this. Small maiden. I will come to see you again. So don't cry."

He fades away.

"Chibi-Usa!" Usagi calls. She runs to her and hugs her tightly. "Yes!" She looks down at her. "You'll catch cold. Let's go."

Chibi-Usa's mouth hangs open.


"Where's Helios?" she asks.

"He disappeared right after that," says Ami. "We couldn't talk to him."

"Helios?" Chibi-Usa thinks. "Just now, that was Helios...?"

The young man floats to the floor, where he lies as he changes back into the Pegasus, inside a golden cage.

"Oh..." says the woman. "Your escaping from my curse was quite something. But you and this land are already mine. Soon the surface too, and everything will be mine. Your selfish imitation won't be permitted. Heh heh heh."

"You can enslave this land, and this body," says Helios, "but you can't rule my spirit yet! You and your minions will surely be wiped out by the Prince and the Princess!"


A blast strikes him in the chest, and he collapses on the floor.

"Unless I find the Golden Crystal soon..." Helios thinks. "Unless I return this land to normal... The entire planet will be..."


Zirconia looks at an image of Earth. "Oh! Whenever I look, the beautiful planet seems just like a crystal ball."

"From now on," says the voice from the black mirror, "here, our era will be beginning, Zirconia. The brilliance of the White Moon Kingdom won't exist there now. This planet, not protected by the Moon Kingdom. The reincarnated ones of the Moon Kingdom might as well be babies. The time when we take this planet, and the infinite power hidden in the Mystical Silver Crystal, has come."

"However, Nehalennia-sama," Zirconia says. "Nobody but the true owner can handle the crystal..."

"Zirconia..." says the woman, who wears a dark dress, and has long, long dark hair flowing from two small balls of hair. "I presume you ask that knowing I am the Dead Moon's beautiful, great Queen Nehalennia."

"I am sorry. I know that you are the true queen of the moon. That you are the true owner of the Moon Kingdom's Mystical Silver Crystal. That you will take everything."

"Heh heh heh... Heh heh heh..."

A group of students stand in the kyudo [archery] class at T-A Girls' School.

Rei stretches the bow taut, and lets the arrow fly at the target. It strikes a distance off center.

"Hino," the teacher says. "What's wrong? You're not concentrating on your arrows today."


"Rei-chaaan!" says Usagi. "Doing that, you look just like Ami-chan!"

"What!?" says Rei. She looks up from her book.

Usagi reads the book's title. "Shrine Management Rules?"

"It's grandpa," Rei says. "He caught a cold and can't move now. These are hard times in the world, so I'm looking for efficient management rules."

"You hiring someone?" asks Ami.

"No!" says Rei. "That takes cash! It's my principle not to waste money like that!"

"Rei-chan!" says Minako. "I've got a good way! Three words: Get a son-in-law!"

"A son-in-law!?" says Rei. "You're joking. Why would I--!?"

"I know you hate boys," Minako says, "but it's business! If you get married, you'll bring a person to the shrine to work for free! Of course, that man will follow after grandpa, and do all the work at the shrine, and you can spend your time doing things you like. You can think of him as a servant!"

"A servant..." says Rei. "That might be nice..."

"Are you two going to talk more like students?" says Ami.

"If I talk fittingly for a student..." says Minako.

"Ohh!" she says with Makoto. "I want a boyfriend!"

"That's the only reason," says Rei.

"Hey, that's the proper desire of high schoolers!" Minako says.

Luna approaches with the other cats. "We were held up, I apologize."

"Luna! Artemis! Diana!"

"Tomorrow is finally the first day of the Dead Moon Circus," Luna says. "We're going to it, everyone."

"Anytime," says Minako.

"My fever's not going down. Lord... Lord have mercy on me..."

"Grandpa," Rei says. "Our home is a shrine. For now, leave things to your successor granddaughter, me, and get some rest."

She goes outside.

"Excuse me!" a girl calls. "Two marriage charms, please!"

"Here you go," says Rei. "Two hundred yen."


The girl leaves with her friend. "I'm giving this to the boy I like!"

"My thoughts exactly!" says the other girl.

"I wonder why they want boyfriends so much..." Rei thinks.

"My dream is to be a bride," said Makoto.

"My dream is to be a doctor," said Ami.

"My dream is to be an idol," said Minako.

"Me... Like this, I'll follow grandpa, and become head priestess at the Hikawa Shrine. I'll stay here forever. Vaguely, I thought that was only natural. Everyone has such clear visions. My dream..."

An arrow drops to the ground. Rei picks it up.

"Your bow today was faltering."

She grabs the arrow and throws it high into the air.

"Go! Phobos! Deimos!"

The two crows fly up and retrieve it.

Rei's grandpa watches her.

"When Rei came to this shrine," he thinks, "it was before she entered grammar school."

"Grandpa, you have crows in your garden?"

"They're in many cities," he says. "Especially ones like Shinjuku and Roppongi. Aren't they extraordinary?"

The young Rei runs after the soaring crows.

"Phobos! Deimos!"

"Huh!?" her grandpa says. "Rei!?"

"Their names are Phobos and Deimos," she says. "It sounds good now. That's what I've decided."

"She was always a wondrous girl," he thinks. "I see. Rei, someday you'll leave here. You'll take off, to find your true calling. When, where that is, I don't know..."

Balloons fly in the air as people wander around the grounds of the Dead Moon Circus.


"It's the Dead Moon Big Circus Show!" a clown calls. "Get your tickets here! Come in to our traveling amusement park!"

"Huh!? Ten thousand yen a seat!? That's a lot! Unbelievable! That's gotta be most expensive in the world! What a rip-off! This is getting more and more suspicious!! The Dead Moon Circus!"

"Ooh! I want some ice cream!" says Chibi-Usa. "I want to ride the roller coaster!"

"Now, now," says Usagi. "We didn't come here for fun, Chibi-Usa."

"Let's take a look around," says Luna.


"They've got a haunted house!" a girl says.

"And a wax doll exhibit!" says a boy. "Let's go see!"

"Hey, Mamo-chan," Chibi-Usa says. "Let's ride the go-karts for a little!"

"All right!" says Mamoru.

"Oh, me too!" says Usagi.

"This has somehow lost momentum," Rei says. "With such a ghastly feeling here, it was frightening. And I even brought Phobos and Deimos, but..." She spins around. "It's been such a long time since I've felt this... My heart's fluttering! Feels like I'm a kid!"

"The circus will do that to you," says Palla-Palla.

Rei looks around but doesn't see anyone. "Huh?" She sees a building behind her. "Mirror house?"

She passes by two people leaving it.

"That was pretty," says the woman.

"It was fun," says the man.

"I'll take a look," Rei thinks. "Just for a bit."

She enters the mirror house. The doors slam shut behind her.


"The show is beginning!" Cere-Cere says. "Please make haste!"

"Where's Luna and the others?" says Makoto.

"Hey, Rei-chan's gone too," says Usagi.

The three cats run up.

"Oh! They're here, they're here."

"Hey now!" says Cere-Cere. "No cats allowed!" She kicks them out.


The others go inside and watch the show.

"Now," thinks Ves-Ves, "I wonder if we can use the humans who've come here as bait for the pretty lemures. Or else, maybe we can make them our slaves."

The audience becomes hypnotized.

"My head's spinning..." says Mamoru.

"This feels great!" says Chibi-Usa.

"This is fun!" says Ami.

"Hey, where's Rei-chan?" says Makoto.

"Isn't she around here?" says Minako.

"I can't help it," Mamoru says. "I'm getting so dizzy. We should all go outside a little... The exit..." He looks around. "What!? That's weird. There're no exits anywhere!?"

Rei looks around.

"These mirrors aren't reflecting anything? I wonder what kind of trick it is."

"Don't worry! It is no secret or trick!"

The image of a young Rei appears in one of the mirrors surrounding her.

"The reflection in the mirror is deciding upon your true form."

"What!? It's me!?"

"Greetings, me."

"Oh no! Is that an enemy...!?"

"Now, I'll show you the insides of your spirit here. Look at me! Mom passed away early. Dad was busy with his job in politics. He left you at grandpa's place. You've been unhappy since you were small, haven't you? So I wanted to be happy."

"I can't get out!" Rei thinks. "Have I been trapped!? Unnoticed!?"

"You're being worked very hard by Usagi. By Ami and Makoto and Minako. It's a shame you have no choice but to hang out with them. They're so limiting!"



"I don't think that!"


A man appears in the mirror.

"Now you're thinking of your own happiness," the young Rei says. "Listen to all I have to say. You have to make friends. Yes, for example, I'm getting this wonderful guy."

The young Rei reaches up and kisses the man, Tiger's Eye.

"Evil spirit... Begone!!"

The glowing strip of paper flies onto the mirror.

The images disappear, leaving Rei's reflection staring back at her.

She drops to her knees and coughs.

"You fool!" Palla-Palla calls. "Tiger's Eye!"

The tiger growls, the paper strip hanging on its forehead.

"Eheh," she says, looking at Rei through a crystal ball. "But the witchcraft I, Palla-Palla, have put on this mirror house, the Echo Ball won't be daunted by such a trifle."

The image of young Rei appears again.

"Well now. Sometimes you kiss a man you don't like once or twice. But the final goal is to become the bride of a man with money. To spend all your life in comfort. That's happiness for a girl. Being the head priestess of a shrine is a joke!"

"Transform!" Rei thinks. "No need to overstay my welcome in this place! Mars Star Power, Make--"

Pain strikes her body.

"Ouch! I can't transform!? No. I wonder, did I mess up the transformation spell!?"

"Transform...? Transform what?"

"Me... What dream...? What did I search for?"

Rei collapses on the floor.

"Now, Tiger's Eye!" says Palla-Palla, standing next to the tiger. "This unhappy girl, who carries a beautiful dream. Devour her body and soul!"

"I mean, really!" Diana says. She sits with Artemis and the steaming Luna. "You're always like this. We are cats, after all."

"Phobos and Deimos are extremely loud," says Luna.

"Hey!" says Artemis. "Look, Luna!"

"The tent's doors are disappearing!? Oh no!"

The tiger runs out of the mirror house roaring, and the crows squawk loudly.

"Phobos!? Deimos!?"

The two crows crash through the glass into the mirror house, as they throw feather quills into the tiger.

Rei lies on the floor.

"Princess Mars!"

Her eyes slowly open. "Who's there...?"

She sees two small sprites holding black feathers before her.


She sees an image of the others hypnotized in the mirror.

"Everyone!? Oh no! I have to help them! How could I have left their side! They're hypnotized by the enemies!"

"That is why, our Princess Mars," the sprites say.

"You..." Rei says. "Are you..."

"I am Phobos."

"I am Deimos."

They hold up a glowing heart shape.

"Now, transform! This is your Mars Crystal. Then strike them with your Mars Arrow!"

They disappear.

"Phobos!? Deimos!? The Mars Crystal!! My crystal! Mars Crystal Power, Make Up!!"

Light fills her body.

"Ah!" she thinks. "Flames are flowing throughout my body! This feeling! I was searching for it, this sensation. I had lost my way. I pledged my chastity to Princess Selenity. I'm the soldier of flames! To protect the Princess, this planet, and my comrades."

She appears in a super sailor suit, holding a long, glowing arrow.

"I will fight! That is the dream I live for! This is... the Mars Arrow!!"

"Rei," Michiru says. "You outshine everyone with your nerves and senses. Always hone that. And if you think you're being taken advantage of by the enemies, stretch a line taut in your soul. Then, with your whole body and spirit, shoot the arrow of your finishing blow!"

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

The arrow flies forth and pierces through the tiger. The mirrors are shattered, along with Palla-Palla's crystal ball.

The mirror house vanishes around Rei.

Hawk's Eye runs out of a tent. "Tiger's Eye!!"

The other three Amazones girls run out. "The mirror house and Tiger's Eye were destroyed!?"

The doors reappear in the big top.

"The exit appeared!?" Mamoru thinks.

"Damnit!" Palla-Palla says. "They did it again!"

Usagi and the others wander out of the big top.

"That was so fun..."

"I was sleepy..."

"I wonder if I fell asleep... I don't remember much."

Rei runs to them with the cats.

"Everyone!?" she says. "Are you okay!?"

"Rei-chan!?" Usagi says. "Luna! Artemis! Diana!"

"What!?" says Minako. "The doors disappeared!?"

"Enemies appeared and fought you!?" says Makoto.

"When I passed in front of the mirror house," Rei says, "I was strangely drawn in... When it showed me delusions, it crept straight to my heart. The enemies are so obscene! They might be after us. We should be careful."

"Using the circus show," says Mamoru, "are they plotting to brainwash people!? Damn!"

"The Dead Moon Circus!" Rei says. "People will fall into their trap! We have to stop them somehow. We must expose their true identity at any cost! We have to protect the people of this city! We will eliminate the Dead Moon Circus from this city at once!"

"Oh, jeeeeeez!" Palla-Palla says. "Those sailor soldiers! They are so annoying!"

"Fish Eye, and Tiger's Eye too," says Ves-Ves. "They killed them so easily. And in the middle of our show! They'll pay big for this."

"But if we attack 'em from the front," says Jun-Jun, "they'll ruin our circus. If gramps wants us to tear them to pieces, we'll do it our way."

"Right," says Cere-Cere. "We should go ahead with the plan with prudence, and have fun with it."

"Our Dead Moon Circus show has just begun!"

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