Poem for Sailor Pluto / Meiou Setsuna


Translated by Kurozuki (manga@kurozuki.com).

When I step firmly on the ground of this planet, I am happy, and I fill with the sweet green song on my lips. When I embrace the thin shoulders of the people I love, in spite of myself the secret song of love is locked deep in my heart.

On a day like this, even when I pretend to hang my head, there's nothing I can do. I'll quit hesitating as I put in the key. On a clear day like this, I'll take off my white jacket and go outside. Pretending not to notice my restrained spirit, I'll invite the girls into the strong sunlight.

When I run across the ground of this planet, I am glad, and the smile for a special occasion spills out on my lips. The jewel of time that has not shined twice. Softly I hum to you the eternal song of love.

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