Act 34 - Dream 1: Eclipse Dream

Originally appeared in Nakayoshi, April 1995.
Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.05, 1.97.

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Written on a letter (with no kanji at all):

The Plan
Mom and Dad, thanks to you, I, Usagi Small-Lady Selenity, have become the splendid soldier, Super Sailor Chibi-Moon! With this, I have completed my training, so I've decided to return to the 30th century on April 1st. I hope to be with you soon. See you there!

Printed in the newspaper:

Total solar eclipse today!
The largest heavenly show of the century!
It's the biggest event of the millennium. Tokyo has optimum viewing conditions. It will be visible throughout Tokyo this afternoon.

"Usagiiiii! Stop wandering around, we're leaving!"

Usagi rushes to join the others.

"What's with you?" Rei asks. "You're all playful."

"'Cause, I'm so happy!" says Usagi. "I get to wear a Juuban High uniform! We made it, everyone! We're in high school! Isn't that great!"

"After all that hard work," says Makoto. "That studying for the entrance exams paid off."

"No way!" says Chibi-Usa. "Usagi, who can't even write kanji, is in high school!? Is it the power of the Mystical Silver Crystal!?"

"There must have been a mistake in the grading," says Rei. "She passed."

"When people face death, there's nothing they can't do," says Ami.

Usagi grimaces at their remarks. "Chibi-Usa," she says. "Rei-chan, Ami-chan. Why do you have to say those things..."

"But I'm happy!" says Minako. "From now on, I'm going to the same school as all of you, Juuban High!"


"Usagi, let's suffer our lows together! It's great that we can be failing buddies!"

"Mi- Minako-chan..."

"I'm going to join the volleyball club!" Minako says. "This time I'll make it! And on the weekends, I can take idol auditions."

"Clubs, eh?" says Makoto. "Maybe I'll join a cooking study club."

"I'll probably join a computer club," says Ami.

"How about you, Rei-chan?" Usagi asks.

"I'll do archery," says Rei. "I've decided to go with that. And you, Usagi?"

"Me? I... Since I read lots of manga... Maybe I'll join a manga drawing club. Hey! Mamo-chan!"

"Mamoru-san," says Ami. "You're a freshmen at the KO University School of Medicine, right? That's what I hope to be, too."

"Okay," says Usagi. "We'll go after we take Chibi-Usa."

The four girls stop.

"Oh, right. Today you're going back to the 30th century, Chibi-Usa."

"You'll be coming back here again, right?" says Minako. "Next time bring us souvenirs from the 30th century."

"We'll be waiting for you to return, Chibi-Usa," says Ami.

"Next time you'll have to spend the night at my place," says Makoto.

"Say hi to your parents for us," says Rei. "Be careful on your way home."

"Bye Chibi-Usa! See you later!"

"Yeah!" says Chibi-Usa. "See you later, everyone! Well, so now we're going to Ichinohashi Park. Mamo-chan. Hey, I have a request."

Mamoru and Usagi grimace.

"Guess I don't have a choice," Mamoru says. "Want me to carry you? On my back? You're taking advantage of me..."

Chibi-Usa hops up on to his shoulders.

"You didn't forget anything?" Usagi asks.


"Did you bring the diary Ikuko-mama got you?"


"Your address?"

"Got it."

"How about the charm from the Hikawa Shrine Rei-chan gave you?"

"It's in my backpack."

"Prince, Princess," says Diana. "We owe you many thanks."

"Be careful, Diana. Come back again."


"Where are Luna and Artemis?" asks Usagi.

"They said this was too painful. They're in the command center."

("I'm so sad!" Luna says. "Hurry and come back, Diana!")

"By the way," says Usagi. "Where's Luna-P? Haven't seen it lately..."

("I'm in the backpack!" it says. "I haven't gotten to do anything lately... *sniff*")

They reach the park, where a crowd is gathered.

"Wow! All those people!"

"Oh," says Mamoru. "That reminds me. I saw it on TV. Today's the day of the biggest total solar eclipse of the century."

"A death eclipse?" Chibi-Usa says.

[That was a pun.]

Mamoru looks to the sky. "It's a phenomenon where the new moon crosses in front of the sun, hiding it entirely. We're lucky to be able to see such a big show together."

"The new moon hides the sun?" Usagi thinks.

"The chance to see a total solar eclipse here like this comes along once in a millennium," says a man. "For the best experience, take one of these black boards to look through it."

Chibi-Usa holds the board over her eyes as she watches the moon move in front of the sun. "Wow! The sun's starting to disappear!"

"It's getting kind of dark out."

Chibi-Usa hears a ringing sound.

"A bell twinkling?" she thinks. "Such a clear, pretty sound..."


Usagi and Chibi-Usa turn around.

"Help me... Maiden..."

They see a winged, white horse, with a gold horn protruding from its forehead, among a grove of trees.

"Help me... Maiden..."

It begins to fade away.


Usagi and Chibi-Usa's mouths hang open.

"Maiden?" they say at once. "Does that mean... me!?"

"It's me!" says Chibi-Usa.

"Say what!?" says Usagi. "It's me!"

"It wouldn't call such an old hag a maiden!"

"It wouldn't call such a little brat a maiden!"

"There, for a moment..." Mamoru says. "Woods and a white horse..."

"Mamo-chan, you saw it too!?"

A bright light shines in the sky.

"The new moon is completely hiding the sun..."

The four girls stare into the sky.

"Usagi-chan and the others must be seeing this too," says Makoto.

"Seeing a total solar eclipse in Japan, with these great conditions. Definitely a once in a lifetime chance."

"Look, Miho-chan," a mother says. "It's called an eclipse. They're even more extraordinary than meteor showers! Is there anything you want to wish for? You might get it."

"I'd like to be an actress," says Miho. "I wish to become an actress!"

Minako looks at the girl, then turns to the sky. "My dream is to be an idol! A really popular one! I wish to become an idol!"

"Oh Mina," Rei says.

"Come on!" says Makoto. "My dream is to be a bride! And then, I want to be a florist, or work in a cake shop too. I want to be a happy bride!"

"Mako-chan, you're greedy!" says Minako.

"My dream is to be a doctor," says Ami. "I wish to become a great doctor!"

"I want to follow grandpa," says Rei. "I wish to become a wonderful chief priest at the Hikawa Shrine!"

They look at the sky.

"It's really getting dark... It's long."

"Odd," Mamoru says.

His eyes widen suddenly, and he doubles over.

"Mamo-chan!?" Usagi says.

"Mamoru-sama!?" says Diana.

"I'm all right, Diana," he says. "Just got a little dizzy."

"What was it..." he thinks. "That pain..."

Mamoru, Usagi, and Chibi-Usa look into the sky. A flying craft with spotted sails appears in the air.

Voices call out from it.

"Come on! Come on! The circus is here!"

"The city of lights, filled with beautiful dreams!"

"The land we've longed for! We've been waiting and waiting for this time!"

"The arrival of our Dead Moon Circus!"

The craft vanishes.

"Hey!" Usagi says. "What the-!? From inside the eclipse... A ship!? They were singing! The Dead Moon Circus!"

"Sure looks that way," says Mamoru. "A grove, a white horse, a ship flying through the sky... And that song, too. Is this a daydream?"

The pain strikes him again. "It's not a dream," he thinks. "I feel an ominous foreboding..."

"Did you see that?" Rei asks.

"I saw it," says Minako. "Clearly. What was it? That ship flying through the sky."

"It looked like an airship of some kind," says Makoto.

"The Dead Moon Circus..." says Ami. "I heard someone singing that, but... Were we the only ones?"

Two crows swoop down to them.

"Phobos!? Deimos!?" Rei says.

They drop a card and a newspaper with an article on the eclipse on the ground.

"The tarot card for the moon," Rei says. "It foretells anxiety, and bad things to come. The cursed solar eclipse, once in a millennium... Is that what you want to say, Phobos, Deimos? I feel an ominous foreboding... The scent of evil... Let's go to Ichinohashi Park!"


"I'm worried about Usagi and the others!"

They run toward the park.

"The foreboding of a new enemy...!" Rei thinks.

"What now? All the people who gathered to see the eclipse are leaving. With this many people, it'd be impossible to get home. Why don't we go to the Juuban shopping center and kill some time."


As the three reach the shopping center, they see a large banner hanging above them.

"Circus arrival blowout sale!?" Usagi reads. She picks up a flyer. "'A huge circus from the exotic regions of the Amazon! The mysterious Dead Moon Circus! They travel the world and have finally come here!'"

They hear a song.

"Filled with beautiful dreams...
We're the Dead! Dead! Dead Moon! Circus..."

"That song!" says Chibi-Usa. "Is that the circus song!? Is it carrying all through Juuban?"

A woman is working at a stand. "Hello hello!" she says. "The circus is coming next month! If you get a stamp from the shopping center now, you get S-row tickets! There's a big sale until the last day of the circus!"

"Wow! It's like a festival!" Usagi says.

"They've got cotton candy!" says Chibi-Usa. "And goldfish!"

"Miss! How much are these kaleidoscopes?"


"There's cheap candy, too!"

"Glass kaleidoscopes..." Usagi says. "They're pretty."

Mamoru reads the flyer. "'Grand opening at Mamiana Sakaue Park!'"

"The Dead Moon Circus?" he thinks. "All of a sudden...?"

"Mamo-chan!" Usagi says. "We want these!"

"Yeah!" says Chibi-Usa. "The lady said to buy them. Please!"

"How much are they?"

"For two, 1000 yen."


"What are they?" Mamoru says.

"Glass kaleidoscopes! They're so pretty!"

He reluctantly buys two of the kaleidoscopes.

"Mamo-chan, thanks! I love it!"

"Mamo-chan bought them for both of us," says Usagi. "That's a first!"

"Look, look! Diana!" says Chibi-Usa. "It spins!"

Mamoru smiles.

The four girls watch them.

"Good, looks like they're okay," Rei says.

They see a flyer on the ground.

"The Dead Moon Circus...?"

"This is the first time I've heard they're coming to Juuban," says Artemis.

"Suspicious," says Minako.

A bell rings.

"The five o'clock bell!" Usagi says. "Is it that time already? There's still people in Ichinohashi Park."

"Looks like a festival," says Chibi-Usa.

"Chibi-Usa," says Usagi. "How about if you go home tomorrow morning? It's dangerous late at night."

"Then let's do that!" says Chibi-Usa.

"Didn't you say you were returning today in that letter you sent to the 30th century?" Mamoru asks.

"It's all right! The letter is dated today, April 1st. Since it's my mom, after all, she'll think it's an April Fool's joke, and won't believe me."

"Then I guess it is all right..." says Mamoru.

"Chibi-Usa, we can't make your parents worry," says Usagi. "So we'll get up early and first thing tomorrow, you'll go home. You'll have to tell your mom why and apologize."

"Okay," says Chibi-Usa. "Mamo-chan! So, hey... I have one request..."

Mamoru grimaces.

Chibi-Usa chuckles as she looks into her hand mirror. She smiles as she brushes her long hair.

"Yay! I get to spend the night!"

"Yeah, mom?" Usagi says on the phone. "They gave us homework right away at school today! So, I'm at Mako-chan's now. Yeah, yeah. I might be spending the night. Bye." She hangs up. "All right! The coast is clear. Sorry, mom... It is Chibi-Usa's last night, after all."

Chibi-Usa looks through her kaleidoscope. "Wow! There's all kinds of stones inside it."

"These kaleidoscopes are pretty," Usagi says. "I've always wanted one of these."

Both girls get a pillow in the face.

"Chibi-Usa!" Mamoru says. "You're getting up at five tomorrow. Hurry and get to sleep."

"What!? Five o'clock!?"

"Usa! After a while, you'll have to go home, too. Have you lost faith in me?"

"What!? I don't want to go!!"

Mamoru gets into bed with them. "Man," he says. "When I raise my daughter, I'm really going to be strict with her."

"Oh, I wish I could be small like Chibi-Usa," says Usagi. "Being a kid is great. You can depend on others without apology, and people indulge you..."

"When haven't you depended on me without apology!" says Mamoru.

"What!?" says Chibi-Usa. "I'd like to be an adult! There's lots of things you can't do as a kid. It only has disadvantages. Me, I want to hurry and become a woman! Then, then, for sure, I can look at Mamo-chan as an adult woman."

"What are you talking about," says Usagi. "You're his daughter!"

"Please, get to sleep!" says Mamoru.

They both stop talking.

Chibi-Usa looks at Usagi. "Really," she thinks, "I want to be like Usagi. Her long, slender legs. Her full chest. Her soft, long hair. She's pretty. I want to be like her too... Why am I going to be chibi forever..."

"Can't you sleep?" Usagi asks.

"It's going home tomorrow, isn't it," says Mamoru.

"Hey..." says Chibi-Usa. "Tell me a story. When I was little, mom would often sit by my bed and tell me stories until I fell asleep."

"What kind of stories?"

"Stories of sunken empires in the sea, or the mysteries of the pyramids, or cursed diamonds. Stories of robots, and vampires, and mirrors."

"Stories of mirrors?" asks Usagi.

"Well, on the other side of a mirror, another, pitch-black world exists. So on pitch-black nights, of new moons, you can't look into a mirror. Otherwise, you'll be drawn into the world inside it. It's an old European legend."

Usagi looks across the room at a mirror, and sees it's black. She turns over in bed. "Oh no! I can't look into mirrors at night anymore! Good night! (Stupid Chibi-Usa.)"

Chibi-Usa falls asleep. Mamoru looks at her. "Chibi-Usa is more of the adult," he says.

"Really, Mamo-chan?" Chibi-Usa thinks. "I really want to become an adult soon."

The mirror is black.

An old woman stands inside the circus big top, holding a cane.

"Now, now," she says.

A winged eyeball flies to her and lands on top of the cane.

"Oh, Zircon," the woman says. "At this age, the light of day is too blinding. It paralyzes me. During the day, all I can do is worry. I'm relieved when night comes. Only in the darkness do I feel calm. Unless we make our circus a success here, I won't be able to sleep well at night, either. Are you listening to me, the one called Zirconia, girls?"

"We are, Grandma," say the four girls. "Leave things to us, the ball-using Amazones Quartet."

"Firstly," says the one in pink, "to avoid interference with our business..."

"Creeps!" says the one in green. "Not even one of them worms'll bother us!"

"We'll seal up the doorway tight," says the one in blue. "Crown Ball!" She tosses three balls of light into the air, and they vanish in a flash.

Chibi-Usa lies asleep in bed.

"-den... Maiden..."

"Mamo-chan?" she thinks. "Yes! That's it. I really wanted to be a maiden. Huh?"

She turns and sees the winged horse.

"From before... A unicorn? No... A Pegasus?"

"You carry the dream of beauty, maiden."

"Maiden!? The maiden is me!?"

"Now, please ride on my back."


"Go ahead."

She climbs on its back and it soars into the sky over Tokyo.

"Wow! Wow!" Chibi-Usa says. "Amazing! I'm flying through the sky! It's such a pretty view at night! But that part over there is all black. Strange. I wonder if that part is empty."

"That dark place is the city you were in until now."

"What? That's the Juuban shopping center!? Why is only Juuban dark? When everything else is so bright..."

The Pegasus lands on the ground.

"Maiden. Did that view appeal to you?"


"If you wish, I'll lend you my power again. Hold out your hand."


A small bell appears in her hand.

"If you need me, call me again with that bell."

"Who... are you?"

"I am the Pegasus, Helios. Maiden, you will surely gain strength. So please, lend your strength to me. I want to save Elysion. I need the Golden Crystal."

Chibi-Usa sees her parents.

"Dad? Mom?"

The Pegasus starts to fade away.


Chibi-Usa crashes to the floor in Mamoru's room. She opens her eyes. "...A dream?"

"Are you all right, Small Lady?" asks Diana.

She sees the small bell beside her.

"It wasn't a dream..."

She gets dressed and leaves.

Mamoru and Usagi get up.

"In my dream..." says Usagi.

"That Pegasus looked happy with Chibi-Usa..." says Mamoru.

"Mamo-chan, you had the same dream!?"

Mamoru grabs his chest.



"What's wrong? Are you in pain!?"

"I'm okay," he says.


"I have a stomach virus," he says. "I'm taking medicine. If it gets worse, I'll go to the hospital."



"Mamo-chan? Really...?" she thinks. She sees a note on the floor. "Mamo-chan, look!"

The note reads:

I'm going home by myself. Don't worry. I'll come to see you again. Bye.
From Chibi-Usa.

"Small Lady?" Diana says.

Chibi-Usa holds her kaleidoscope. "I don't want to go home... Now, where's the space-time key?"

As she pulls the key from her pocket, the bell drops to the ground with it.

"I am the Pegasus, Helios."

"Helios..." she thinks. "I don't know if he's an enemy or an ally or what, but... Why could I ride on his back so easily?"

"I want to save Elysion. I need the Golden Crystal."

"He had serious eyes. Elysion? The Golden Crystal? It looked like he wanted my help."

"Small Lady," said Neo-Queen Selenity. "Get everything done, and I will wait anxiously for the day you return a wonderful success."

Chibi-Usa stares into her hand mirror.

"Small princess..." Michiru said. "Until we meet again, become a stronger, stronger soldier. Protect our precious princess."

"Can I return like this?" Chibi-Usa thinks. "Is my training over? Am I really a wonderful soldier?"

"Small Lady...!" says Diana.

Chibi-Usa grasps the space-time key and holds it in the air. "Time Guardian! Tear apart the sky, and open the space-time door to me! I call the true name of the almighty god of time, the time guardian's father! Cronos! Reveal to me the path of light!"

She looks up to the empty sky. "Huh? Reveal to me the path of light!"

She screams.

"Small Lady!!" Diana says.

"I can't return!?" Chibi-Usa thinks. "The space-time key didn't work!?"

"Chibi-Usa!" Usagi calls. She runs up with Mamoru.

"Maiden," says the Pegasus.

"Helios!?" Chibi-Usa says. "He appeared again!?"

"Lend me your strength..." he says.

"That Pegasus!" Usagi says.

"Diana!" says Chibi-Usa.

"Usagi-sama! Mamoru-sama! The space-time key didn't work! What on earth...!?"

"Usagi! Mamo-chan! I'm okay! Even if I don't go home. Anyway, did you see that? The Pegasus. I think the Pegasus wants my help. It seems something's happening. We have to check it out."

"I feel it, I feel it," says one of the Amazones Quartet. "Something's broken through the sealed door."

Another one cracks a whip at a tiger in an open cage. "Little tiger eye! Come on! We've got the suspicious ones by the tail!"

"That Pegasus, Helios. He wants to save Elysion, and he needs the Golden Crystal. That's what he said?"

"Elysion... The Golden Crystal..."

"I wonder what it is," Usagi says. "It would be risky to cooperate with him right away. Not until we find out who he really is."

"On top of that," says Luna, "the space-time key isn't working. It can't be... a disturbance in the space-time continuum!?"

"Something looks strange outside," says Artemis.

"What?" says Usagi.

They go outside, where a crowd is gathered.

"What's all the commotion?" says Chibi-Usa.

"Usagi-chan!" says Motoki. "Chibi-Usa-chan!"

"Motoki o-nii-san! Unazuki-chan!"

"It's serious!" says Unazuki. "We had just come to the park on the hill, when a tiger escaped and ran to the shopping center!"

The two girls run away.

"Usa! Chibi-Usa!" Mamoru calls. He grabs his chest. "Again! It hurts like there's a thorn stuck in me! What's happening!"

The tiger runs through the street.

"There he is! Chibi-Usa, transform! Moon Cosmic Power!"

"Moon Prism Power!"

"Make Up!!"

Nothing happens.

"We can't transform!? Why not!?"

The two holy chalices appear before them.

"The holy chalices..."

They fade away.

"Oh no... The holy chalices won't appear and make us power up... The set of nine soldiers. The holy chalices concentrated their nine powers... Those three aren't here anymore... But, we have to fight. Look, inside us... A strength is filling us like never before. A new power like never before. Moon Crisis, Make Up!"

The two girls transform.

"For love and justice, we are the sailor-suited beautiful soldiers, Super Sailor Moon! And Super Sailor Chibi-Moon!"

The two of the Amazones Quartet stand with the tiger. The one in blue holds up more balls. "Summon Ball!" she calls. "Incarnations of nightmares, lemures! Strike into the darkness!"

A storm of black balls fly at Usagi and Chibi-Usa.

"We have to attack," Usagi says. "We need a weapon to defeat these guys!"

The bell appears before Chibi-Usa.

"The bell...!"

"Please, call me..."


"I will lend you my strength, maiden. Call my name. Then shout, 'twinkle yell.'"

The lemures attack Usagi.


Chibi-Usa grasps the bell. "Helios! Please! A weapon for us! Please! Twinkle Yell!"

The Pegasus appears, along with the two glass kaleidoscopes.

"The kaleidoscopes!?"

"Now those crystal kaleidoscopes are beginning to carry spirit, with your strong thoughts and power," the Pegasus says. "Those have had a strong link to you from the beginning."

The kaleidoscopes grow into long rods.

"I am the Moon Kaleidoscope," says one.

"And I am the Chibi-Moon Kaleidoscope," says the other.

"The items have will!?" Usagi says.

"Now! Shout!" the rods say. "'Moon gorgeous meditation'!"

Usagi and Chibi-Usa clutch the kaleidoscope rods.

"Moon Gorgeous Meditation!!"

The lemures are destroyed.

The two Amazones girls disappear.

"Super Sailor Moon!" calls Mamoru. "Chibi-Moon!"


"Maiden," says the Pegasus as he disappears. "That shining power...! As I thought...!"

"Helios!" Chibi-Usa calls.

"Helios..." thinks Mamoru. He doubles over. "What is it... That sounds familiar..." He collapses on the ground.


A voice comes from the black mirror under the circus big top.

"Ohh... Surely, that power of the full moon. The power of the white light, shining. The ones of the White Moon Kingdom have been reincarnated in this world..."

"Girls!" says Zirconia. "Our Queen Nehalennia is quite angry. You will abstain from your lavish behavior! Those are the ones of the White Moon Kingdom! They have immortal bodies. Their wonderful holy stones have infinite power. If you attack from the front, you'll be no match for them. We must blow them away! The plan is for this land, then this planet, to become ours. I won't tolerate failure. Little by little, make everything ours. But then... What appeared behind them... A white horse...?"

[Among names in SM, this queen's is one of the less certain. This Japanese is 'Neherenia', and many believe it is 'Nephrenia'. There is a mineral nepheline, with its name derived from the Greek goddess Nephele, which is what I base this on.]

"That grandma," says the girl in green. "She said we'd do it how I wanted to."

"Jun-Jun," says the one in pink. "I agree with grandmother. We can finally go outside. We would do best to enjoy it."

"Right, Cere-Cere," says the one in blue, tossing a ball. "What kinda city this is, what kinda people those guys are, I'll enjoy it. Do you think so too, Ves-Ves?"

"Of course, Palla-Palla," says the one in red. "Little tiger eye. Little hawk eye. Cute little fish eye. Would you like to take human form?"

The tiger, hawk, and fish nod eagerly.

"Ah, clever ones," Ves-Ves says. "Palla-Palla!"

Palla-Palla tosses a ball into the air. "Palanquin Ball!!"

The three animals are transformed.

"No way!" says the tiger. "All right!"

"I'm human! Human!" says the hawk. "At last, my time has come!"

"Yay! This is great!" says the fish. "Human form!"

"Show them the power of the Dead Moon Circus," Ves-Ves says. "These are incarnate nightmares, lemures. Their favorite food is shining, beautiful dreams. Devour all the beautiful dreams of this city, and fill the city with darkness!"

"I am Tiger's Eye. My dream is to be an artist. I will do it."

"Sisters, leave things to me, Hawk's Eye. I won't take years for show."

"Pick me, pick me! I'm Fish Eye, I'll get it done!"

The three disappear.

The four girls stare at an image of Usagi and Chibi-Usa, who are kneeling next to Mamoru.

"Hmm, I wonder what their dreams could be."

"I have to do this!" thinks Usagi. "I need to be more of an adult!"

"I don't want to be an adult yet!" thinks Chibi-Usa. "I still need lots of training!"

"Ehehe," says Cere-Cere. "I do think it's time we gave them an introduction, the ball-using Amazones Quartet way! The cry of their true desires is opposite to what they say!"

"Their wishes will be granted!" says Palla-Palla. "Opposite Ball!"

A glowing ball flies out of the big top.

"Mamo-chan!" Usagi says. "Hold on! Undo the transformation, we need to hurry and get him to the hospital!"

"Right!" says Chibi-Usa.

As they revert from their transformations, a big ball of light strikes them. They fall to the ground.

They stand up.


Usagi looks up. "Chibi-Usa?"

Chibi-Usa looks down. "Usagi?"

Usagi's body has shrunk, her clothes hanging loose around her.

Chibi-Usa's body has grown, stretching through her small clothes.

"What the-!?"

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