Usagi and Mamoru stare at the masked man wearing a suit and cape.

"A lavender suit... The color of evening... Tuxedo Kamen!?"

Act 19 - Crystal Tokyo / King Endymion

Originally appeared in Nakayoshi, September 1993.
Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.01, 6.96.

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Usagi gasps. "Tuxedo Kamen!?"

Chibi-Usa steps forward. "Dad...!?" She runs to the man, and passes through him.

"'Dad'!?" thinks Usagi.

"She went right through him!?" says Minako.

"Dad!?" calls Chibi-Usa. "Your body..."

"You're safe," the man says. "Your journey to the past was dangerous, but your judgment was fit for a princess, Small Lady."


He turns to the others. "I'm glad you've come to the future in Crystal Tokyo to visit our palace. There's been a terrible battle. I wouldn't want you to see this future. I wanted to meet you, but... this body..." He turns around and starts to walk around the room. "It's possible there was a misunderstanding with the enemies, so I was surprised when it happened."

He passes by a mirror in the wall. His image doesn't show on it.

"That man..." thinks Usagi. "There's no reflection in the mirror..." She looks at the floor below him. "No shadow, either!?"

"This form isn't solid," he says. "My real body is asleep in a separate room. This spirit is sent out from it. I am King Endymion."

Mamoru's eyes widen. "King... Endymion!?"

"Don't look so shocked," the man says. "That's right. I am your future self, Tuxedo Kamen."

"The future Tuxedo Kamen!?" thinks Usagi.

"Come on, Small Lady," says the king. "Have you properly introduced yourself?"

Chibi-Usa curtsies. "Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are in good health. My name is Usagi Small-Lady Selenity. I am the daughter of Neo-Queen Selenity and King Endymion, the first princess of the Silver Millennium. It is a pleasure to meet you all."

"Good job," says King Endymion. "Being able to do a polite introduction is the first step to becoming a queen-like lady."

"Small Lady," the gray kitten calls.

Chibi-Usa picks her up. "Diana?"

"The king has been watching over you in that form. Really."

"Daughter..." says Usagi.

"Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen," the king says. "This child is your daughter."

Usagi and Mamoru stare at her, bewildered.

"Chibi-Usa's... my daughter!?" Usagi thinks. "And Mamo-chan's!?"

"Chibi-Usa's their daughter!?" says Minako. "Then, Neo-Queen Selenity would be..."

"Right," the king says. "The queen of the Silver Millennium, and now the queen of Crystal Tokyo... Neo-Queen Selenity is your future self, Sailor Moon."

Usagi walks up to the crystal and stone tomb holding the queen.

"Myself... In the 30th century..."

"Is that the Mystical Silver Crystal encasing the queen?" asks Luna. "Why is she like that? King, what happened to her? Is she sleeping? Or... is she..."

"I don't know..." he says. "If she's alive, or dead..."

"The queen was leaving the palace," says Diana. "She was in a big hurry..."

"In one moment..." says the king. "One blast... Then a huge explosion. A sudden attack. Everything was blown away... With the Mystical Silver Crystal, we left the Crystal Palace. Afterwards, the land was still with the air of death. To protect the princess, she was closed in crystal. But near her were her four guardian soldiers. Sailor Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus. They and I... We took a direct hit, and were defeated... We closed the palace down after that, but they used poison gas. One after another, people started dying from it..."

Chibi-Usa shudders as he describes it.

"My daughter Chibi-Usa and Diana were the only ones who weren't affected, so they were saved. I had often told her stories of when the queen was Sailor Moon. The strongest soldier of legend, Sailor Moon. Then it occurred to me to send her to the past to get help. Since Diana couldn't leave the side of Luna and Artemis, she stayed here."

"Diana?" asks Luna.

"Luna, Artemis," the kitten says. "How do you do. I am your daughter, Diana."

"Our child!?"

Diana smiles. "Meow."

"Why aren't you growing old?" Minako asks the king. "How are you keeping your bodies from changing?"

"The lifespan of people in the Silver Millennium is about one thousand years. After adulthood is reached, the aging process is stopped. When Selenity was 22, she ascended to the throne and gave birth to the first princess. After that, she maintained the same figure. It's all because of the power of the Mystical Silver Crystal. I have also become a member of the Silver Millennium, and so have the same longevity. Crystal Tokyo, like the Silver Millennium, entered the age of long life when we ascended to the throne in the 21st century. Now most of the people on Earth enjoy long lives from the power of the crystal. We lived on Earth in peace. That is, for a time. Now Crystal Tokyo is in ruin. Only the Mystical Silver Crystal can save the world. But Neo-Queen Selenity is the only one who can use it, and she won't wake up. So there's nothing we can do..."

He turns and starts to walk away.

"King!" calls Minako. "Was it the Black Moon who did all this!? Who are they? Where are they now!? And what on earth is that black megalith?"

"Follow me."

He leads them to an operations room, with a bank of keypads and readouts below a huge monitor that reaches to the ceiling. He hits a button.

The monitor displays a view of space, focusing on a glowing black planet.

"What is that...?"

"Nemesis," the king says. "The tenth planet of the solar system."

"Tenth planet!?"

"We weren't able to calculate it's orbit, so we weren't sure of its existence. The mystical planet of darkness..."

"Planet of darkness..." thinks Usagi.

"From the area we estimate it's located, we've discovered a huge amount of negative energy being released. Because of that, we are certain it's there. For centuries before that, they sent criminals there in place of capital punishment. After a while, they stopped and left the planet alone. Then, Nemesis turned its eyes toward our huge energy. So we began to investigate the planet once again. We found that it had been taken over by the Black Moon."

"The Black Moon..."

"They are the descendants of traitors," says Diana. "Their warlike group rejects our society. They provoke disputes and slaughter their enemies. They built their headquarters on the planet of darkness, and then they came to attack Earth."

"Their real goal," says King Endymion, "is probably to defeat us, steal the Mystical Silver Crystal, and take this planet for their own."

Luna remembers the black monument they saw on their way to the palace. "Releasing negative energy... Artemis! That monument is the Evil Black Crystal!"

"The Evil Black Crystal!?" the king asks.

"The Black Moon used it as the source of their energy when they attacked," she says. "It carries negative power." She remembers the black earrings. "Even small stones of it have considerable strength. King! The Black Moon came right after Small Lady, looking for the Mystical Silver Crystal. Using their crystal, they're beginning to invade the earth of the past too. So is it in danger as well...?"

"Invading the past!?" says the king. "If that's true, this is very serious indeed. They're using the time warp...!"

Usagi holds her head and leans over.


"I'm okay," she says. "It's strange... My head's spinning..."

Minako gasps as she sees one of Usagi's legs through the other. "Your legs!"

Usagi holds her hands in front of her face. "I'm transparent!? What's happening!?"

"Oh no!" says the king. "You have to hurry and get back to the past! There can't be two of one person in the same place and time. And since you're here, it's causing a space-time distortion. You've already been here for a while, so the effect is showing up. I'm sorry I've kept you here so long."

"No," Usagi says. "We came because of our own reasons, King. We have to save Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter..."

"They've probably been taken to Nemesis..." says the king.


"We can work together to rescue them. That will give us a better chance of success. I want to give you my strength. Come back here again."

"Of course!" says Minako. "We'll be back, King."

"Small Lady," King Endymion says. "I cannot stay by your side and protect you. Can you take care of yourself and help them?"


"King," says Mamoru. "Leave Small Lady's life with me. I'll protect her."

The words ring in Usagi's ears.

"Leave Small Lady's life with me. I'll protect her."

"This feels so amazing," says the king. "My self of long ago right here, talking with me. Anyway, let's hurry to the space-time door. It can be opened from inside the palace."

"King..." Minako says. "About Sailor Pluto... We didn't know she existed. If she's the same kind of sailor soldier, why didn't we?"

"Sailor Pluto's mission and situation are entirely different from that of Princess Selenity's four guardian soldiers. She carries the blood of the god in charge of time, Cronos. She lives between time, the solitary guardian of the door of the underworld. Time is the last inviolable territory. Since ages ago, the space-time door has been off-limits, and Sailor Pluto was the one who enforced that."

"King Endymion!?"

"Pluto," he says. "Ordinarily, this door is not to be opened, but this is an emergency situation." He holds out his hand. "The key."

"Yes," says Sailor Pluto. She takes one of several keys off the loose belt around her waist, and gives it to the king.

He places it in the hands of Usagi. "This is the space-time key. Wherever you are, you can use it to return here to Sailor Pluto. Wish on this key, and the warp will open. Sailor Moon, Venus. Sailor Pluto has had a longer life than anyone. She has lived through every era, so she has extremely wise judgment. Do take advantage of it."

"Okay," says Usagi. "Nice to meet you, Pluto." They shake hands.

The king leaves. "Be careful."

Pluto kneels to him as he goes.

Usagi uses the key. Their surroundings disappear in a burst of light, and they fall to the ground.

Minako looks around. "Oh man! Ichinohashi Park! We made it back safely!"

"V-chan... You're heavy!"

She looks down and sees that she landed on top of everyone else. She jumps up. "Oh!! Are you okay!? Sorry! Hold on to me, Usagi."

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Anyway, I think we should take a break."

Mamoru bends down. "Are you all right, Chibi-Usa?"

Usagi looks over at him.

"Usako, I'm responsible for her."

"What? Aren't you going to take me home? Chibi-Usa again... Since you promised to watch out for her?"


"After everything, Mamo-chan... More than Mars, Mercury, Jupiter... and the future... More than me... You care about Chibi-Usa!?"

"Usako!" he calls.

"Well that's fine with me!" yells Usagi. She turns and runs off.

"Usagi!?" calls Minako.

Usagi lies on her bed, her eyes wet. "I'm jealous of Chibi-Usa..." she thinks. "It's so stupid... She's our kid. It's natural that he would think she's important. Still... Why can't we take care of her together? Oh, Mamo-chan..."


Mamoru stares out the window, deep in thought.

Chibi-Usa watches him from her bed. She looks down and turns over. "Dad..."


"Ohh... Those two..." Minako gazes up at the stars, next to Luna and Artemis. "I wonder if things will turn out all right... Really..." She looks at the moon. "Nemesis... We can save our friends... I know it..."

Mamoru sits up, holding his head. "I slept on the couch...?"

He gets up and goes to the bedroom, which is empty. "Chibi-Usa?"


"She's gone!?" says Minako.


"She hasn't been here, either," says Usagi.

"I see..." says Mamoru.

"Then where the hell is she!?" Minako says.

"Dad..." she said.

"Maybe..." says Mamoru, "Maybe she's gone back to the future."

Sailor Pluto sees Chibi-Usa walking toward her, with Luna-P. "Small Lady!? What happened!? Where are Sailor Moon and Venus!? Coming back by yourself could be dangerous!"

"I'm okay," Chibi-Usa says. "I've been by myself up until now. Can I just stay with you? You said you were my friend."

"Yes, you're a good girl. I love you, Chibi-Usa."

"Hmph..." she thinks. "I'm not good at all..."


Chibi-Usa walks through the hall of the palace. She looks at a crystal coffin. In it lies the body of King Endymion. "Dad?"

She passes four others, holding the four sailor soldiers.

She leans over as she walks by Luna, Artemis, and Diana. She softly strokes Diana's fur.

"Diana... You're thinking of your parents..."

She slowly approaches the center, where, in a large crystalline casing, the body of Neo-Queen Selenity lies.

"Mom... Mom, please. Open your eyes."

She presses her hands against the holding. "What can I do? How can I get you to wake up? Mom..."

She clasps her hands together as she sits down in front of it.

The spirit of King Endymion watches her.

Prince Demand clicks the button on his keypad. The generated image of Neo-Queen Selenity appears in the air. He stares up at it.

Esmeraude watches him from around a wall.

Rubeus grabs her around the neck. "You shouldn't be spying, Esmeraude. I wonder what you're doing wasting your time here."

Demand hears him and turns around.

"Shouldn't you be planning how to do your job?" Rubeus asks her. "You won't get a second chance."

"That's true for you too," she says. "Prince Demand! Give me one more chance! I still have a trick up my sleeve. This time I'll do it!
"Code: EX, Operation: Relax. I will get them for the Wiseman. They've lined up at the Crystal Palace. The soldier of legend, Sailor Moon, the Rabbit, and the Mystical Silver Crystal. I will present them all to you, Prince."

Chibi-Usa wipes a tear from her eye as she leaves the Crystal Palace.

Esmeraude appears in the air above her. "Well, well. Seems you're defenseless. What happened to your attendant? You came out of the castle all by yourself..."

Chibi-Usa feels two hands wrap around her neck from behind. The Luna-P ball beeps.

King Endymion runs out. "Small Lady!?"

Esmeraude laughs as the hands choke the girl. They raise her into the air. "Well, Rabbit. You have the blood of the Silver Millennium, of Neo-Queen Selenity. Show me your power."

Chibi-Usa tries to breathe.

"You have the blood of the Silver Millennium, of Neo-Queen Selenity. ...your power..."

"Power..." she thinks. "I have power..."

"Chibi-Usa!!" calls Usagi. She rushes toward her, followed by Minako and Mamoru.

"Venus Love-Me Chain!"

The chain slices through the hands, freeing Chibi-Usa. She falls into the arms of Mamoru.

Usagi glances at them before looking up and seeing Esmeraude throw down one of her black earrings.

"Watch out!" calls the king. "Get out of the way!"

They drop to the ground as the earring strikes and explodes.

"That power!" says Luna. "The Evil Black Crystal!"

Usagi gets up and holds out the moon rod. "Moon Princess Halation!"

She looks at the rod in horror as it glows dully. "The halation didn't happen!? Again!?"

Six more hands reach out from Esmeraude, grabbing onto the necks of Usagi, Minako, and Mamoru and strangling them.

"It hurts..." thinks Usagi. "The strength's leaving my body... I'm losing my power..."

The spirit of King Endymion stands behind Mamoru. "Tuxedo Kamen!! Now! I'll help you!"

Mamoru lunges forward. "Tuxedo... La Smoking Bomber!!"

Esmeraude screams as the attack tears into her body. She disappears in a flash of light.

Usagi drops to the ground. "What's happening!? Again, I couldn't use my rod. Why!? Why am I the only one who can't use my power!?"

"I think I might know..." says the king. "Can you really not use it? The same object can't exist in the same time. Since two Mystical Silver Crystals exist so close together... They're affecting each other. The power of the crystal is distorting. That could be the reason."

"...only the crystal of the past could do it," Chibi-Usa said.

"I can't use the power of my Mystical Silver Crystal in the future!?" says Usagi. "But... Then... If I can't use the power... I can't defeat the Black Moon! Or save the others!"

Demand appears in the air behind her. "They blew away Esmeraude..."

The Wiseman appears beside him. "But, I don't think it was done by the Mystical Silver Crystal."

Usagi turns around and looks at them.

"I hope you're pleased with your future, Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Kamen. In the 30th century, things will be very different."

"Black Moon!" yells Usagi. "What do you want!? What are you doing with this planet!? Where are our friends? Tell me!"

"It's..." thinks Demand. "Those eyes... From when... she was staring at me..."

The black moon mark on his forehead changes into a small diamond-shaped emblem.

Usagi gasps. "I can't move my body! I can't even move my eyes."

"Sailor Moon!" the king calls. "Don't look into his eyes!"

A beam of energy shoots from the emblem on Demand's forehead. Minako jumps to the side. Mamoru grabs Chibi-Usa and drops to the ground.

The blast strikes Usagi dead-on. Her body stays frozen as she slowly starts to fade away.

"Sailor Moon!?"

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