Poem for Sailor Star Healer / Yaten Kou

Translated by Kurozuki (manga@kurozuki.com).

Now, another light of a star disappeared... And as we spend everyday with the people of Earth, without a care, Galaxia is surely drawing near. The destruction of Earth, as well, is a problem of time...

But I don't care what happens to Earth, or what happens to the humans. We must just find the one of ours... our princess, before Earth is destroyed.

But still... However we and the sailor soldiers of the solar system fight, it's no use. Whatever we do, it's no use. As long as we don't find her, it will be the end of the universe...

If only she was by our side... Whatever happened, I wouldn't be afraid. And it wouldn't be necessary to depend on the sailor soldiers of the solar system or the power of Sailor Moon, either.

Where are you, Princess. Is the message we're sending reaching you? Going so long without being able to see you like this, I can't stand it anymore.

What is Taiki thinking. And Seiya...? The two of them are getting used to the atmosphere of Earth. Do they plan to keep enjoying themselves as it is? I can't take it! I will not recognize anybody other than our princess.

If fighting is our destiny, there's nothing we can do but fight... I'm sick of that person I'm sick of. I hate that person I hate. I won't join my strength with anyone but my allies, and I won't fight for anyone but our princess.

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