Act 26 - Infinity 3: Two New Soldiers

Originally appeared in Nakayoshi, May 1994.
Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.0, 8.96.

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The woman with short blond hair and a sailor suit runs away into the woods.

"Wait!" Usagi calls. She runs after her.

"Usagi!" calls Minako.

Usagi runs through the forest. "She's so fast! Like the wind. I can't catch up!" She stops as she reaches a clearing. "I lost her!? Oh no!"

"I figured you wouldn't catch me," the woman says, sitting in a tree.

Usagi looks up at her. "You're..."

The woman jumps down. "Odango-chan. Don't disturb us. Fighting together would be dangerous."

She holds Usagi's chin and kisses her on the lips.

A bright light flashes.

"Sailor Moon!" Minako calls. She and the others run up, and see Usagi sitting alone on the ground.

"That person..." Usagi thinks. "It can't be... a sailor soldier!?"

"You came in contact with a sailor soldier!?" Luna says.

"So!?" Artemis says. "What was the soldier's name!?"

"She didn't say..." says Usagi.

"Anything else!?"

"She said... not to disturb them..."


Usagi remembers the kiss.

"That's all," she says.

"Her face?" Ami asks. "Did you see it?"

"It was dark," says Usagi. "I couldn't see it well."

"I don't believe it," says Rei. "Could these really be other sailor soldiers?"

"If they are," Ami says, "why are they acting separately from the rest of us?"

"We still don't know they actually are sailor soldiers," says Minako. "We should catch them, and reveal their true identities."

Usagi looks at a racing magazine as she lies in bed.

"Ten'ou Haruka... Haruka-san... He looks like..."

"Odango-chan," said the blond sailor soldier.

"Odango," said Haruka.

Usagi drifts off to sleep.

"Hey odango," Haruka says.

"Huh?" says Usagi.

He bends down and kisses her deeply. As he pulls back, Usagi sees the face of the woman in his place.

"Who are you?" Usagi asks. "The sailor soldier from before...!?"

The woman jumps away.

"Wait! Why do you always run!? Tell me why!"

"The time has not yet come," the woman says. "Our mission is to get..."


"The talismans..."

The voice of the woman echoes in the minds of the five soldiers, and Mamoru.

"Unless we gather the three talismans, for the god of ruin..."

They all wake up suddenly.

"That dream...!" Mamoru thinks.

"The talismans!?" the girls think.

"An ominous dream..." thinks Rei. "I feel a sense of foreboding... They must not gather the talismans!"

"Morning, Usa," Mamoru says. "You're late."

Usagi looks down. "M- Morning," she says.

She remembers the kiss. "I can't even show him my face..." she thinks. She looks at posters on the wall. "Kaiou Michiru!? She's an amazing violinist. Mamo-chan... Is he concerned about Michiru-san?"

Usagi walks down the street after school. "Oh, school was so hard today... I just want to go play a video game." As she approaches the Crown Game Center, she sees Haruka. "Oh!"

"Since your friends told me not to go near you," he says, "I no longer intend to come here. But, I wanted to see you."

"Why is my heart beating so hard?" Usagi thinks. "It's because of that dream I had. It's weird. This person... He looks like a man... and a woman..."

"I haven't told you my name yet," he says.

"I know it," says Usagi. "Ten'ou Haruka-san. You're famous. You and Michiru both."

"If you hear Michiru play once, you'll love it. She makes the music come alive with her instrument. She's a magician. If you're interested, would you like to go hear her?" He holds out some tickets. "Tell me your name, odango."

"Tsukino Usagi..."

"I want to know..." Usagi thinks. "About these people. Is that what Mamo-chan was thinking? I want to know about this person."

"Usagi?" Haruka says. "That's cute."

A strong wind blows.

"Haruka-san!?" Usagi says. Haruka is gone. "A person like the wind... Ten'ou Haruka-san..."

Mamoru watches her from around a corner.

"'The Infinity Commemorative Dome has finally been completed on the Infinity School campus,'" Luna reads from the newspaper. "'It's the largest hall in all of Japan. A hotel is also scheduled to be built in the area. It will be constructed soon in the center of the Infinity zone reclaimed from Tokyo Bay.'"

"Sorry I'm late!" Usagi calls as she enters the game center.

"Hey there, Usagi-chan," Motoki says.

A crowd is gathered in front of concert posters on the wall.

"Only Infinity School students can get in!? That's not fair! I want to go!"

"Hanyu Mimi is having a concert just for Infinity School students!?"

"Oh, man! Maybe I'll transfer to Infinity so I can get in."

"What's wrong, Mina-chan?" Usagi asks.

"Usagi!" says Minako. "The Hanyu Mimi concert is the formal opening of the Infinity School Commemorative Dome."

"Hanyu Mimi?"

"She's got lots of commercials and TV spots. Hanyu Mimi's the most popular idol right now! She has an amazing voice. I really want to go to the concert!"

"Jeez, don't be so star crazy," says Artemis. "You really like them, Mina."

"What!" Minako says. "If we sneak into the concert, we can do scouting too. We'll kill two birds with one stone."

Mamoru quietly enters the game center.

"Look at the other poster," Luna says. "It seems the violinist Kaiou Michiru is having a concert too. It's also at the Infinity School Commemorative Dome."

"Why don't we go..." Usagi says.

"Huh!?" Minako says. "To Hanyu Mimi's concert!?"

"To Kaiou Michiru's concert," says Usagi.

"You have tickets?"

"Yeah, someone gave them to me. I have one for everyone."

Mamoru looks over at her.

"I like her violin," says Ami.

"I wonder if it'll be all right," says Rei.

"We can all see what's going on there," says Makoto.

Mamoru looks down at the concert tickets in his hand.

"I'll give you two, so you can take someone," Michiru said.

"Kaiou Michiru and Hanyu Mimi's concerts are on the same day," says Luna. "Hmm."

"And they're both in the hall of the Infinity Commemorative Dome," says Artemis.

"That's strange," says Diana. "I think we should go to Hanyu Mimi's concert too."

Kaolinite stares at the image of Sailor Moon in the pool of water.

"She killed Eudial of the Witches 5 so easily. She's strong. The fierce power of that light... It's close to the power of the Taioron Crystal. I want it. But the fortune of the reflecting pool before me... The three talismans that will lead to our ruin... If I can uncover their true forms... Then I can obtain and destroy them."

The image of a woman appears in the pool. "Kaolinite," she says.

"You had better not fail like Eudial."

"I am Mimete, of the Witches 5. Entrust the job to me. I'm the entertainment instructor at the Infinity School, as the popular idol, Hanyu Mimi. With my angelic singing voice, I will find the souls for Master Pharaoh 90."

The poster for Michiru's concert appears.

"What's this?" Kaolinite asks.

"So we can gather more sacrifices for the Death Busters," Mimete says. "Using this world-famous violinist, we can lure people to the Infinity School. And then, we can use her as our vessel..."

"Perhaps. But don't act too hastily, or you will make mistakes. No matter what, we must make the Omega Area into the second Tau star system. We will not fail before we complete the preparation for Master Pharaoh 90. The sailor soldiers will certainly come to stop us again. And when they do, eliminate them."

"Chibi-Usa-chan!" Momoko calls. "I got the photos from when we went to Infinity C Park!"

She shows them to her.

"Ohh, look at my face," Chibi-Usa says. "That was fun."

"But you left in the middle," Momoko says. "That was surprising."

"Yeah..." Chibi-Usa thinks. "I wonder how Hotaru-chan's doing."

Chibi-Usa rummages through drawers at home. "I borrowed that handkerchief. Ikuko-mama washed it, but she couldn't get the blood stain out..."

Chibi-Usa walks by the Infinity School, carrying a new handkerchief.

"I think it was in back of the park..." she says. She approaches the Tomoe Research Labs. The entrance gate is locked. "A gate... Maybe nobody's in there. I guess Hotaru-chan isn't back from school yet. Oh! Hotaru-chan!"

Hotaru looks up at her.

"Hey, I came to return your handkerchief. Thanks for before. I couldn't get the blood out of the handkerchief, so this is a new one."

"You came all the way here... just for that?" Hotaru says. "Dad and Kaoli-san will still be at the labs now..." she thinks. "Come with me," she says.

They enter Hotaru's place. Chibi-Usa looks around. "There's lamps everywhere," she says. "Your room's romantic."

"I like dark places," Hotaru says.

"Do you like your clothes dark too?" Chibi-Usa asks. "You just changed into black tights."

"From an accident long ago, I have many wounds..."

"Hey, Hotaru-chan," Chibi-Usa says. "Your home is a research lab, right? What are you researching?"

Hotaru drops to the ground, coughing.


"I always have these fits... Medicine... My amulet..."


"Get me the amulet on the table..."

Hotaru holds it to her chest as she coughs. "You should go now... Don't come near me..."

"Hotaru-chan? Are you okay?"

Chibi-Usa opens her brooch, and takes out the Mystical Silver Crystal. "Hotaru-chan," she says. "Close your eyes. This time I'll help you."

"The pain is gone..." Hotaru says. "It's warm... Like I'm being filled with power..." She opens her eyes. "Is that your amulet?"


"That's what a charm that protects you with wondrous power is called."

"Yeah," Chibi-Usa says. "This is my precious charm. But not just for me, it can protect you too."

"I... haven't even asked your name."

"I'm Tsukino Usagi. Everyone calls me Chibi-Usa."

"Chibi-Usa-chan," Hotaru says. "I won't tell anyone. About your amulet, or Sailor Chibi-Moon. I've made mistakes. The monster that attacked you... I think it was probably an experimental creature escaped from my dad's research lab. My dad's eccentric. He's doing gruesome research. But please don't tell anyone. He's not evil. He came to save me from that accident long ago."

"I won't say anything, I promise," Chibi-Usa says. "It's our secret."

She leaves Hotaru's place. "Our secret..." she thinks. "An amulet... It's pitch-dark out. Maybe I should phone Usagi or Mamo-chan. How am I going to get home..."

A helicopter hovers over her. The door opens, and a woman with short blond hair calls out. "Chibi-Usa-chan," she says. "If you're going to Usagi-chan's place, we'll give you a lift."

"Who are you?" Chibi-Usa says. "Usagi's friends!?"

"You might not know us," the woman says, "but we know her well."

Chibi-Usa gets in. "Wow! This is my first time riding a helicopter!"

"So you're good friends with Hotaru-chan," says the green-haired woman. "What did you talk about?"

"It's a secret!"

The two women groan.

"... We talked about amulets."


"That's what a charm that protects you with wondrous power is called. Me and Hotaru-chan both have one. How about you?"

"I guess my mirror is my charm," says the green-haired woman, looking into it.

"Then that's an amulet."

"My hand mirror isn't that wonderful. This is called a talisman."


"We're at your home, Chibi-Usa-chan."

Usagi and her mom look out the window. "What's that?" her mom says. "That noise is loud!"

Chibi-Usa gets out of the helicopter.

"Chibi-Usa-chan. Our meeting today, and what we talked about, is a secret."

"Chibi-Usa!?" Usagi calls.

"Usagi!" Chibi-Usa says. "I went to see Hotaru-chan! These women said they know you."

"Good night, odango-chan," the blond woman says.

The helicopter takes off and flies away.

"What did you talk about!?" Usagi says.

"Just about Hotaru-chan," says Chibi-Usa.



"Those two...!?" Usagi thinks.

Chibi-Usa looks at the poster of Kaiou Michiru in the Infinity Commemorative Dome.

"It's that woman from the helicopter!" she thinks. "It has to be! She's a violinist."

"Chibi-Usa," Mamoru says.

"Yes!" she says.

"Huh!?" says Makoto. "Chibi-Usa!? Mamo-chan!?"

"Hey!" Chibi-Usa says. "You're all here too!"

"Mamo-chan...!" Usagi says.


"You didn't tell me you were coming to the concert with Chibi-Usa."

"Michiru-san gave me two tickets... I would have asked you, Usa, but you said you had tickets."

Usagi grimaces. "'Michiru'-san!" she thinks. "'Usa'!"

"What's the matter with you?" asks Rei.

"Never mind!"

"It's starting," says Ami.

They take their seats as Michiru plays her violin on-stage.

"Whirling currents..." Usagi thinks. "Washing away my troubles... It's like I'm actually near the sea."

"Her performance is breathtaking."

"I hear her violin is a five hundred million yen Stradivari named after the temple of the sea, the Marine Cathedral."

"Haruka-san..." Usagi thinks. "He's standing over in the corner..."

Minako peeks around a corner at the Hanyu Mimi concert. "I followed Usagi so I could get over here, but now I have to get inside." She takes out a crescent moon-shaped compact. "The compact from when I was V-chan! Moon Power! Change me into an Infinity School student!"

She appears in an Infinity uniform, and she runs inside. "Hehehe! Success!"


"Thank you!" Mimi calls from the stage. "Today I'm singing for everyone at my favorite school! I'm so happy! I love Infinity, and all of you. I'll do anything for the school. I will even sacrifice my body. Will you?"

The crowd cheers.

"Then close your eyes, and relax. Listen quietly to the music I've made for you."

"What!?" Minako thinks. "I'm suddenly sleepy. My body won't move..."

"Devote your mind, body, and soul to me, and our master Pharaoh 90."

Minako struggles to move. "Hanyu Mimi... is an enemy!"

A man runs up to her. "Where are you going!?"

"Err... To the bathroom..."

"You're not supposed to leave your seat during the concert!"

She kicks him away. "Venus Planet Power! Make Up!!"

She runs into the concert hall. "Your lovely image and melodious voice are the embodiment of an ugly evil! Everyone! Don't be fooled!"

"Who's there!?"

"I am the soldier of love, and I carry the protection of the planet of beauty, Venus. I am Sailor Venus!"


Michiru and Haruka's heads jerk up.

The curtain is lowered before the stage.

"What!? What's happening!? Is it over already?"

"Michiru-san left!" says Usagi. "She looked odd."

The communicator on her wrist opens. "Usagi!"


"The idol Hanyu Mimi is an enemy! Come here!"


"Everyone!" Minako calls. "Wake up! If I act now, there should still be time. Venus Love-Me Chain!"

As the people in the crowd come to their senses, Minako switches off the lights.

"Get out of here! Hurry!"

"Sailor Venus! Level 40! I am your match, Mimete! Charm Buster!"

"Venus Wink-Chain Sword!"

Mimete is knocked to the ground.

"Venus!" Usagi calls.


"Damn!" Mimete says. "Kaolinite! Send me power with the help of a daimon!"

"Miserable wretch..." Kaolinite mutters. "The valuable eggs have been planted in the vessels. Hmph. Regrettable, but I will call on the failed daimons. Awaken! Daimon Power!"

Three students collapse as monsters erupt from them.


"Devour them, daimons!" Mimete calls.

Usagi takes out the heart moon rod. "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

Two of the daimons are destroyed.

The remaining one charges at Mamoru and Chibi-Usa.

"Tuxedo Kamen! Sailor Chibi-Moon!"

The daimon looms over them.

"Deep Submerge!"

The daimon explodes.

"Damnit!" Mimete says.

"World Shaking!"

Mimete vanishes in a flash of light.

Everyone turns to look at the two women in sailor suits.

"Who are you!?" Usagi says.

"I am the soldier of the deep waters, and I carry the protection of the planet of the sea, Neptune," says the green-haired woman. "I am Sailor Neptune."

"And I am the soldier of the sky, and I carry the protection of the planet of the wind, Uranus," says the blond woman. "I am Sailor Uranus!"

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