Selenity stands atop a pillar in the crescent moon's light.

"That light always led us on... Just like a messiah..."

Act 33 - Infinity 10: Infinity

Originally appeared in Nakayoshi, January, February, and March 1995.
Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.01, 8.96.

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"Something strange is happening to the sky!?" Setsuna says.

"Hotaru-chan!?" Usagi calls. "No, that form is... A daimon!?"

The earth rips open in front of the building, and the building is torn apart. It collapses in the center of the Delta.

"The Infinity School building!!"

The reflecting pool soars into the air, carrying four balls of light with it. Four bodies are held inside.

"That's...!? Mercury! Mars! Jupiter! Venus!" Usagi flies after them. "Mars! Mercury! Jupiter! Venus!" As she approaches, she's knocked away. "I can't get near it! Everyone!?"

"Look!" Haruka says. "That...!? Something's covering the sea! That's...!?"

"We interrupt this for a national emergency broadcast!" the TV reporter says. "This is an emergency warning announcement! First class martial law has been officially declared in the Tokyo Bay coast area! A mysterious giant explosion is occurring in the Tokyo Bay coast area! The center of the Delta is also experiencing a severe earthquake of unknown magnitude. Martial law has been declared! Residents should take refuge at once..."

"Heh heh heh..." says Mistress 9. "The time has come. Now with the energy that's been accumulated, Master Pharaoh 90 will assimilate this planet. The time of the utilization!"

"Assimilate this planet!?"

"When the utilization is completed, this land will be one with the master. It will be the second Tau star. This planet will become our mother world! Heh heh heh! Ahahahaha!"

Michiru looks in her mirror, then toward the sea.


"The sea is subsiding all at once," she thinks. "Is it foreboding a tidal wave!?"

"The sky is looking strange," thinks Haruka. "Is a storm coming? Or else, is something coming through the space...?"

"If things go like this, there will be a huge earthquake," thinks Setsuna.

The three jump into the air.

"Uranus! Neptune! Pluto!" Usagi calls.

"We must protect this land."

They land on top of their respective buildings in the corners of the Delta.

Setsuna raises her garnet rod. "The soon reigning Neo-Queen Selenity. This planet where our queen was born."

Michiru raises her mirror. "We will defend this planet of the new Silver Millennium!"

Haruka raises her sword. "That is our mission!"

Three beams of light shoot into the sky, meeting above the Infinity zone.

"Making a force field?" Mistress 9 says. "Useless."

"Uranus! Neptune! Pluto!" Usagi calls.

"When the master's utilization is completed, it will no longer be necessary for me to stay inside a human body!" She bends over. "I can't work freely!? I can't get out!!"

"You won't escape!"

"Who's that!?"

"This body is still mine," Hotaru says. "You won't get out of it! I won't let you be free!"

"I thought you has disappeared near the food inside me. But you're still living, stubbornly. Your tiny soul! I took in the Mystical Silver Crystal and powered up. Now I have no reason to control you. I will cast off this body and break it to pieces!"

"You can tear it to pieces! It will scatter apart! But Chibi-Usa-chan's spirit, and the Mystical Silver Crystal. Whatever happens, I'll protect them!"

"Impudent humans! Nobody will stop me!"

"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

Mistress 9 raises her arm, and Usagi is knocked back.

"From the full Mystical Silver Crystal," she says, "you can't take my power! Power! More power!" She looks up at the pool in the air. "The sailor soldiers' souls!"

"Mercury! Mars! Jupiter! Venus!"

Four lights leave their bodies, and they collapse in the empty pool.

Usagi flies up to them. "Everyone! Hold on!"

Mistress 9 licks her lips.

"Oh no!" Usagi says. "Did she steal their spirits!? No...!"

Hotaru sees the four soldiers' bodies floating in space. She goes over and clutches five balls of light.

"Troublesome worms!" Mistress 9 says. "Bring me souls!"

Hotaru cries out in pain.

"With the power of my body, I might be able to protect the Mystical Silver Crystal, and the spirits of Chibi-Usa-chan and the four soldiers...! My spirit was seized by them. It is my death... But why is this all I can do? My dad is gone... I have nothing anymore... But why do I still have power? If I'm this strong... Inside of me, I feel another, bigger me. That me is saying to keep life, and save everyone. All I can do is to take these five spirits, and the Mystical Silver Crystal, and rescue them from here!"

A ball of light bursts out of Mistress 9. "Damn!" she says. "The souls are being taken away! But, now I am free!"

Usagi looks up. "That white light..."

Four lights come out of it, and go into the bodies of the soldiers. They slowly open their eyes.

"Everyone!" Usagi says. She faintly sees Hotaru watching her, smiling. Hotaru turns into a ball of light and flies away.


Mamoru opens his eyes. He gets up and feels Chibi-Usa's forehead. "I dozed off. Chibi-Usa..."

Hotaru's spirit sits in the open window.

"Who are you!?" Mamoru says.

Two lights enter the room. One goes into Chibi-Usa's body, the other becomes the Mystical Silver Crystal.

She opens her eyes.


"Mamo-chan..." Chibi-Usa sits up, and sees the spirit.



"I was able to save you, Chibi-Usa-chan. I'm happy. It's good. We're both girls, but it's strange. It must have been fate that we met."

"I thought that too," Chibi-Usa says. They hold hands. "Hotaru-chan..."


Mistress 9 mutates into a large monster.


Hotaru screams.


"It's good we met. I'm glad we became friends, Chibi-Usa-chan. Thank you. Goodbye."

Her spirit fades away.



"Hotaru-chan...?" Usagi thinks.


"This... This sad fate..." thinks Chibi-Usa. She starts to cry. "Hotaru-chan... There are people who must live this fate..."

Mamoru's fist tightens. "Chibi-Usa," he says. "Can you fight with me, to help Sailor Moon?"

Chibi-Usa looks up. "I can fight. I won't cry anymore. I am a sailor soldier too. With the life Hotaru-chan brought back to me, I'll fight with all my might! Moon Prism Power! Make Up!" She appears in her sailor suit. She wipes her eyes. "Mamo-chan! You gave me strength. Thank you! We might not have power like Sailor Moon, but let's go fight together!" She runs out of the room.

"I feel just like I'd given my wife a daughter," Mamoru thinks. "Wondrous, full of power. It's more like I've been given strength from Chibi-Usa. And Hotaru-chan's power too. Usa! I'll be there soon!"

The monster roars as it rises over the Infinity zone.

"Sailor Moon!" Makoto says. "That thing! What is it!? It looks strange. It seems like it's in pain!"

The monster screams as it approaches them.

"Oh no!"

"Pink Sugar Heart Attack!"

The monster falls back.

"Chibi... Moon!"

"Chibi-Moon!" Usagi says. "How...?"

"Hotaru-chan saved me," she says. "She gave her life, and protected me."

"Hotaru-chan gave her life..." Usagi thinks. "She's gone... Hotaru-chan..."

"What are you doing!" Mamoru calls. "Quickly! Transform into Super Sailor Moon!"

"Tuxedo Kamen!"

"If you don't act, this planet will be eaten away by that thing! Those three are using a huge amount of power to sustain that force field. Hurry and defeat it!"

"Sailor Moon!" the others say.

"Yes," Usagi thinks. "I must protect it. I must save this planet!" She reaches to the sky. "Holy chalice! Appear in my hands! Gather the sacred power of the holy soldiers!"

The chalice appears above her as the others join hands.

"Sailor Moon...!" Chibi-Usa thinks. "Someday... Someday, I'll be like her too..."

The crescent moon appears on Usagi's forehead. One appears on Chibi-Usa as well. Another chalice floats in the air.

"The holy chalice...!" Chibi-Usa thinks. "Two holy chalices!?"

"Crisis, Make Up!"

Usagi and Chibi-Usa both appear in super sailor suits.

"Super Sailor Chibi-Moon!!"

Usagi and Mamoru look at her. "Super Sailor Chibi-Moon..."

Usagi and Chibi-Usa exchange glances and cross their moon rods together.

"Let's go!" Usagi says. "Super Sailor Chibi-Moon!"

"Now join our power together!"

They fly toward the monster in the Infinity zone. It screams as it rises into the air.

Usagi and Chibi-Usa hold out their moon rods.

"Rainbow Double Moon Heartache!!"

Power blasts at the monster.

Michiru, Haruka, and Setsuna hold up their mirror, sword, and orb.

The monster gets larger.

"It can't be... It's exposed to the power of the Mystical Silver Crystals, and it's growing!? More power! Enough to blow it into pieces!"

The monster screams.

"Everyone!" Minako calls. "We'll do it too! Stop that thing's growth! We'll defend this planet too! Venus Wink Chain Sword!"

"Mars Snake Fire!"

"Jupiter Coconut Cyclone!"

"Mercury Aqua Mirage!"

"Tuxedo La Smoking Bamba!"

"Ohhhhh!" the monster says. "This energy... This is the power of the carriers of the planets' protection! Such strong power! Give me more energy! Open that power to me!"

"It's not affected!?" Minako says.

"Heh heh heh. You all will be assimilated with this planet. You have no reason to blow me apart!"

The monster stops. "I can't move!? The force field!"

"We won't let you get outside the Delta!" Michiru says.

"This is your graveyard!" says Haruka.

"Heh heh heh!"

A swirling black gathering of stars appears in the sky.

"The Tau star system!!" says Ami.

"Ohh!" the monster says. "The long forgotten distant mother stars, the Tau star system! To our star system, this planet will be our second home! Heh heh heh!"

"That won't be allowed!" Usagi says. "You won't have this planet!"

"I can't..." Chibi-Usa thinks. "My power's..."

She falls from the sky.


Mamoru runs and catches her on the ground.

"Ohhh!" the monster says. "Master Pharaoh 90! I will be the master's partner! I'll do all I can for this planet, the master, and the utilization!"

Blackness bursts from its forehead, and it falls from the sky, collapsing in the Infinity zone.

"Master Pharaoh 90..." Usagi thinks. "That thing is making everything rapidly black!"

"Ohh... What happened... My body... My body..."

Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna drop to the floor, dropping their weapons. The light overhead goes out.

"Their force field disappeared!?" Usagi thinks. "Uranus! Neptune! Pluto!"

"I can't..." Setsuna thinks, "put out any more power..."

"Damnit..." thinks Haruka. "We've come this far..."

The Tau system looms above, shining through a clearing in the sky of energy.

"The black lava smelling of death is covering the earth... Will this planet belong to the enemies!? No! I won't let anything more happen! Rainbow Moon Heartache!"

The other four soldiers attack.

The power swirls into the darkness below.

"Our... matchless power... was drawn into the darkness..."

The four soldiers moan weakly, and drop from the sky.

"Venus! Mars! Jupiter! Mercury!!"

They land on the roofs of the three surrounding buildings.

"Hold on, Venus!" Haruka says.

"Chibi-Moon!" Mamoru says, holding her limp body.

"Everyone..." Usagi thinks, floating alone in the air. "They came to their limits... They have no more power left... No. There is still some. Everyone's power is still left inside me. Now I'll show their power to the full. I can fight with all their energy. Only me. Only me and the Mystical Silver Crystal! Legendary moon chalice! Appear in my hands! Lend me power. Fill me with the final power of the nine sailor soldiers, legendary moon chalice!"

Mamoru sees a light above. "Sailor Moon!" he calls. "Usa!? What are you planning to do!?"

She smiles at him, the chalice in her hands. She drops from the sky, over the ruin of the Infinity zone.


The nine soldiers look down in alarm.

Usagi falls. "I am going to open the power of the legendary moon chalice and the Mystical Silver Crystal, inside that thing!"

"Usaaaaaa!" Mamoru screams.

Chibi-Usa gasps.

Usagi lands in the blackness. Light explodes all around it.

The mirror, orb, and sword flash.

"The talismans!?"

They lift them into the air.

A hole opens in the monster in the darkness.

A sailor-suited figure rises into the air, lying on her back, in a sphere of light.


"Oh my god..."

The figure stands up in the air, the mark of the planet Saturn emblazoned on her forehead.

"I am the messenger from the depths of death. Carrier of the protection of the planet of ruin, Saturn. The soldier of silence. Sailor Saturn."

"She's awakened..."

"Sailor Saturn...!!"

"Is this the end!?"

"Is Sailor Moon... Is Super Sailor Moon... dead!?"

Sailor Saturn looks at them. "I was called by the pulled trigger long ago. It doesn't seem that it's been that long yet. I seem like an invited guest. I slowly met accidents one after another, and disturbing occurrences were brought about. Suddenly history seemed to have gone a bit wrong."

She flies down to the blackness and stabs it with her glaive.

"I can't move!? Ohhh!" the monster says. "Power... My power is being soaked up!"

"Through the accident in this Infinity zone," says Saturn, "the one I was supposed to have eternal sleep in, 'Hotaru,' began to live without life as a cyborg. In that girl's body, I wasn't supposed to awaken. It was a shock to my spirit as well. Then that body began to live under the utilization. Then Professor Tomoe's twisted mind summoned those from the other world. But... There was nothing I could do. We were drawn here. The passage of the other world opened here. This land was the chosen place. All the power gathered here. And then everything began the walk toward ruin. Everything was set up by fate. Now that I've awakened, I must bring down this silence glaive."

"The silence glaive," Michiru thinks. "The scythe of the goddess of death."

"If it's brought down," says Setsuna, "it will mean the lapse of everything. Sailor Saturn!"

"Damnit!" Haruka says. "Why was all this set up by fate!? It can't be! Stop! Saturn!!"

"Then..." Chibi-Usa thinks. "Is there no future for us?"

"Death Reborn Revolution!"

Ribbons surround Saturn as she raises the glaive.

"Ohhh!" the monster says. "Power! My power! It's being sucked away! This huge negative aura!? The biggest power of the Omega Area's continued sleep! Has that power awakened as the guiding light of ruin!? You!? Ohhhh!"

The darkness rises into the sky toward the Tau star system overhead.

"The monster is leaving the earth's surface!? What power!"

"You abominable creature!" Saturn says. "Invader! Return to nothingness! Then the death for this world!"

Blackness swirls around her as a torrent of energy rises to the sky.

"It's the end!" Mamoru thinks. "We can't stop it anymore!"

"She'll bring down the silence glaive," thinks Haruka. "Along with the monster, this world will end! Sailor Moon!!"

Saturn turns and swipes the glaive down.

Mamoru covers Chibi-Usa as explosions rip apart the city. Buildings collapse to the ground.

"Everyone... Everyone... Disappearing."

The sea crashes around them.

"The world... is ending..."

Mamoru drops to his knees, tears in his eyes.. "Usa... Usako...! Only you kept me alive... And I couldn't protect you...!"

"Sailor Moon..." Chibi-Usa says. "Mom...!!"

"Damn," Haruka says. "Can't we do anything!? Everything will be destroyed. I... I just wanted to protect that girl! That was all!"

"Haruka-san!" Usagi called.

"Sailor Saturn...!" Chibi-Usa says.

A point of light appears in the center of the Infinity zone. It rises up into the air, clearing everything away. A figure lies inside the sphere of light.

"Sailor Moon...!" Chibi-Usa calls. "Super Sailor Moon!?"

Usagi opens her eyes, the moon on her forehead glowing.

The others all look up.

"Super Sailor Moon!!" Mamoru says.

"Her costume..."


Usagi looks at herself. "I...?"

"Attack! Attack!" the monster says. "To the Tau star system! Reduced to being drawn by gravity to the darkness of the graveyard! Our home of death, the Tau star system!"

"It's beautiful," says Saturn. "The suffering of the moment of destruction. Now! Right away! The guide to death, Sailor Saturn, will lead to the world of silence and nothingness!"

"Saturn!?" Usagi says. "Like this, we'll be drawn to outer space together!"

"Oh no!" the others think. "Together!?"

"I don't feel despair," Saturn says. "Along with death, there is always hope and rebirth. You will cause that, Super Sailor Moon."

"Sailor Saturn...!"

"Sailor Moon, because you opened up the power of the legendary moon chalice and the Mystical Silver Crystal, you can save this planet. For my rebirth, I eliminate death and destruction. Soon the Tokyo where the Silver Millennium is will dwell on this chosen land. The sacred power is on your side. Sailor Pluto! Forever shut the passage to the other world!"



"Great guardian deity of time and space!" Setsuna says. "My father Cronos! Give me power! Close the door of the broken law! Dark Dome Close!"

The space-time door appears, sucking in energy.

Sailor Saturn smiles as she slowly fades into it.

The door closes.

"Saturn!!" Setsuna yells.

It vanishes.

Usagi stares into the sky.

"Along with death... Hope and rebirth begin."

She appears in her white gown, and she raises the heart moon rod in the air. Buildings are reconstructed, and the people wake up.

"The city..." Luna says from the command center. "The people are being resurrected!"

"Neo-Queen Selenity...?"

Usagi stands atop a devastated pillar in the center of the ruined building, holding up the rod.

"The messiah..." Mamoru says. "So it was you... Selenity."

They hear a baby crying.

"A baby?"

Michiru runs to the sound.


She finds a baby lying on a blanket, with the mark of Saturn on its forehead.

"Hotaru?" Michiru says.

"She was reincarnated...?" says Haruka.

"It must be all alone," Michiru says. "Let's raise it ourselves."

"The three of us are parents."


"Uranus! Neptune! Pluto!" Usagi says.


"That baby..."

The three look at Usagi.

"We'll be going," Haruka says. "Since we've been given a new mission. Since you're important."

"You're going?" Chibi-Usa says. "Where?"

"We'll see," Haruka says. "Maybe far away. Maybe close."

"Will we see you again?"

"Yes, of course," Setsuna says. "Super Sailor Chibi-Moon. We're allies. We'll certainly meet again."

"Right," says Michiru. "We're allies. We'll meet again soon. For sure. Small princess... We love you. We will return to you again." She hands them her mirror. "A sign of our promise."

"Neptune...!" Chibi-Usa says.

"Look in this mirror. Until we meet again, become a stronger, stronger soldier. Protect our precious princess."

The three soldiers disappear with the baby.

"Uranus!! Neptune!! Pluto!!" Usagi calls.

"Uranus! Neptune! Pluto!"

Usagi and Chibi-Usa run to the condo where Haruka lives. They go up to her room.


They burst through the door, and see the room empty.

The other four girls find the same thing at Michiru and Setsuna's condos.

They all hear a noise outside, and rush to the patio decks.

Three helicopters fly overhead.

"We will surely meet again. Haruka-san. Michiru-san. Setsuna-san. And Hotaru-chan. Again, someday... Surely!"

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