Prologue for Sailor Venus / Aino Minako

Translated by Kurozuki (

In the night sky there must be a crescent moon, and in life there must be love. If you want a wonderful love, just leave it to Minako-sama here!

I am the soldier of love, and I carry the protection of the planet of love and beauty, Venus. I am Sailor Venus.

Now, now, leave the anguish and troubles of love to the goddess of love, Venus-sama.

So, when you fall in love, first it affects your digestion. After you've loved, you must purify your life. Don't let any chance get away. For now, after lunch shall we go for tea?

Anyway, it's not your technique. It's your heart. Unless you shoot through, firing with beams of "I love you!" and heart marks, boys won't notice you.

And after that... Just like the moon becomes full, little by little, little by little, love should swell up. That kind is ideal.

Say... Can I have another piece of cake?

Come on, let's decide on a girl! When you've made it this far, in any case, attack! Attack! There's no need to fear failure! Turn misfortune into a soothing nurse! Across the world, the demons are outside!

Hey now! We're not being flirted with. Guys getting in the way of discussing love will get kicked by a horse seven thousand miles away, if they persistently come after us!

Venus Crystal Power, Make Up! Venus Love and Beauty Shock! I am the sailor-suited pretty soldier of love and beauty, Sailor Venus. I will bring the divine punishment of love down on you.

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