Interview with Takeuchi Naoko

As appeared in the Memorial Song Box.
Translated by Kurozuki ( Version 1.0, 4.98.

--Please tell us about either your feelings when the Sailor Moon serial, as well as the TV show, ended, or your feelings now looking back on Sailor Moon.

Takeuchi: I feel like I've lived ten years of my life. I think it was a valuable personal experience, that can't be experienced again by anyone. Now that I think about it, I was really young back then. Now they're all fond memories. (It's just continuing.)

--Please tell us about your troubles in making songs. When you write lyrics, is there anything you aim to do?

Takeuchi: To bring out myself and feelings of girls.

--Is it hard to take the characters you've created in the manga, and put them into lyrics? Or is it work you enjoy?

Takeuchi: During class in elementary, junior high, and high school, I was a poet writing poems in my notebook. I was even able to write lyrics I dreamed, so it was wonderful fun. It was satisfying for me (more so than the manga).

--About how you deal with feelings. Do you become Usagi and other characters when you write, or else do you write from an assumed viewpoint? Please tell us about it.

Takeuchi: It depends. Sometimes I make lyrics out of completely unrelated things.

--Besides that, have you had things that have troubled you?

Takeuchi: If you think writing songs is hard... Composing them is even harder.

--Please tell us about your joy when a CD is completed.

Takeuchi: While loudly playing demo tapes and CDs I've received, all alone in my beloved car, driving in Tokyo at night, there is nothing more luxurious.

--Are there songs you've referred to while writing lyrics, songs you've liked since long ago, or songs that appeal to you? Please discuss your reasons as well.

Takeuchi: When I was young (in elementary school), I loved the songs of Ms. Yagami Junko. With chord progression and vocals to my liking, her songs depicted only the beautiful parts of girls, at times painful, at times powerful. I loved them. She took all the wonderful aspects of the fads in those days, and she sang in Japanese, so she was easy for me as a child to understand.

--Of the songs you've written yourself, which song is your favorite? Please discuss your reasons as well.

Takeuchi: Maybe "Route Venus". While I was playing a demo tape of the song in my car, I broke up with a man I had been seeing briefly at the time. "Our paths will divide apart, I know." That is indeed a real song for me.

--Of all the songs in Sailor Moon, which song is your favorite? Please discuss your reasons as well.

Takeuchi: I really like all of them. I love the anime of Sailor Moon anyway, but without music I can't express that love. Hmm, if I'm forced to choose, maybe Sailor Star Song, it being the newest. I created the lyrics for it putting in all the images of Sailor Stars. Thanks to that, the manga got boring [laughs]. To all my fans, I'm really sorry [laughs].

--What kind of feelings does "Moonlight Densetsu" have in it?

Takeuchi: I had only yet put out a portion of the story, but I was really moved, wondering how they knew to such a degree my feelings and the world I was going to draw. No, this is it here! The working title was "Miracle Romance", but a miracle romance is just what I wanted to write.

--Please give a message to all the fans of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

Takeuchi: Receiving all this, all this love and support from everyone, along with Sailor Moon-chan and the others, I am very happy. Thank you so much! I hope that when all my young fans grow up, they'll remember Sailor Moon-chan fondly.

--Please give a message to your own fans.

Takeuchi: Please be sure to support my new series! I'm waiting for letters on your impressions.