Sailor Moon Christmas Prologue

Translated by Kurozuki (

Rei:    Oh, I'm thirty minutes late now! Usagi's house is, let's see,
        straight along this path... Oh, since they all go to Juuban High,
        I bet they exchange notes and such during class, working on
        Christmas plans! I just found out there was a party at Usagi's
        place on the phone yesterday, and I just found out the time a
        little while ago on my pager! And still, when I called, it was
        "Buy fruit for the salad!" and "Don't you have some fun game?"
        I wish they would shape up! They won't make fun of Hino Rei-sama
        of T*A Girls School! Hmph!

[doorbell rings]

Usagi:  Coming!

[door opens]

Usagi:  Oh, Rei-chan. You're late!

Rei:    What! I couldn't help it. "Come on, Rei-chan, run as fast as you

Makoto: Quit fighting, you two.

Usagi:  Even Mako-chan was going on and on about it. We were all waiting
        for you, Rei-chan.

Makoto: *sigh* I was just now making a nice dish with Usagi-chan's mom,
        so come help Ami-chan decorate the room.

Ami:    You don't have to worry about me, I was just about finished.

Makoto: Well then, why don't you put the candles on the cake.

Usagi:  No problem! I'll do the cake!!

Makoto: Er, Usagi-chan...

Ami:    It's all right. I can do it by myself...

Usagi:  No fair, no fair! I'll do it too! I'll put on a bunch of candles.
        ... Speaking of which, I wonder how many there should be. Ten!!
        I guess there's no reason for that...

Rei:    I know! Since Christmas is the birthday of Christ...

        1996 candles!!!

Ami:    Umm, you two...

Makoto: Well, whatever you decide, as long as Minako-chan hasn't bought
        the cake...

[door opens]

Minako: Sorry I'm late, everyone! Hey, hey, listen, listen. They were
        filming at the park near the shopping district. I think it might
        be for a commercial, but Arisa-chan was so cute! "Will you stay
        with me even after we graduate?" I'm going to catch him, and
        sunset might be the best match again.

Usagi:  Minako-chan.

Minako: But, they're already filming the graduation ceremony. And
        graduation is in March. It's December now, so January, February,

Usagi:  Minako-chan!!

Minako: Huh!?

Usagi:  It looks to me like you're empty-handed, Minako-chan, but...
        Where's the cake?

Minako: Oh...!! I forgot...


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