Act 31 - Infinity 8: Infinite Labyrinth 1

Originally appeared in Nakayoshi, October 1994.
Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.01, 8.96.

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"She's gone into cardiac arrest," the doctor says. "She's dying."

Usagi gasps. "No... It can't be..."

"Would you leave us?" Mamoru asks.

The doctor leaves.

"Chibi-Usa!! Chibi-Usa!?"

"Her body's stiffening..." Usagi says. "And getting cold... Hotaru-chan... Sailor Saturn killed her!!"

"Her soul has been stolen."

"Haruka-san!" Usagi says. "Michiru-san! Setsuna-san! Her soul!?"

"The Death Busters have targeted the souls of humans," says Michiru. "They steal spirits. Then they unite the soulless bodies as vessels. The utilization. They convert human bodies into one. Those are the Death Busters!"

"Steal spirits!? Human bodies into one!? Then, Hotaru-chan... That form... was..."

"It was not the awakening of Sailor Saturn," says Setsuna. "The three talismans are not yet activating."

"I hadn't thought about this happening," says Haruka. "Hotaru was long ago utilized by them. That isn't Hotaru any longer. It's an enemy! When she took Chibi-Usa's Mystical Silver Crystal, she was also stealing Chibi-Usa's spirit."

"Chibi-Usa and Hotaru-chan..." says Usagi. "What will happen to them!?"

"The spirits of the utilized ones," Haruka says, "live as sustenance. But even if the utilization is a success, they will soon revert to daimons. If that happens... then they cannot be saved. It's impossible after that, whatever form they take living in this world."

"The ones we defeated before," thinks Usagi, "were humans merged with enemies... If they change into daimons soon, they can't be saved...!"

"Hotaru has already been seized by the enemies," says Haruka. "But it will be easy to do. Soon she will suffer and be destroyed. We will kill her before she suffers."


"She has Chibi-Usa's spirit and the Mystical Silver Crystal!" she says. "What would you have us do!? If you want Chibi-Usa saved, you have to fight and take them back! If we don't kill her, we'll be killed. Even if Sailor Saturn doesn't awaken, destruction will come. Kill or be killed. Which would you choose? We're going. Not just for Chibi-Usa, but to save everyone!"

"Right, Usagi," Usagi thinks. "Unless we save the planet... The enemies I've defeated before... Humans and enemies merged... And Hotaru-chan, too..."

Mamoru looks down at Chibi-Usa. "If it keeps going like this," he says. "Chibi-Usa's blood not flowing... She really will die. Let's take her to my place."

"There's no time," Usagi thinks. "If we don't hurry and get her spirit back... We won't be able to save Chibi-Usa!"

They go to Mamoru's apartment.

"Chibi-Usa's body and mine are linked," Mamoru says. "I'll use my body's life maintenance system to keep Chibi-Usa's body alive." He holds Chibi-Usa's hand, and it starts to glow.

"But then your body will be burdened..." says Luna.

"It's all right. Chibi-Usa and I are one now. I can at least keep this one body alive. It's no problem, it'll be fine."

Usagi sits by Chibi-Usa's bed, her eyes watering.

"Could you leave us alone for a while?" Mamoru asks the other girls.

They look at Chibi-Usa, then leave the room.

"Chibi-Usa... I can't choose. Chibi-Usa. Hotaru-chan. The people of this planet. I can't abandon them! I can't choose between them for us. Will it not just lead to ruin? Us... And then the world..."

Usagi feels Chibi-Usa's hand. "Mamo-chan's power is spreading," she thinks. "It feels like she's alive. What should I do? What..."


Mamoru kisses her.

"Oh," he thinks. He sees the image of a devastated city. A shadowed figure stands atop a ruined pillar. "Again. This vision... "

"We'll get them back, Usa," he says. "Chibi-Usa's spirit, and the Mystical Silver Crystal. We'll do everything we can. Don't lose hope. Hope..."

"That vision..." he thinks. "Is that... the messiah? Or else, the god of ruin?"

She cuts off a lock of her long, dark hair.

"I cut and I cut, it grows back," she says. "Crappy hair. This is limited and inconvenient, being a vessel. I'm uncomfortable in this human body."

Tomoe rushes into the room with Kaolinite.

"Mistress 9!" he says as he kneels. "We have been awaiting your arrival. For a long time. We transplanted the egg into my daughter, Hotaru. Completely undivided, I thought you might not awaken."

"That was right."

Mistress 9 grabs her head.

"She's awakening now..." thinks Kaolinite.

"You have made great efforts for your duty, Kaolinite," Mistress 9 says. "I am the master's partner from the old world. You should leave things to me. The great mission you have been granted from the master must be completed immediately. Eliminate the outsiders! I will not tolerate failure."

Kaolinite bows. "I will accomplish it."

Mistress 9 walks to the stone hall.

"Oh, I've been waiting for this," the voice says. "Mistress 9!"

"Master Pharaoh 90!"

She raises a brooch, and energy flows to Pharaoh 90.

"You've just awakened," Pharaoh 90 says, "and you're already bringing power. What power is this!? These souls are the beginning...!"

"Master Pharaoh 90, one moment. This is not from souls. It's the Mystical Silver Crystal. The source of the light of the carriers of the planets' protection. I've finally gotten it. We can keep this great power to ourselves. The Mystical Silver Crystal!"

She goes to her room, carrying the brooch.

"Wondrous light. The same light as the source of the Tau star system's power, the Taioron Crystal. Like something dwells inside it. It puts me at ease with its holy brilliance."

"Naturally. It's defended by the girl's pure, beautiful spirit."

"Who's that!? Is it someone inside of me trying to push out...? It's because of my spirit. It's giving me strength... With this Mystical Silver Crystal, there's nothing for us to fear anymore!"

"Hey, Mistress 9!" Tomoe says. "We're running out of eggs. The utilization, to steal souls by planting the eggs, is the only way for us to live in this world."

"But, the completion of the master's utilization will become unnecessary. The birth of our new world is close at hand. Heh heh! Ahaha! Close at hand!"


Kaolinite stands in the center of a circle on the ground. Smoke surrounds her. A bat flies in. She grabs it in the air and rips out its heart, squeezing the blood into a glass.

"Our servants," she says. "Before the Witches 5 are resurrected..."

Five figures steam from the glass, taking the shape of the sailor soldiers.

"I will place a curse on these ones. A curse that will never be lifted... Heh heh heh..."

Usagi walks down the street, and sees the four girls.

"Everyone!" she says. "Let's go. To get Chibi-Usa's spirit back! To the Infinity zone!"

As they approach the center of the Delta, they see the building overgrown with trees and vines.

"The Infinity School has gotten like this overnight..."

"What is it!?"

"It's full of amazing energy," says Rei. "The air, the plants, the building. The abnormal power is making everything go mad."

"The power is forming into a dome shape over the Infinity zone," says Ami. "It looks just like an omega shape."

"Let's go," says Makoto.

"Uranus, Neptune, Pluto," thinks Usagi. "Am I choosing the wrong path...? If I do this, will we not be able to fight together?"


"Sailor Moon..." Haruka thinks. "It's regrettable, but we three will put Hotaru-chan to death. To death..."

"Haruka!" Michiru calls.


"Heh heh... They're here. The carriers of the planets' protection. The sailor soldiers."

A door appears though the trees.

"An entrance opened!?"

The five girls walk into the building.

The two identical women bow. "Greetings. Welcome to the Infinite Labyrinth."

"Cyprine!? Ptilol!?"

Rei sees darkness all around her.

"What the-!? Sailor Moon!!? Where is everyone!?"

She sees a sign in the hallway that says, "Etiquette Class."

She rushes into the room.

"How impolite," says Eudial. "As instructor of manners and etiquette at the Infinity School, Arimura Yuuko, I'll teach you a lesson."

"Eudial!?" Rei thinks. "But I defeated her before!" The door slams shut behind her. "Oh no! I don't have time to fight you!"

"Too bad! I am Eudial, warrior of the flame! You have been selected as my match!" She jumps up and kicks Rei down.

Rei gets to her knees, breathing hard.

"You really don't want to fight?" Eudial asks. "I see. You don't have the fighting spirit. You won't only fight for Sailor Moon. Your whole body is saying you want to know etiquette and military arts."

"I'm lost!?" Ami says. "Everyone!? Where did they go!?"

She sees a large computer system, reaching to the ceiling.

"I saw this in a book! It's got the biggest system of the century! The artificial life super computer! Amazing! But here!?"

"Welcome!" says Viluy. "Do you remember me? Bidou Yui of the science class. I'm happy I can finally show you the essence of our school."


Ropes wrap around Ami, tying her up.

"Look, your body craves data," Viluy says. "You will be assimilated into the computer, for its artificial life. You want more information, want to succeed by yourself. But you're urged to spend your valuable time fighting. You always use your abilities for Sailor Moon."

"Yes..." Ami thinks. "I want to study more and more. I want data. If I don't study more, I won't be able to get into a school of medicine... Because of Sailor Moon, I consume electricity... I can't get any data..."

"Where is everyone!?" Minako says. "Where'd they go all of a sudden!?"

She hears someone singing.

"Who's voice is that!? My head is splitting...! Stop this singing! I've heard this song before... Paralyzing me like this!"

"Hey there!" Mimete says. "I, Hanyu Mimi, am having a concert tonight, and you're my pretty guest! Sailor Venus!"


The crowd before her cheers. "Venus!!" "Sailor Venus-chan!!"

She holds a microphone, and ropes wrap around her.

"What's the matter!?" Mimete says. "Hurry, sing! Sailor Venus! Isn't it your dream to be an idol!?"

"Yes..." Minako thinks. "Being an idol is my dream! This is my chance! With my chance, I can hurry and quit the sailor soldiers. Being a sailor soldier is so absurd. I can hurry and quit...!"

"Sailor Moon!?" calls Makoto. "Everyone!? Hey! Where are you!?"

She turns a corner and sees a room full of plants.

"This is-!"

"Welcome, to the Infinity botanical garden. I am its caretaker, Teruno Ruru."

"You!? Tellu!?"

Tellu sits Makoto down. "You don't need to fight today. Okay? Slowly look around! See!"

"Wow!" Makoto says. "It's full of roses! La France, the first breed of hybrid T! These are soleil dolls!" She picks a flower up. "My heart's softening..." she thinks. "What was I coming here to do... I'm so tired... Fighting is absurd... I want to stay here forever... It's my dream. To spend a carefree lifetime in a rose garden, with someone I love..."

"Everyone!?" Usagi calls. "Oh no! Have the five of us been split apart!? Have we fallen into enemy hands!? That was careless. Where is this!? Everyone...?"

The four girls appear before her, scratched and bruised.

"Mars! Mercury! Jupiter! Venus!"

The figures begin to melt.

"It's your fault we're coming apart," they say. "We won't fight anymore..."

They jump at Usagi, covering her in melted goop.

Chibi-Usa appears behind her. "It's your fault, Sailor Moon." She grabs Usagi around the throat.

"Ow! You're... hurting me... Chibi-Usa...!?"

"We'll help you too, Chibi-Usa-chan," says Haruka.

"We think you're an annoyance, Sailor Moon!" says Setsuna.

"Uranus! Neptune! Pluto!"

"I want to be free, Usa!" says Mamoru. "I'll kill Chibi-Usa and Hotaru! And then Usa! You too!"



Mamoru jumps up from his chair beside Chibi-Usa.

"Usa!? She's being bewitched! Usa!"


"No! I can't be bewitched! You're hallucinations! Everyone!"

She holds out the heart moon rod.

"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

Light flashes around her, and she's alone.


Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna attack the plants outside.

"God damnit!" Haruka says. "What the hell is this stuff!? We cut and we cut, but it keeps attacking! We can't get near the Infinity School. I've got a bad feeling about this. Sailor Moon!?"

"Uranus!" says Michiru. "Pluto!" She shows them her mirror. It shows a tall, thick column, holding the bodies of Rei, Ami, Makoto, and Minako.

"We'll break through the barrier!" Haruka says. "Space Sword Blaster!"

They rush inside to the column. The six enemies are in front of it.

"Sailor Mars! Mercury! Jupiter! Venus!"

"Heh heh! Ahahaha!"

Setsuna holds up her garnet orb. "Cronos Typhoon!"

"We have to save those four!" says Michiru. "Submarine Reflection!"

The six warriors melt down and fade away.

"Uranus!" Usagi calls. "Neptune! Pluto!" She runs to Haruka. "I thought you'd come."

"Uranus! Neptune! Pluto!" say the four girls, freed.

Usagi hugs Haruka. "Yes..." she thinks. "It really is the same feeling. They couldn't abandon us. Together... I wanted to fight. We'll join our powers to fight. Then if my power becomes strong... Even the impossible can approach possibility."

The eight soldiers form a circle, putting their hands in the center. Light begins to glow.

"We're sailor soldiers... Allies to join power and fight..."

Usagi lifts the holy chalice over her head.

"Crisis!! Make Up!!"

"That light!" thinks Kaolinite.

"Super Sailor Moon!" Michiru calls. "Up! The president's office!"

They go up to the 56th floor of the building, and run into the office, where Kaolinite is. Five figurines are on a table.

"Those are-! Wax dolls shaped like us!?"

"You've undone the finest work of Magus Kaolinite," Kaolinite says. "You won't bother us anymore!"

She mutates into a giant monster.

"A daimon!!"

"I'll save this planet!" Usagi shouts. "From the dream of ruin! Rainbow Moon Heartache!!"

The daimon vanishes in a swirl of light. The amulet drops to the floor and shatters.

"Whatever delusions fill this labyrinth," Usagi says, "I won't give up hope! Let's search! For Hotaru-chan!"

"She's found her way to this fortress," thinks Mistress 9. "She even blew away Magus Kaolinite. Super Sailor Moon! The time has come. The time for this Omega Area to be our sacred land. There's no longer anything for us to fear." Her eyes sparkle. "With this Mystical Silver Crystal..."

Power flows out of the crystal in her hands, into her body.


Chibi-Usa's body begins to glow.

"Chibi-Usa!?" Mamoru says.

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