Return-to-Society Punch

In the December 1998 issue of the monthly manga magazine Young You, published by Shueisha, Takeuchi Naoko returned from her yearlong break from work with a new series: Princess Takeuchi Naoko's Return-to-Society Punch!!. This "private essay comic" is a silly narrative in manga form about the events in her life.

The series ran on-and-off for quite a while. Only the first four installments are presented here.

Because the pictures in this are mostly incidental to the text, I only describe them when necessary. "Narration" refers to the printed text that is just that, "comment" refers to handwritten text that is generally parenthetical, and text is attributed to a name when a person is depicted as speaking it. Text in [brackets] is written by me, usually for explanation, and text in (parentheses) is actually part of the manga.