Prologue for Sailor Star Fighter / Seiya Kou

Translated by Kurozuki (

Everyone, thank you for all gathering here today!!

I'm Seiya Kou. I'm a member of the Three Lights, and a bit of an idol. I get swarmed by crowds of fans, and I do get tired of having no privacy every day, but singing with all my heart at concerts is such a good feeling.

But my, no, our song is really not a message we're sending to the people of Earth... Princess... We're raising our voices to reach our princess.

We must search quickly for our princess and protect the galaxy from the evil hand of Sailor Galaxia... To do that, we've become idols, we've become high school students, and we've become boys.

If Galaxia's followers happen to take actions like rioting, I won't just leave it alone!

Fighter Star Power, Make Up! A wandering shooting star piercing through the darkness. Sailor Star Fighter, stage on!!

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