Act 29 - Infinity 6: Three Soldiers

Originally appeared in Nakayoshi, August 1994.
Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.01, 8.96.

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They see Sailor Pluto holding her garnet rod, standing with Uranus and Neptune.

"Pluto!!" Chibi-Usa calls. She runs to her and wraps her arms around her. "Pluto! Is it really you!? Pluto!?"

"Small Lady," Pluto says. "No, Sailor Chibi-Moon. I borrowed the power of your beautiful mother, the great Neo-Queen Selenity. I was reincarnated. For my important mission."

"Important mission?"

"What is it..." Chibi-Usa thinks. "She's not like the Pluto of before. Stronger. Bigger."

Usagi's sailor suit transforms, and she appears in her flowing white gown.

"Sailor Moon!?"

Pluto kneels with Haruka and Michiru.

"Greetings," she says. "The one who will be our new queen, Princess Selenity."

"I am the soldier of the sky, and I carry the protection of the outer planet of the wind, Uranus," says Haruka. "I am Sailor Uranus."

"I carry the protection of the outer planet of the sea, Neptune," says Michiru. "I am Sailor Neptune."

"And I carry the protection of the outer planet of Hades, Pluto," says Setsuna. "I am Sailor Pluto."

"We are the three soldiers of the outer solar system!"

"Our princess," Setsuna says. "We will do whatever is necessary to make reparations for our rudeness. Forgive us, so we can protect this planet. Since ancient times, we fought as soldiers from deep space against invaders. We defended the Silver Millennium from a distance. The princess and the Silver Millennium have been resurrected again in this world. And we, too. Like you, it was promised we would be reincarnated. We have newly awakened on this planet. But it seems we are too late. Our full awakening came in the time of crisis. They are already invading. Deeply, quietly, they built their fortress. We've let these invading enemies slip through. It's our mistake."

"The Death Busters..." Minako says. "Where did they come from?"

"The Death Busters?" says Michiru. "Is that what they're calling themselves? They've come from outer space to invade this planet. They're aliens."

"The Tau star system," says Ami. "That's what she said... Is that where they're from?"

"Yes," says Setsuna. "From a far away time and place. This land sparkles with a great power. The area of this Infinity zone is veiled in the great aura of a hidden power. They've probably been drawn to it."

"Intentionally... Accidentally..." Haruka says. "A twist in the time and space here is occurring. They could be coming from it. And, unless we defeat the being, this planet will be cornered into ruin."

"The being?" Usagi asks.

"The one we are supposed to defeat," says Haruka. "The biggest enemy. Pretending to be students, we finally infiltrated the Infinity School. We almost had them. Until somebody interrupted us by barging into the school."

"Haruka!" Michiru says. "We're sorry for dragging you into this."

"But! You're ally soldiers like us!" says Usagi. "Right?"

"But these enemies, the Death Busters," says Michiru. "We must face against them. Interference is useless."

"We'll help you!" says Minako.

"Don't," says Haruka.


"It's too much for you," says Michiru.

"But! We've been fighting until now!" says Usagi. "We're sailor soldiers too!"

"Until now it's been different! The form the Death Busters are taking, and the way they're invading, is a complete mystery. So defeating the biggest enemy is something you can't do. This is our jurisdiction."

"But...!" Usagi says. "We can't even help you?"

"Princess," Michiru says. "Don't waste our time. The mission must be accomplished smoothly."

"Come on, you can't be serious," says Makoto.

"We had to leave the school because our cover was blown!" says Haruka. "The enemies might come looking for us! Is that the kind of danger you want to face!? We live in those condominiums, to keep an eye on the Infinity zone. We will not fail. We will take out the being."

Usagi stares at her.

"Don't look like that, Princess," she says. "We didn't want to confuse you."

"Princess," says Michiru. "Uranus is both a man and a woman. A soldier of both genders, with the strengths of each."

"We three have special powers you don't have. We've been awarded stronger powers and stronger items. Leave things to us."

"Wait," says Mamoru. "What kind of thing is this biggest enemy? Is it that powerful an enemy?"


"The stronger items you carry," he says. "Are they the three talismans that will lead to ruin?"

"The ominous oracle..." says Rei. "If the talismans must not be gathered... The talismans you use as weapons... What are they!? Your mission..."

"The talismans we carry, and our biggest mission, are to bury the biggest enemy. The god of ruin."

"The god of ruin!?"

Luna reads the newspaper in the Tsukino kitchen.

"'Students at the Infinity School have gone missing. They are looking for the responsible party. Dead bodies were found in the Infinity botanical garden. The garden has been closed, and the land development has been stopped.'"

"What next?" she thinks. "The Death Busters. And Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. What do they want to do? The god of ruin. What could its true form be!?"

"So the mad scientist is causing an uproar again," says Kenji.

"Dad, do you know him?" Usagi asks.

"He was a world-famous scholar of genetic engineering. Seven, eight years ago. But he was probably too quick to announce his research, and he was banished by the scientific community."

Mamoru sits at a computer in the command center.

"Wherever I searched," he says, "there was no data on Professor Tomoe's past. Finally I accessed the scientist net and found something."

"Life's work: 'Superhuman'?"

"He continually repeated his genetic experiments on animals, and was outcast by the scientific community. He put his experimental know-how out for sale, and it was bought up by the Infinity district. Two years later, there was a fire while the buildings were under construction.

Keiko (32)

Hotaru (8)
Critical condition

"After that, all life vanished from the professor's face."

"Say, Chibi-Usa," says Luna. "You should watch Hotaru-chan's appearance. As sailor soldiers, you must search out the enemies' territory, uncover their real identity, and get rid of them. Their invasion is being concealed. We must stop it at any cost. I still think Professor Tomoe is suspicious. Your duty might be dangerous and full of hardships. Can you do it?"

"As soldiers..." says Chibi-Usa. "I understand. I'll do it."

"Ohh..." says Pharaoh 90. "The source of life, the Taioron Crystal, is losing strength. We must get it quickly... We will eat up the tiny souls of the humans soon. For my revival, take the infinite power similar to that of the Taioron Crystal! The lights of the planets' protection should be gathered. Our ruin will be eliminated! We've finally found the land of peace. We won't give it up to anyone!"

Kaolinite walks to the pool of water. "The lights are rapidly gathering in this land. They're being drawn to the land's aura. Something is going to happen. The lights of the protection of three new planets... This does not bode well. These lights are stronger than the others. Are these the carriers of the three talismans!? Is it too late to stop the path to ruin!? My reflecting pool is always clouded. The sailor soldiers are sending out a strong vortex from the planets' lights! Or else, is the cloudiness the fault of the increasing abnormal aura power in this land? Master Pharaoh 90. This sacred land has seized the Omega Area's abnormal aura, and the strong lights of the planets' protection. We can't escape..."


She drops a glass on the floor.

"I'm sorry, Professor," she says. "I was being careless."

"You're in favor with the master," says Tomoe. "You should only be thinking about the elimination of the outsiders, the sailor soldiers. The master's wishes are everything. Somehow your underlings don't seem to be getting it done. I'm also interested in the light that carries the power similar to the Taioron Crystal, but I have research to do. Your waste of soldiers, and your waste of eggs, will anger the master."

Kaolinite drops a rack of test tubes on the floor. They shatter.

"The professor doesn't understand!" she thinks. "The trouble I go to."

A woman enters the room. "Kaolinite!"

"Cyprine. You must make up for the exposed disgrace of the others of the Witches 5."

"I am the final witch of the Witches 5. I am Cyprine, and I will eliminate the sailor soldiers, and obtain the high quality souls and the light similar to the Taioron Crystal. For the pleasure of Master Pharaoh 90."

Kaolinite hands her an amulet. "Do it. But first, our computer says that some students have disappeared from our school. It seems they've escaped. For our plan, we need optimum people of talent. Outsiders are dangerous! Could we have been manipulated... That won't happen! Find them immediately and eliminate them!"

"Ikuko-mama!" Chibi-Usa says. "Today after school I'm going to see a movie with everyone. I'll be getting home late."

"Oh, great," says Usagi. "What are you seeing?"

"It's a secret! Well, I got a phone call from Hotaru-chan. She invited me to a movie."



"You want to go see a movie? No, something else is fine too. You want to go somewhere together with all your friends?"

"Hotaru-chan invited me. She wanted to talk about something. I can ask her about the professor."

"Hey, Chibi-Usa," Kenji says, holding the chalice. "This is pretty. What is it?"

"Oh, Kenji-papa! That's the legendary holy chalice. I made it with Usagi and Mamo-chan! Say, Kenji-papa, do you know about the holy chalice? During a sacred ceremony, it's a special cup you use to drink the wine and holy water."

"You've been working hard, like a soldier, Small Lady," says Diana.

"Really," says Luna.

"Looks like it's going to rain again today," says Usagi.

"We've been having really bad weather," says Ikuko. "Every day now it's dark in the middle of the day. I wonder what's going on."

"Chibi-Usa-chan," Momoko calls. "The movie's starting!"

"Hotaru-chan hasn't come," thinks Chibi-Usa. "I've already waited nearly an hour. What's wrong?"

"You go on ahead," she says to the others. "I'll call Hotaru-chan's room." She goes to a phone. "Nobody's answering... Maybe... she's fallen down again, and can't contact me..."

She walks to the Tomoe Research Labs.

"It's so cold here..." she thinks. "All those dark clouds..."

"How does using those new parts feel?"

"Fine, dad," Hotaru says. "I'm getting used to them."

"They're a new development of cells and neurons," says Tomoe. "The materials and receptors are state-of-the-art. Soon you won't have any more accidents."

"I have to hurry," thinks Hotaru. "Chibi-Usa-chan might have already gone home. I'm really late."

She bends her arm up. Her skin begins to glow, and wires joining her muscles together show through.

Chibi-Usa stares in through the window.

Their eyes meet.

"Chibi-Usa-chan!?" Hotaru calls.

"I'm sorry," she says. "I... Er... I barged in here..."

She turns and runs away.


Hotaru grabs her chest and drops to her knees.

"A fit... Again..."

A fire blazes among the buildings being constructed.

"Hotaru!" Keiko shouts.

"Mom!" calls the child. "It's hot!"


Hotaru opens her eyes. "Dad?"

"Good morning, Hotaru," says Tomoe. "You're awake? How are you feeling?"

Wires are under the skin of her arm and her legs.

"Are these...?"

"I didn't want people to know the secret of my cold body that blood doesn't flow through. I was all by myself. Dad only cared about his research. I thought I was going to die all alone."

"I thought it would be a good idea to give this to you as a sign of friendship," Chibi-Usa said.

"I finally made a friend. Until she saw my body like this. How is there any use in living? Is there a point to my life...?"

She holds her head.

"My forehead... hurts! Like it's on fire!"

Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna watch her through the window.

"Who are you?" Hotaru says. "Are you... Death? Why are you looking at me with such pity!?"

She throws her amulet out the window, and it flies through the three vanishing figures.

"It hurts..." she thinks. "From my forehead, through my whole body... Like someone's trying to burst out... Someone's taking over my body..."

"What should I do?" Chibi-Usa thinks. "I shouldn't have seen that..."

"From an accident long ago, I have many wounds..." Hotaru said.

"It surprised me. What should I do? I ran away from Hotaru-chan... Did I hurt her!?"

She looks to the sky.

"Rain? This is... Hail? In this season!? It's numbing... I'm losing strength... This is strange hail!"

"It's hailing," says Mamoru.

"Let's hurry home, Mamo-chan," says Usagi.

They see Chibi-Usa lying on the ground.


"The dark clouds are spreading from the direction of the Infinity School," thinks Haruka.

Cyprine appears outside. "The Infinity School runaway, Ten'ou Haruka," she says. "I've found you."

The glass in the window shatters.

"Haruka!?" Michiru and Setsuna think.

"Heh, you're here, Death Buster," Haruka says. "Uranus Planet Power, Make Up!"

"Uranus!" Michiru calls.

"Neptune! Pluto!"

"Carriers of the planets' protection!" says Cyprine. "The new sailor soldiers! You've appeared!"


"Artemis," says Luna. "Look at the monitor!"

"Uranus! Neptune! Pluto!"

The girls run in. "Everyone!?" Luna says.

"Luna, Artemis!" says Minako. "It's serious! The whole city... Hail is assaulting the city! All the people are suddenly bloodthirsty!"

"Uranus and the others are fighting an enemy over the Infinity zone!" says Luna.

"We don't need to save those guys," says Makoto.

Usagi runs in with Chibi-Usa. "Let's go, everyone!"


"We'll save the people of the city and those three!" she says. "Chibi-Usa! It could be a violent fight! It's dangerous, so wait here!"

"Usagi!" Chibi-Usa says.

"Leave it to us. Mamo-chan, please watch her!"


"I am the professional of the witch training class at the Infinity School! I'm Cyprine, level 999. No one can dodge my witchcraft! Ribbon Buster!"

Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna cry out in pain.

"Mars Snake Fire!"

The ribbons are torn apart.

The five soldiers run up.

"You!!" Haruka says. "Why did you come!? Get out of here!"

"I won't let you escape!" says Cyprine. She raises her staff and a mist fills the air.

"Do you all want to die this much?" says Michiru.

"If so, then we'll fight you and give you death!" says Haruka.

"We'll kill you!" says Setsuna.

All their eyes shine black in the mist.

"Do you think we're idiots!?" says Minako.

"We'll be the ones to kill you!" says Rei.

"Everyone!?" Usagi calls. "What's wrong!? Get ahold of yourselves! Are they suffering from Cyprine's witchcraft!?"

"Heh heh," Cyprine says. "My witchcraft merely attacks the depths of the spirit, and magnifies the blackness within. Their true intentions are exposed, and those are to prey on each other. Ahahaha!"

"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

A burst of light flashes. When it's gone, two identical figures smile.

"I am Cyprine," says one.

"And I am Ptilol," says the other. "Together we are one."

"She split!?" Usagi thinks.

"Where is the power similar to the Taioron Crystal, Cyprine?"

"Together, no one can stop us, Ptilol! Not even the sailor soldiers! Look!"

"We'll kill you, scum!" the three outer soldiers shout.

"Die!" shout the others.

"Everyone!" Chibi-Usa calls. "Wake up! Don't fight! Be friends again!" She thrusts out the moon rod. "Pink Sugar Heart Attack!"

"Nuisances!" Makoto shouts as she attacks them.

Mamoru holds Chibi-Usa down.

"Tuxedo Kamen!" Usagi calls. "Chibi-Moon! Everyone! Stop it!!"

"Damn!" says Minako.

"Stubborn fools!" Haruka says. "You're still attacking!"

"Heh heh..." says Cyprine. "Ahahaha!"

"Why must we fight!?" Usagi thinks. "Are we all hostile in our souls!? No!! Those three always came to save us."

"We defended the Silver Millennium from a distance."

"They fight to defend what's important! Their goal is to fight, just like us. We can't be led astray! Make our spirits one, to fight! We are sailor soldiers!"

Chibi-Usa and Mamoru join hands.

"Make our spirits one..."

Usagi places her hand with theirs. Light glows around them. The holy chalice appears above them. The golden crescent moon shines on Usagi's forehead.

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