Poem for Sailor Star Fighter / Seiya Kou

Translated by Kurozuki (manga@kurozuki.com).

All the living things living in this universe have the brilliance of a star hidden inside their bodies... One of them, in one person... I met somebody with that brilliance shining with exceptional strength, on this planet I've flowed to.

Odango... Being allowed to call you that may be like someone other than me, but that kind of thing doesn't matter. I just call you that because I want to. First, are there any boys besides me... Odango.

Inviting you on dates, volunteering as your bodyguard, meeting with you for a crash course in softball... Taiki was shocked, and said I care too much... I'm the type who acts immediately on my feelings, so I didn't think too deeply about it, but maybe Taiki's right... And I'm falling in love.

Ever since we first met at the airport, I've surely had you on my mind. But is it that as a soldier I was charmed by the power you emit? Or is it that, carrying the heart of a boy, I was charmed by you...

All I can say is this. I love the light you're carrying! Got it? You're an extremely lucky, happy person to be cared for so much by this Seiya-sama.

Hey Odango, did you do your homework? There's nothing you can do about forgetting your eraser. You say you want to see a recording? Nope, no way, nobody's allowed in except those involved. ...Oh, all right. But it's because you're special.

Say, Odango. I think there is surely a battle more painful than those up to now waiting for us. But at all times, I will be by your side, and I will help to protect you...

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