Act 27 - Infinity 4:
Sailor Uranus / Ten'ou Haruka
Sailor Neptune / Kaiou Michiru

Originally appeared in Nakayoshi, June 1994.
Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.0, 8.96.

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"Sailor Neptune!? Sailor Uranus!?"

"No way!" Minako says. "New soldiers!? I didn't know."

"There was no reason for you to know," says Sailor Uranus.

"I can't get any sense from those two...!" Rei thinks.

Chibi-Usa looks at the mirror Sailor Neptune is holding.

"This is called a talisman."

"That hand mirror!" she says. "A talisman!"

"Talisman!?" the others think.

"That hand mirror is a talisman!?" Mamoru says. "Chibi-Usa!?"

"We meet again, Chibi-Usagi-chan," says Neptune.

"Sailor Neptune!" she thinks. "She was in the helicopter! Miss Michiru!?"

"The hand mirror is a talisman!?" Rei says. "In my ominous dream, someone said to gather the talismans. So you... Who on earth are you!?"

"A dream?" Uranus says. "So, you sense it too. The dreadful premonition. The crisis of ruin."

"If you know something, tell us!" Rei says. "What's going to happen from now on!?"

"Make no mistake. We have no intention of fighting together with you."

"Then you're not... allies?" Usagi asks.

"I don't remember saying we were allies."

"Wait!" Ami says. "Are you chasing after the Death Busters too!? What do they want!?"

"We've never spoken," Neptune says. She begins to play her violin.

"Kaiou Michiru!?" Mamoru thinks.

Music fills the air.

"My head is splitting..." Makoto says.

"These two soldiers carry talismans..." thinks Rei. "Oh no...! Could these two bring about our ruin!?"

"Wait!" Mamoru calls. "Are you going to lead us to ruin!? Answer me!"

"World Shaking!!"

They are all knocked to the ground.

"The sailor soldiers..." Usagi thinks. "Attacked us...!?"

Usagi's eyes open.

"Usagi-chan?" Minako says.

Usagi sits up. "Luna...!"

"I don't know if I should talk about them," Luna says. "Originally, those soldiers weren't supposed to be here. Like Pluto, they have a different duty and jurisdiction. They're supposed to be far away. You weren't supposed to run into them."

"More soldiers besides Pluto...!?" Usagi thinks.

"They're said to defend the Silver Millennium from a distance. They are soldiers of legend, veiled in mystery. But it seems that they really exist. I don't believe it. They've been reincarnated, and they've appeared. There must be some state of emergency..."

"State of emergency..." Ami says. "The invasion of the Death Busters? Or is it something else...!?"

"If that's true... Why did they attack us?"

"They aren't enemies!" Usagi says. "They're ally soldiers!"

"You have no reason to say that," says Minako. "They attacked us. Just like enemies do."

"That's some greeting," says Makoto.

"For whatever reason," Minako says, "they made it clear they're not allies. If they come to attack us again, we'll have to fight them."

"I don't remember saying we were allies."

"Mamo-chan," says Chibi-Usa. "Those two women took me home. I really don't think they want to fight us."

Mamoru lies in bed. Usagi and Chibi-Usa are asleep next to him. He holds Usagi's hand.

"What do those two want!?" he thinks.

He sees a ruined city around him. A wave of water looms overhead.

"A tidal wave!? What happened here!?"

A shadowed figure stands atop a devastated pillar.

"Who are you?" Mamoru says. "Are you the god of ruin?"

Mamoru and Usagi open their eyes.

"A dream!?"

"Mamo-chan..." Usagi says. "Did we just have the same dream!?"

"That dream..." Mamoru says. "The god of ruin..."

Rei sits before a fire. "The mirror Sailor Neptune carries is a talisman...!" she thinks. "The three talismans that will cause the ruin. Then where are the other two?"

Usagi sits in the park. "Mamo-chan's late," she says. "Looks like rain. Bad weather. Since then I haven't seen them. Sailor Neptune and Uranus..."

Two hands cover her eyes.

She turns around. "Mamo-chan?"

She sees Haruka behind her.

"I was taking a detour from my route home," he says. "You drew me here."

He turns and runs away in a gust of wind.

"Wait!" Usagi calls. "Sailor Uranus!"

He stops.

"You are Sailor Uranus, aren't you? There's the same scent of wind. Are you our ally? Another sailor soldier? Why won't you tell us anything?"

"I wanted to meet you while you knew nothing," Haruka says. "Usagi..."


He holds her face.

"Haruka-san... Are you a man? Or else, are you a woman?"

"A man, a woman..." he says. "Is it that important?"

"Usa!" Mamoru says.

"The prince appears," says Haruka. He runs away with the wind.

"Usa," Mamoru says. He holds her. "What's happened? Did he do anything to you?"

"No... It's not that. It's not that..."

She rests her head on Mamoru's chest, her eyes watering. "Why am I crying..." she thinks. "It's hard..."

Mamoru hugs her.

"Hi!" Chibi-Usa says. "Is Mamo-chan here?"

"Hey, Chibi-Usa-chan," says Motoki. "He hasn't come today."

"If you only say 'Mamo-chan,' 'Mamo-chan,' even though you're president," Makoto says, "everyone in your class will think you're a baby."

"I just thought he could help me with my homework," she says.


"For art class. I was supposed to make something I liked with clay. I didn't do it very well, so now it's homework."

She puts the piece of sculpted clay on the table.

"What is it? A coffee cup?"

"No!" Chibi-Usa says. "It's the legendary holy chalice."

"Legendary holy chalice? What's that?"

"That's the name of what Neo-Queen Selenity carries to keep her youth," Diana says. "When a crisis calls for it, wondrous power flows from the holy chalice. It gives Neo-Queen Selenity power, and saves the people."

"You saw a picture of it in mom's room," Chibi-Usa says. "It's covered with jewels. I want one that twinkles like that too."

"Your mom, Sailor Moon, carried it?" Ami asks. "Was she using it as a weapon?"

"I don't know," says Chibi-Usa. "Since I couldn't go in mom's room, I never asked anyone."

"I only asked Luna and Artemis a little," says Diana.

"Mom's room was full of rare items. Big pictures, books, jewels. We would lie on her pure-white bed and look around at all the things she had. We sneaked in there a lot, didn't we, Diana."

She wipes a tear from her eye.

Makoto pats her head. "Do you want to go home?"

Chibi-Usa smiles. "No. I promised mom I wouldn't come home until I become a magnificent soldier. Maybe Mamo-chan's at home. I'm going to go see."

"Want some coffee?" Mamoru asks.

"Sure," says Usagi.

They drink their coffee in silence.

"I wonder what Mamo-chan's thinking about," Usagi thinks. "Is he mad about me and Haruka-san being together...? But I couldn't help it. Haruka-san as Sailor Uranus..."

"Mamo-chan!" she says. "Umm. I..."

"Mamo-chaaaan!" Chibi-Usa calls as she bursts into the room. "I was going to meet you at the door, but you're already here!"

Usagi and Mamoru are silent.

"Have you been fighting?" Chibi-Usa asks.

"N- No!" Usagi says.

"Mamo-chan looks angry, Usagi."


"What did you do, cheat on him?"

"Cheat on him..." Usagi thinks. "Is that what he's thinking? That I cheated on him..."

"Chibi-Usa," Mamoru says. "What did you come here for?"

"Well, I wanted you to help me with my homework."

"Homework!" Usagi says. "Oh no! I've got English problems to do! I'm going home."

Chibi-Usa pulls on her. "Don't go. You need to help me too. 'Kay?"

She unwraps her cup-shaped piece of clay on the table.

"What are you trying to make with the clay!?"

"The holy chalice."

"Holy chalice?" Mamoru says. "How are you going to make that, from this..."

"We're making the legendary holy chalice! I've decided!"

"The legendary holy chalice?" asks Usagi.

"Make the holy chalice! Please, Mamo-chan!"

Usagi and Mamoru look at the clay.

"What on earth is the holy chalice?" Usagi says. "What do you do with it?"

"During the Holy Communion," says Mamoru, "you put the wine and holy water into it. Your body is purified, and you're given strength. It's an exceptional cup. It's probably in the encyclopedia."

He opens the encyclopedia to a page on the holy chalice.

"Yeah!" says Chibi-Usa. "That's what I want to make! Then I want to put jewels all over it."

"So someone should go to the craft store to get some beads and colored stones," Usagi says.

"Usagi, nice!"


Usagi leaves the store grumbling. "So why did it have to be me...?"

She enters Mamoru's apartment. "I'm back! I brought some ice cream too."

She smiles as she sees Mamoru working with Chibi-Usa on the clay.


"Wow! Chibi-Usa! Look, look! It's great!"

"Yep, we finally finished it," says Mamoru.


They see her asleep on the floor. They smile.

Usagi puts her arms around Mamoru. "Mamo-chan... I'm sorry. For being like that with Haruka-san..."

"I believe you, Usa."

"When you were together with Michiru-san, I got really jealous. It was stupid."

"I was full of jealousy too," Mamoru says. "Jealous of that guy. But I'm sure there was a reason for it. He always looks at you in that way. I think those two have hard circumstances."

"Yeah," says Usagi. "Yeah, I guess, Mamo-chan."

"Haruka-san's painful sorrow spread..." she thinks. "I'm crying for no reason."

Mamoru holds her. "We don't need to wake Chibi-Usa up."


"If you want to stay here, that's okay."

He holds her and kisses her.

Chibi-Usa peeks out from under her blanket. "Looks like they've made up."

"Yep," says Diana. "Really."

"Wow! Mizuno Ami got full marks again! First place!"

"Lots of rain..." Ami says. "This season's depressing."

"It is!" says Usagi. "Midterm scholarship tests. They are depressing."

"Of course there are lots of tests," says Ami. "We're examinees."


"Say, why don't we go to the new prep school together?"

"Ami-chan, you're not required to go to places like that!"

"Would that be Infinity Prep School?" Makoto asks. "Ami-chan, all the tests they take are here." She hands Ami a book. "The prep school students always get first place. No matter how hard you try, you can't beat them."

The book ranking shows Ami second place, after another girl.

"'Bidou Yui,'" Ami says. "I'll go see her."

"If anyone can get full marks on this entrance exam," the Infinity Prep teacher says, "it's the genius girl Mizuno Ami-san. We are honored to have you come here."

"It's so hot..." Ami thinks.

"If you score within the top twelve, you can enter the school expense-free. So everyone is desperate."

"How do you do, Mizuno Ami-san," a girl says. "I'm Bidou Yui. I wonder if you'll be called the genius girl here. Infinity Prep is certainly good, but you're no match for the system of this school. Hey, Mizuno-san. Won't you come to the Infinity School too? Your poor subjects are only ones you like, and if you concentrate you can overcome them. This curriculum is unique from other schools. The surroundings are ideal. Mizuno-san, would you like to see what it's like in our school?"

"You're going to enter the Infinity School!?" Minako says. "It's an enemy trap!"

"It's okay," says Ami. "I won't be caught that easily."


"If anything happens, I'll contact you. Okay?"


"Bad rain clouds..." Ami thinks. "Like they're coming out from this building." She enters the Infinity building.

"You're the visiting student, Mizuno Ami-san, right? Junior high is on the 13th floor. Please go to the 9th grade science class."

Ami goes into the science room, where Yui is waiting. She stands next to a glass case with a black swirl of matter inside.

"You're here," Yui says. "Mizuno-san."

"What's that?"

"Isn't it pretty? This is a miniature replica of the cosmos. I made it for a science experiment. It's the Tau star system. Mizuno-san?"

"I feel like I'm being sucked in..." Ami thinks.

"We have many professional teachers here," says Yui, "for philosophy, drama, science, and physical education. Along with the course teachers, the excellent students like me follow the Infinity School doctrine. Excuse me, I have a lecture I can't miss. Please wait here." She leaves.

Ami looks at the case. "I wonder if that's a hologram," she thinks. "The Tau star system... I've never heard of it."

A camera mounted on the ceiling focuses on her.


Kaolinite looks at the image of Ami in the pool of water.

"I feel extraordinary power coming from the surface of the water," she says. "That power... Could it be... A carrier of a planet's protection? A sailor soldier!? She came by herself."

"Kaolinite. I am the leader of the science class, Bidou Yui. Leave it to me, Viluy. It was clear from the beginning that the level 40 Mimete and the level 78 Eudial would fail. By my system, the level 202 Viluy, I will obtain the souls of the sailor soldiers. The master will certainly be pleased."

"The souls of the sailor soldiers..." says Kaolinite. "It must have such strong energy."

She gasps as the image in the pool vanishes.


The camera lens is shattered as Ami throws a pen into it. She runs out into the hallway. A sign by a stairway reads, "Underground Laboratory. No entry."

Ami rushes down the stairs.

"Haruka!" Michiru calls, as she sees Ami running.

Ami opens the door that reads, "No entry."

Eyes shine in cages all around the room.

"An animal research lab!?" she says. "Another door!?" She reads the sign on the second door. "Danger!?"

She looks through the window on the door. "I don't believe it! Those are... the monsters that attacked us!? Then this must be the enemies'..."

A hand grabs her shoulder.

"Going to class, Mizuno-san?" Viluy asks.

"Oh no!"

Other students surround her.

"In this class, I will take your soul. We'll start the utilization."

"What!?" Ami thinks. "What's she talking about!?"

"We're also interested in that utilization," Haruka says.

"Haruka-san!? Michiru-san!?"

"Seize them!" Viluy says to the students. "Take all three of them to my class!"

They're dragged upstairs to the science classroom.

"The operation has just begun!" Viluy says. "The nanorobots in my program will go forth from human bodies into their souls. Through my system, I will sacrifice the souls to our master Pharaoh 90! I will sacrifice the empty bodies as vessels to our compatriots! It will be glorious!"

Ami knocks the students around her away. She opens her communicator. "Usagi! Everyone!"


"The Infinity School's like we thought! The enemies! The Death Busters are manipulating it!" She jumps out the window.

"You fool!" Viluy says. "This is the 13th floor!"

"Mercury Planet Power! Make Up!!"

Ami lands in the swimming pool outside.

Haruka and Michiru jump out after her.

"Don't let them escape!" Viluy says. "Go after them!"

"What's the big commotion!?" Kaolinite says.


"Don't let the valuable vessels escape!" she says. "The sailor soldiers are together! Get them!"

Haruka and Michiru hide in a tree.

"We can't stay at the school anymore," Haruka says.

"You're right," says Michiru.

Viluy jumps to the ground. "Where are they!? Find them!"

"You're doing needless things!" Ami says. "I am the soldier of knowledge, and I carry the protection of the planet of water, Mercury. I am Sailor Mercury!"

"So the genius girl's real identity is you, Sailor Mercury!" Viluy says. "I am your match, Viluy, level 202!"

"Mercury Aqua Mirage!"

Viluy blocks the attack. "Mosaic Buster!"

Ami gasps. "My body's..."

"Heh heh. Does it hurt? The nanomachines extracted from my program cut into your body and dissolve it! All that will be left is the soul of your beautiful spirit!"

"My body won't move...!" Ami thinks. "No..."

"Now, to our master!" Viluy says. "Sacrifice the strong, beautiful soul of the sailor soldier! Ahahaha!"

"Mercury!" Usagi calls. The other three soldiers follow behind her.

"Daimon!" says Viluy. "Go!"

"Neo-Queen Selenity! Send your strength to our heart moon rod!" Usagi stops as she sees two figures before her. "Haruka-san!? Michiru-san!?"

"Uranus Planet Power!"

"Neptune Planet Power!"

"Make Up!!"

"Sailor Uranus!?" Usagi says. "Neptune!?"

"Our demonic talisman!" says Uranus. "Show thy power and protect us! Space Sword!"

A transparent sword materializes in her hands, and she slices through Viluy.

Ami falls to the ground.


"Sailor Uranus's space sword!?" Rei thinks. "Is that... the second talisman!?"

Uranus and Neptune run away in a gust of wind.

"Wait!" Usagi calls. "Uranus! Neptune! They came to save us...?"

Motoki stops by KO University.

[KO University is the fictional equivalent of Keio University, one of the most prestigious private colleges in Japan.]

"Reika-san!" he says. "You said you wanted to go get a drink together today."

"I'm sorry, Furuhata-kun," says Reika. "I have to do a mineralogy study." She leaves him and goes inside the science department. "Oh, somebody's using that worn out office. Are you an assistant?"

"No, I'm a student. Of the faculty of science. I'm helping out at this office."

"I'm studying science too," Reika says. "I sometimes do mineralogy studies next door. I'm a sophomore, Nishimura Reika. Nice to meet you."

"I'm a freshman in science," says the woman with dark skin and long dark hair. "I study basic physics, with a major in theoretical physics. I'm Meiou Setsuna. Nice to meet you."

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