Liner notes: Maigo no Swing

When I wrote "Maigo no Swing", I was always pestering the person I loved. I really loved him. But I couldn't express that feeling well... That person had a tender face, and when he said, "Oh? What is it?", I really, really loved it.

It's an abrupt shift, but I'm also very bad at physics! (Even though I like it.) Despite being bad at it, my senior thesis was in the field of medical use of electrical engineering with ultrasound. (In fact, I worked at the internist clinic at the university hospital.) It turned out to be a difficult paper. The title of the thesis was "Heightened Effects of Thrombolytic Actions Due to Ultrasound". I think that's it...

Speaking of which, when I was writing this manga, I was doing experiments at college, intently growing E. coli and tubercle bacilli cultures.