Liner notes: Gradation 2

Saura - Sunset

Saura, how are you? Saura is the name of a great friend I had during junior high. She was great at singing and accompanying herself on piano. She taught me the wonder of song. Takku, he is now my ideal boy! Zealous, mysterious, reticent, wearing glasses. In the manga, Takku is like that.

The movie is a movie I love. Tarkovsky's Solaris. It's a movie in which the main character meets his supposedly dead wife on the strange planet Solaris (though I made it a "phantom lover" in the manga), and rapidly becomes nervous. It's a '72 movie from Russia, but in the scene of the future city, it shows a high-speed night view in Akasaka in Tokyo. That's right. The night view in Tokyo is like a futuristic city. It's SF.

It's a quiet, impressive movie. It's based on Stanislaw Lem's Solaris. If you're interested, please do check it out. (But you might fall asleep.)

When I was doing this manga, I was at college wearing a white robe, playing a staring game every day with a test tube and burner. Experiments day and night. I love experiments. (I brought the manuscript to college and everybody erased it all.)

And my alma mater. The biggest thing during the year at Kofu Ichi High was the school festival. I loved the school festival.

This manga is a manga filled with just those things I love.