Act 17 - Black Moon Calaveras / Sailor Venus

Originally appeared in Nakayoshi, July 1993.
Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.01, 6.96.

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"Jupiter!!" yells Usagi as the craft flies away. It disappears. "Jupiter!!"

"Damnit!" says Artemis. He watches a blank radar screen in the command center. "It's gone! Again! Every time it shows up, we lose it. The Black Moon's saucer... There's no way we can follow it. Where did it come from!?"

Mamoru runs up with Luna. "Sailor Moon!" he calls. "Venus!"

Usagi cries into Minako's arms. "Jupiter!"

"Luna!" says Mamoru. "Look!" A black earring lies in a crater left in the ground.

Luna looks at it. "That's..."

"Watch this!" said Petz. "With my earring from the Evil Black Crystal, I have the power to call a tornado!"

"Petz was using that when she was fighting Jupiter... An earring!?"

"Don't get near it, Luna," says Mamoru. "It looks strange."

Steam seeps out of the ground around the earring. "Luna," says Artemis. "Take a sample of it."

"Okay, Artemis. Send over a special petri dish." A small, clear dish appears on the ground. Luna telekinetically moves the earring into it.

"Tuxedo Kamen!" calls Minako. "Luna! I'm sorry, I just got here when it happened. Now they have Jupiter, too..."

They gather underneath the Crown Game Center. "So far," says Artemis, "there have been UFO sightings in 23 of Tokyo's wards, totaling 200 cases. I have been monitoring them all from here. I think it was just one saucer that took Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter. And at the same time, these crop circles have been appearing here. They are most likely the landing sites of the saucer. The Black Moon is definitely using the saucer to come to Tokyo."

"They're sneaking in...!" said Rei.

"They're just pretending! They're enemies!" said Ami.

"If the Black Moon's using a saucer," says Minako, "could they be aliens?"

"That is a strong possibility," says Artemis.

"Are they after our planet?" says Minako. "Are they trying to kill us to do it!? We can't let them!"

"They're alive," says Mamoru. "Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter are alive. If they're trying to get rid of us, they should take us to that place."

"But then why are they doing it this way?" says Usagi. "Shouldn't they be after the Mystical Silver Crystal, and Chibi-Usa?"

"This is so bad..." says Minako. "It's like we're at their mercy. I can't stand this anymore. Maybe we can talk to Chibi-Usa, and get some information on the Black Moon. Then we'll find out whose side she's really on."


The two cats approach a glass case, which holds the petri dish and the earring. "Look, Artemis," says Luna. "This is the sample of the Evil Black Crystal we got." They watch a monitor. "The energy readout is gradually decreasing. Now it's at the lowest. What do you think?"

"I don't know..."

Usagi, Minako, and Mamoru walk to Usagi's house. Usagi touches her head.

"Usagi, are you okay?" asks Minako.

"Oh, yeah, it's nothing."

Chibi-Usa runs out of the house with a big smile on her face. "Hi everyone!"

They stare at her, surprised.

Usagi's mom comes outside. "Oh, Mina-chan, Mamoru-kun! I'm sorry. Chibi-Usa-chan's being so loud because she has a friend from school over."

"Hey, Usagi!" says Chibi-Usa. "This is Momo-chan! She cooks great!"

"She looks so happy since she's been going to school," says Mamoru.

"She can't be an enemy," says Luna.

He bends down. "Luna, maybe I should take the sample from the earring."

"Okay, Mamo-chan. Well, I'll be in the command center..."

Chibi-Usa's eyes widen, and she jumps back.


She screams.

"Chibi-Usa? What's wrong!?"


Mamoru holds the petri dish. "This earring..." he thinks.

"Don't come near me!" says Chibi-Usa.

"She's frightened of the earring from the Evil Black Crystal!?" he thinks.


"We must hurry up and deal with the sailor soldiers," says Safir. "Rubeus, we have already lost some valuable soldiers."

"I follow the wishes of the prince," says Rubeus.

"You're all so petty," says a woman in a dark dress.


"Oh..." she says. "You're scary."

"Safir," says Rubeus. "You're just impatient when everything doesn't go according to plan. You have to expect some... accidents. But, we have the dark star and the Evil Black Crystal. We have nothing to fear. Don't you enjoy having power?"

"The dark star was created... Nemesis... The Mystical Silver Crystal carries as much power as the Evil Black Crystal. The Evil Black Crystal carries infinite power. Using it, we can get everything!"

"We have the Evil Black Crystal," says Safir. "Why should we endanger ourselves going after the Mystical Silver Crystal? The terrible power... When you destroyed that planet... Prince Demand, now that dead planet is yours. You don't need to waste any more energy on it."

"We haven't yet seen how magnificent our strength is," says Demand. "And I haven't seen the corpse of that planet's ruler. But the planet will surely be ours." He turns around. "Wiseman."

The shrouded image of the Wiseman appears. "If we don't have the Mystical Silver Crystal," says the figure, "the power of the Evil Black Crystal won't become infinite. That putrid stone of the enemy, the Mystical Silver Crystal. The Rabbit will have it. Now is our best chance. The time to get rid of that fake stone forever is approaching. The Black Moon will take it. Then we will rule with the Evil Black Crystal."

"I'm going to my room," says Demand.

The other three remain. "The Wiseman..." says Rubeus. "Seems like a suspicious old man. He appeared before us unnoticed. He's a skilled talker, but he may be a false prophet. The prince is completely under his influence."

"The prince has been given unmatched evil power from the Wiseman," says Esmeraude. "Could that be the mark he has?" She pictures a small diamond shape on Demand's forehead.


A woman stares at the images of Kooan, Berthier, and Petz. "Sisters," she says. "I'm so sorry... Surely the enemies will do the same to me..."

"Were you connecting with their spirits...?" asks Rubeus as he walks up behind her. He reaches around her waist and kisses her bare shoulder. "I think you've been doing something bad."


"You've been torn apart, but I doubt the five soldiers have been mourning. I want that Sailor Moon to see the crumbled land. I want the planet to be ours soon."

"I am Calaveras, of the spirit medium. I shall accomplish your mission, Rubeus-sama.
"Code: 004, Operation: Rebirth. I will use the power of my sisters, and I'll send a strong message to mankind from the Black Moon. Then we will devote those bodies to us."

Chibi-Usa runs into Mamoru's arms. "Chibi-Usa?"

"Please, tell us what's wrong," says Minako. "Is that earring scaring you? Does it have some secret!?"

Chibi-Usa stares at the black earring sitting in a petri dish. "Because of that stone..." she says, " mom was..."

"Because of this stone?" Minako asks. "What happened to your mom?"

"Does it have anything to do with the Black Moon?" asks Usagi, alarmed. "Do they know something!? Tell us, Chibi-Usa!"

"I don't know!" shouts Chibi-Usa. "I don't know!" She cries in Mamoru's arms.

"If it's too hard," he says, "we'll stop."

"Mamo-chan?" thinks Usagi. She stares at them. "I have to be sure," she says. "Do you swear you're not an enemy?"

"It's not true! I'm not an enemy!"

"But..." Usagi says. "If you won't cooperate with us... I don't think I can work with you..."

Usagi looks ahead. She turns abruptly and runs away.

Usagi stares out a window in the hall at school.

Two girls walk past behind her. "Hey, have you heard about the black..."

Usagi whips her head around.

"...list of repeat criminals in the area?" the girl continues.

Usagi looks back out the window. "Whenever I hear someone say 'black,'" she thinks, "I go crazy. The Black Moon... Since Mako-chan, Ami-chan, and Rei-chan have been gone, my heart's been so weak..."

Naru watches Usagi sadly. She walks up and hugs her. "Usagi," she says. "Let's eat lunch in the audio-visual room. There's an interesting video playing."

"It's checked out at all the rental stores," says Umino. "It was really hard to find it."

"Thanks, Umino," Usagi says.

He puts the tape into the VCR and turns on the TV.

"What video is it?" asks Usagi.

"It's a video on channeling!" he says.


"It's really popular around the world now," says Naru.

"The channeler contacts 'somebody' from another dimension and space," Umino says, "and receives messages from them. The 'somebody' the medium channels can be a person from the past. Or maybe the messages come from outer space!"

An image appears on the television. Calaveras is sitting on a couch, her head bent down. "I'm getting a bad feeling from this..." thinks Usagi.

"I am the world-famous channeler, Miss Calaveras. I have entered into a trance state. Now I will begin the interview." She is quiet for a moment. "Who are you?" she asks.

Light starts to glow around her. "'I am Rubeus, of the Black Moon,'" she says. "'I have come from a great distance. I am very close to you. We are neither enemies nor invaders. We have come to guide you earthlings to the correct path.'"

"The Black Moon!?" gasps Usagi. "What is this? It can't be right! They are enemies!! What are they saying!?"

"Usagi-san," says Umino. "Are you all right? She's the transmitter of the message. The channeling source has no physical body."

Usagi turns and runs off. Naru watches her go. "Usagi... Whenever she hears 'Black Moon,' her face turns pale. Actually, the first time I saw her, I noticed something different about her. It's like she has so much on her mind. Oh, Usagi..."

Calaveras sits next to the host of the show 'Channeling Session.'

"The people of Earth are worried," he says. "They want your help. They don't want Earth to be taken over."

"Well..." says Calaveras. "Medicine and hospitals are no good. Only trust yourself. From now on, don't accept anyone's control. Earth belongs to mankind."

"Miss Calaveras," the host says. "Is there a real possibility of an alien invasion?"

"Yes," she says. "I can channel well. The ones from the Black Moon are coming. If some misfortune befalls the ones from the white moon, I will see it. The unhappy future of Earth was defeated on the white moon."


Artemis watches the television with Minako. "'The white moon...'" he says. "This... This looks like it could be brainwashing people. Or maybe she's telling the truth..."

"The truth!?" says Minako. "How would she know anything about the future!? And that the aliens are going to come invade Earth!?"

The host of the show continues. "Is your channeling session open to the public?"

"Yes," Calaveras says. "It's this weekend in the city. I hope everyone comes."

"It might be a trap," says Artemis.

"This is a declaration of war to us!" says Minako. "We can't ignore it!"

Kotono watches the broadcast. "The Black Moon... Hino-san...!"


"That was Miss Calaveras!" the host says.

Asanuma stares at the screen. "The Black Moon... They're the ones that took Makoto-san..."

"Our destiny is to fight the enemies," she said.


Mamoru turns off the TV. He stands up and walks to a glass case on a table. Inside are four worn-out stones. He opens the lid and sits back in a chair. He closes his eyes. Energy begins to flow around him, glowing. The stones rise into the air, and his four lords appear, bowing to him.


"Kunzite," says Mamoru. "Jadeite, Nephrite... Zoisite... I've had a foreboding premonition. I was thinking about our new enemies. They've been moving fast. We got this from them." He holds up the container holding Petz's dropped earring. "I can feel a space-time distortion coming from this stone. What's causing it...? I don't know. Smells like trouble."

"Master," Kunzite says. "We will support your power. And with your power, protect her. The princess."

"My power...? I have no power... That's how I feel sometimes. Why was I reborn here? Protecting her... That's what the four soldiers are for. But they need me to do it. I'm powerless. I can't protect her. I don't know what's happened to me."

"Master... We believe in you. In your strength. You were reincarnated. The princess will become queen, and you will become king. That is the path you have begun. Don't forget that. You must not lose your confidence. The princess depends on you."

Chibi-Usa peers through the doorway. Usagi is asleep in bed. She sees Usagi's school uniform hanging in the closet. She notices the brooch attached to the bow of the suit.


Usagi groggily opens her eyes. "Wh- who's there...?"

The room is empty. She looks over and sees the bow on her school clothes untied, the brooch missing. She sits up. "My transformation brooch!? It's gone!?"

A large audience gathers at the public channeling session. Calaveras leans back in her chair on stage, her eyes closed. "Now Earth is entering into the Age of Aquarius," she says. "It is the beginning of the cosmic millennium. It will be an era of change."


"Usagi!?" calls Minako, through her wrist communicator. "What's going on!?"

"V-chan!?" Usagi says. "It was stolen! My brooch!"


"I bet it was Chibi-Usa," she says. "I'm going to catch her and take it back!"


"Through these changes," says Calaveras, "we want to guide Earth on the correct path." She channels the spirit of Rubeus. "Don't trust the ones from the white moon. They only want to bring misfortune, using the Mystical Silver Crystal. Don't bow to the white moon. Destroy the crystal!"

The audience falls under a spell. They stand up, angry.

"Entrust your future to the Black Moon," she says.

"She's a fraud! She's cheating you!" Minako runs into the room in her sailor suit.

"Perfect," says Calaveras. "So you've come to see my channeling? It's very interesting, Sailor Venus."

Minako sees three members of the audience begin to glow. "Naru-chan!? Asanuma-kun!? Chief Kotono!?"

Their heads drop. Three spirits rise from their bodies: the spirits of Ami, Makoto, and Rei.

"Venus..." they call.

They scream and twist in pain. The images fade away.

"Mars!? Jupiter!? Mercury...!" yells Minako.

Three new spirits appear: Berthier, Petz, and Kooan. Calaveras stands in front of them. "We are the four sisters! Spirit Energy Attack!!"

Power blasts from them at Minako, engulfing her. She screams in pain. "My body!! It's being torn apart!! This is still the age of the love of Pisces!"

"The goddess of love, Venus. You will be defeated. And about now, Rubeus-sama is dealing with the Rabbit and Sailor Moon."

"Oh no! Usagi!!"

"V-chan!!" says Usagi. "I've got to get there soon." She walks down the street. "There she is! Chibi-Usa!!"

Chibi-Usa turns around, alarmed. She holds Usagi's brooch.

"I knew you stole it!" Usagi says. "Give it back!"

Chibi-Usa clutches it against her chest.

"Come on, now!"

The Luna-P ball bounces on the ground between them.

A blast hits the ground, and they jump out of the way.

"Oh, you're quick," says Rubeus, appearing in the air. "As should be expected of the Rabbit and Sailor Moon. But not quick enough to escape!" He raises his arm and a surge of power shoots at the two.

"Mamo-chan!!" Usagi cries.

Mamoru jumps forward and carries Usagi and Chibi-Usa away from the attack. He turns around and thrusts his cane at Rubeus. It hits his face and cuts it.

Rubeus holds his hand to the cut. "You... injured me... I am Crimson Rubeus, and now I'll show you the true power of my flames."

"Oh no!" thinks Usagi.

"He'll defeat us!" thinks Mamoru.

"Use your power. Only you can protect the two of you!"

"I feel it," Mamoru thinks, as he watches Rubeus gathering energy. "Your help..."

"Focus all your strength at him... Then shout!"

"Who is that!?" he thinks. "The voice is familiar..." He holds up his arms. "My power... in my hands..."

"Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber!" Energy fires at Rubeus, knocking him back.

"Damn!" Rubeus says. "It's wiping out my flames!"

Rubeus disappears.

"My power..." thinks Mamoru. "That voice..."

"Chibi-Usa!" calls Usagi. She snatches the brooch from the girl's hands and throws it into the air. "Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!"

"Venus!" she yells. "I won't let you have her!" She takes out the moon rod. "Moon Princess Halation!!"

Energy crackles around Calaveras as she's ripped apart in a brilliant burst of light.

"Sailor Moon!"

Usagi runs up to her. "Venus! You're all right!"

"Chibi-Usa!?" says Minako.

Mamoru holds the girl, his cape draped over her shoulders.

"Chibi-Usa," Usagi says. "My brooch... Why did you take the Mystical Silver Crystal? Where were you running away to?"

Chibi-Usa looks up at Usagi. "I know... I have to get the pieces of the crystal... I can't use it... I learned that only the crystal of the past could do it. Having the Mystical Silver Crystal of the past and the Mystical Silver Crystal of the future together is dangerous... It's dangerous, but with those two... With that power, I might be able to save it... So I came here." She holds the silver crystal hanging from her necklace.

Usagi gasps. "The Mystical Silver Crystal of the past... and the Mystical Silver Crystal of the future!? Chibi-Usa, what are you saying!?"

"Save it, Sailor Moon!! Save the future Earth... of the 30th century!"

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