Poem for Sailor Galaxia

Translated by Kurozuki (manga@kurozuki.com).

Trash... Trash, trash, trash! Everywhere I go, nothing but trash. Nothing but planets of trash. This wasn't my planet either.

This extra power of mine, I am the one chosen by God. I want stronger power. It must be somewhere. It will give me more power. A shining planet suited for me...

Who... Who is it, calling me... Who are you...

A dream... So it was a worthless dream of long ago, when I was wandering in search of a place to live.

Soon Sailor Moon will come here. I was called to come here, to know the truth.

Come quickly, Sailor Moon. Such a tiny planet is not suited for our battleground. It's not even suited for you.

Come quickly, Sailor Moon. So you and I can open up our true powers!

Come quickly, Sailor Moon. I will knock down more and more, I will steal more and more.

And in the end when one piece of you remains, I will show you the truth.

What's the matter? Is this all? With this power, the allies and planet you want to protect will all be blown away.

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