Poem for Sailor Star Maker / Taiki Kou

Translated by Kurozuki (manga@kurozuki.com).

Nothing is born from tears. Everything begins from smiling faces. Nothing is born from opposition. Everything begins from trust. I understand. I've realized that. Only we are in pain, only we are unhappy, only we are sad...

In the battle with Galaxia, I've lost my feelings of faith. Perhaps I've been becoming a lonesome soldier.

I understand, Sailor Moon. I've realized that, Tsukino-san.

You made me laugh. I was able to laugh again...

Once, in a fit of anger, I hurt your feelings, but now like Seiya and Yaten I am thinking of the soldiers of the solar system. And just like our princess, Sailor Moon, I am thinking of you.

There is only one enemy we are after! It may not be much, but may I lend you my strength as well?

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