Prologue for Sailor Star Healer / Yaten Kou

Translated by Kurozuki (

Oh, so boring... Classes are boring, lessons are boring. I'm sick of being surrounded by girls. "I love you," without even meeting me or talking to me, with no shame, they say that often. If my looks are good, is that enough? That's why I can't have faith in the people of Earth, not one of them...

My name? Yaten Kou. Age 16, blood type B, first year, class one, Juuban High School, born February 8th, sign of Aquarius. Say, Mr. showbiz reporter, what do you plan to do, asking me all these questions? "Show everything about the reality of the Three Lights"? What reality. You don't know anything about the real us... Just stop already!

Nobody understands anything. I don't care if nobody understands anything. If only one person, our princess, understands us, if we just sing the song for that, I don't want to do anything else.

But when small lives tremble, sometimes I just can't stand it!

Healer Star Power, Make Up! A wandering shooting star piercing through the darkness. Sailor Star Healer, stage on!!

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