Anata no Yume wo Mita wa

"I Saw Your Dream"

Translated by Kurozuki (

Minako's monologue from In Another Dream.

Japanese lyrics

Yuunagi no umi ni futari hashaida ne
Totemo atatakai anata no yume wo mita wa

Hatsukoi no you ni kokoro odoraseta
Surechigau tabi ni tagai ni yasashiku nareta

Hikarinagara warainagara sugite yuku kisetsu
Zutto futari kawaranai to shinjiteta

My love ano toki hanashita mirai no koto
Ah koushite omoidaseba
Natsukashii dake nante

Tooi machi de ima wa donna yume wo mite iru no
Mado wo akete aoi kaze ni kiite miru

My love dokoka de dareka to koi wo shite mo
Ah tokidoki omoidashite sono mune no katasumi de

My love muchuu de hanashita mirai no koto
Ah mabushii anata de ite
Kagayaite itsu made mo

English lyrics

By the calm sea of the evening, we had lots of fun together
You, who are so warm to me, I saw your dream

Like this was our first love, our spirits were made to dance
Every time we passed by, we became so sweet with each other

As we shined together, as we laughed together, the seasons went by us
I believed that the two of us would never change

My love, that time we talked about the future
Ah, after it all, when I look back on it
Warm feelings are all I have

In a city far away, now what kind of dream are you dreaming
Open the window, and I ask the cool wind for an answer

My love, even if you fall in love with somebody somewhere
Ah, once in a while, remember us in that corner of your heart

My love, with all our hearts we talked about the future
Ah, you are so radiant
Shine like that forever more

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