Prologue for Sailor Chibi-Moon / Chibi-Usa

Translated by Kurozuki (

Enveloped by the signs of morning mist, I wake up to the daisy purple dawn. Outside the window are the grains of the soft light. I wonder if the skies will be clear all day today as well.

I unwrap the towel around my wet hair, and sit softly in front of the mirror.

This sugar-pink hair that you gently stroked... I love it.

Facing the me in the mirror, I close my eyes softly. So that all day today as well, everyone will be happy.

My good-luck charm for the beginning of the day. When I open my eyes, look, a dazzling world is set in motion.

So what will I spend the day doing today. Shall I go to the library and study for history? Shall I take Diana and go for a walk on the boardwalk along the pier? And then, to become a wonderful lady like my mom, I have to be sure not to forget my training.

Someday I'll be everyone's mom, too. I'll be a strong soldier with courage. And I'll be somebody's one single lady.

When I turn around, the blue rose twilight is approaching. For protecting the peace of this planet again today, thank you, Mom, Dad.

I am Small Lady, Sailor Moon's daughter, and...

Moon Crisis, Make Up! I am the sailor-suited pretty soldier-in-training of love and justice, Sailor Chibi-Moon.

For peace on this planet tomorrow as well, I pray softly to the moon of the 30th century.

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