Act 30 - Infinity 7: Transformation / Super Sailor Moon

Originally appeared in Nakayoshi, September 1994.
Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.02, 8.96.

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Light glows around Usagi. The holy chalice appears before her. The golden crescent moon shines on her forehead.

"All our spirits into one...!"

"The holy chalice is shining!" Mamoru thinks.

"Sailor Moon!?" says Chibi-Usa.


The seven sailor soldiers halt.

"Sailor Moon!?"

"Make our spirits one, to fight! We are sailor soldiers!"

"Sailor Moon is..."

"Calling us..."

The three objects carried by the outer soldiers glow.

"My talisman," says Michiru. "The deep aqua mirror..."

"My talisman," says Haruka. "The space sword..."

"My talisman," says Setsuna. "The garnet orb..."

"They've started to resonate!?"

The lid on the chalice opens.

Luna, Artemis, and Diana watch from the command center. "The legendary holy chalice!?"

"Power to Sailor Moon..."


The chalice shines as it rises above Usagi.

"Crisis!" she shouts. "Make Up!!"

Her sailor suit transforms. Her skirt becomes multi-colored, a heart shape like her brooch above it. A long ribbon flows out from the bow in the back. The crescent moon shines through her tiara.

The brooches on the other soldiers transform.

"The brooch..." Minako thinks. "Changed to a heart!?"

"Sailor Moon!?" Chibi-Usa says. "No, that's... Super Sailor Moon!?"

"Sailor Moon is undefeatable," says King Endymion.

"Mom!" Chibi-Usa says. "Sailor Moon was undefeatable! She came to save you and Crystal Tokyo. I want to be a soldier like Sailor Moon!"

"Work hard with your training, Small Lady," says Neo-Queen Selenity. "Keep watching, and someday you will see a Sailor Moon that is much, much stronger. Super Sailor Moon."

"Super Sailor Moon!?"

"Super Sailor Moon!?"

Cyprine and Ptilol gasp.

Kaolinite stares into the pool. "Sailor Moon! She powered up!?"


Tomoe looks into the sky. "Such grand energy! But the center of the power receives no damage!? I don't believe it! Sailor Moon!! What on earth is this power!?"


Hotaru coughs hard, kneeling on the floor.

"My forehead hurts... Like it's splitting... I'm nauseous... It hurts... From my throat, from my forehead, from my whole body, something is trying to get out. It must not get out! It mustn't!"

"What a storm of light! Such a strong aura! I can see a pillar of energy running up to the sky! Once on our mother planet, the Taioron Crystal was full of energy. Thousands of times the power! I can see an awful number of starlights in there. Sailor Moon! That enormous power! What is it!? Does that give you all power!?"

Hotaru stops coughing. Her eyes sparkle.

"It's the power of the Mystical Silver Crystal," she says. "Master Pharaoh 90."


"We won't be led astray any longer!" Usagi shouts. "I won't hesitate anymore." She holds out the heart moon rod. "Rainbow Moon Heartache!"

The bodies of Cyprine and Ptilol are distorted in a flash of light, and vanish.


"Damnit!" says Kaolinite. "Sailor Moon! My precious servants, the Witches 5! The final, strongest witches, Cyprine and Ptilol, have been defeated! The outsiders must be eliminated quickly. We were supposed to see the start of our new world here with the master. But things are happening like this! You have angered me, Sailor Moon!"


Hotaru holds her amulet from the string. Her eyes sparkle.

The image of Kaolinite is projected on the amulet. "So I can become the master's partner," she says. "Nobody will stop me!"

"Heh heh," says Hotaru. "Magus, you will be the master's partner. You are driven to become that."

She holds her head.

"My forehead's splitting!!"

She cries out in pain as she collapses.


"I...!? I powered up...!?" Usagi thinks. "It suddenly came, then vanished. Power from the holy chalice..."

"Super Sailor Moon!" calls Chibi-Usa.

"It was power from everyone..." Usagi thinks. "Devoted to me from the holy chalice."

"The legendary holy chalice!?" thinks Mamoru. "Is this the power of the legendary holy chalice!?"

"The talismans gave power to Sailor Moon...!" says Haruka.

"They began to resonate like this...!" thinks Michiru.

"There was this kind of power in our talismans..." says Setsuna.

"I don't believe it," Haruka says. "The talismans were to awaken with a key... But like this..."

"Uranus!" says Michiru.

"I asked for all our spirits to become one," says Usagi. "I asked for you to lend me your strength. Your brooches are changing. We can surely work with each other. I want to save everyone. I want to defeat the enemies. We both felt that way. Then with the legendary holy chalice, I became Super Sailor Moon. We can be as one like that. So we're the same kind of soldiers. We're allies."

"Allies... Super Sailor Moon..." thinks Michiru. "No matter what we did, the talismans lent their power to Sailor Moon so easily. The talismans are saying to tell Sailor Moon the truth. Tell her the truth, and she won't be able to fight. We're the same sailor soldiers..."

They go to an apartment high in the building.

"Uranus's place."

"It's all messed up from the attack," says Usagi.

"The window glass is shattered."

"I can't wait to see the bill for the cost of the glass," says Haruka. "Plus the cost of redoing the broken furniture... However much it is, it's not enough. The rent here is one million a month."

"One million!?"

"Wh- Why is it so much!?" asks Makoto. "Are your parents paying for it!?"

"Ehehe," Haruka says. "Since we have a patron, the price isn't a concern."

"Haruka..." says Michiru. "Super Sailor Moon. No, Princess. In what we can trace of our memory now, we saw the three talismans activated. It has only happened once before. Do you remember? When the Silver Millennium was destroyed."

Selenity screams as the blade cuts through Endymion.

The princess, her four soldiers, and Endymion lie on the ground, all dead.

"Then, leaving the territory we were to protect wasn't permitted. From far away, we sat watching over it. From a distance, where we were home, we heard the final cry of the Silver Millennium."

"No, don't talk about that," Usagi says. "It's like... my heart is breaking..."

Mamoru holds her.

"What we carry, the strongest weapons of the outer solar system, the talismans, are beginning to resonate like we've never seen. We gathered them. Then, the beautifully shining talismans summoned, from the forbidden planet, the final soldier, who must not awaken. The soldier of silence, who carries the protection of the planet of ruin, Saturn. Sailor Saturn. Then we knew the end would come. We watched as she slowly brought down her silence glaive, as the Silver Millennium went into oblivion. Our power gave out."

"Sailor Saturn...!"

"Sailor Saturn appears at the moment of destruction. She takes all to nothing. She is the guide to death. When the three talismans are together, they will invoke the key that will call Sailor Saturn. We are the guardians of that key. The time when we gather them, the three talismans, that is the time of Sailor Saturn's awakening. The three talismans must not be able to be brought together. The time when Sailor Saturn awakens... Is the time of the death of this world. The time of the ruin of this world."

"Then these are the three talismans that will lead to ruin," says Rei.

"But, in my dream," says Mamoru, "somebody was calling for the talismans to be gathered. Who was that...?"

"The territories we are to defend are far apart. We were never supposed to meet. We were reincarnated as humans on this planet, and again we met. The talismans were calling out. Invaders from outside. We can't stop anymore. We sensed that. We followed the invaders to their home. We found it, in the center of the cursed Delta, right under our noses. The enemies were there. Then the soldier of destruction was reborn..."

The face of the soldier is reflected in Michiru's mirror.

"Oh my god..." Usagi says.

"Is that... Hotaru-chan?" says Chibi-Usa. "Is Hotaru-chan Sailor Saturn!?"

"Sailor Saturn's awakening is near. The child's body is beginning to feel the effects."

"Saturn's soul was calling for the talismans!?" thinks Mamoru.

"Super Sailor Moon, Chibi-Moon," Setsuna says. "As you know, you have a future. The ruin can't happen here, now. This is an accident. Saturn's soul was reincarnated. Somewhere the wheels of fate have gone wrong."

"Why is this happening...?" Mamoru asks.

"We don't know."

"But!" Haruka says. "Whatever happens, Sailor Saturn must not be allowed to awaken."

"What do you plan to do?" asks Minako.

"Kill her. Then we'll completely seal Saturn away."

Chibi-Usa gasps.

"That's..." Usagi says. "You're kidding, right!?"

"We don't know yet whether or not the three talismans will be activated. The talismans are resonating. They sent out the power to call Super Sailor Moon. The talismans are full of power. Like the time... Like the time when the Silver Millennium was destroyed. The time when the talismans activate to call Saturn is near."

"And so you're going to kill her!?" Usagi says. "There has to be another way!"

"If there was, we'd use it," says Haruka. "We don't have long. The child's body... You've seen it, right, Chibi-Usagi-chan? She was seriously ill from an accident when she was eight years old. It was a miracle she returned from her coma alive. As she had the best mind, she was the result of the outcast Professor Tomoe's life work. The fusion of man and machine. Just like a doll, the professor converted her body into that of a machine. The child's small body has already been worn out."

"Isn't there any way to save her?" Makoto asks.

"There is only one way her body can be saved. That would be for her to become a soldier with power, and awaken as Sailor Saturn. But we can't let that happen."

"You have no right to cut off Hotaru-chan's life to seal away Saturn!" Rei says.

"So this world can live without following the path to destruction, we will kill the child. After we kill her, we'll defeat the enemies. If we do not, Saturn will surely awaken and destroy this world. Everything will vanish. Nothing will be left. We might not be able to stop it. But our mission now is to seal Sailor Saturn away before her awakening."

"No!" Usagi shouts. "No! You can't kill her! There is a way to save her! Saturn might not awaken. The future exists. The world won't be destroyed! We'll help her. We can save everything! You can't kill her!"

"We thought you'd say that," Michiru says. "So you can't do the mission with us. We can't be allies. You may hate us. For you, we may be enemies. Since there is no other way, we will do our duty. We will save the world."

They run off and disappear in a flash of light.

"Uranus! Neptune! Pluto!!"

"Hotaru-chan is Sailor Saturn, who will call the ruin..." thinks Chibi-Usa. "Hotaru-chan..."


"Those deep eyes with a wondrous power. She always looked depressed. Hotaru-chan..."

"Kill her."

She runs away.

"Chibi-Moon!" Mamoru calls.

"It can't happen!" she thinks. "I have to save her! I'm going to Hotaru-chan's place! She can't be killed!"

She climbs over the fence of the research lab.

"This time I won't run away. Whatever form she's in, whoever she is, whatever her destiny is. She's my friend!"

Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna sit above in a tree. "Is that... Sailor Chibi-Moon!?"

Chibi-Usa runs to the door and sees Hotaru sprawled on the floor.

Hotaru's eyes open. They sparkle. A gust of wind blows out, shattering the glass of the door.

"What!?" Kaolinite thinks.

"That sound!?" thinks Tomoe.

"Chibi-Moon!" Usagi calls.

A hand snakes out from Hotaru, and snatches the brooch from Chibi-Usa's chest.

Chibi-Usa reverts to her normal clothes, and she falls back.

"Chibi-Usa!!" Usagi calls. She runs to her with Mamoru.

Diana's head jerks up in the command center.

"Diana?" Luna asks.

"Small Lady!?"

Hotaru's eyes glow, and her hair grows out long, all over the floor around her.

"Sailor Moon!" Minako calls as she appears with the others.

Hotaru glares up at them, and they're all forced back.

"That's-!? Is that Hotaru-chan!?"

"Heh heh. Heh heh heh heh..."

"Oh no!" Usagi thinks. "Saturn!? Has she awakened!?"

"The talismans aren't activating! So that's-!"

Hotaru smiles as a black star shines on her forehead.

"I've got it," she says. "I've got it! The Mystical Silver Crystal. Master Pharaoh 90! I've awakened! Heh heh! Ahahahaha!"

Mamoru holds the unconscious Chibi-Usa in his arms. "Chibi-Usa!?"

"Chibi-Usa!?" Usagi says. "Her body's cold... Chibi-Usa!? She's not breathing!?"

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