Translated by Kurozuki ( This is a loose translation, since I am not fluent in Japanese. I've had to do it by ear, so there are bound to be some errors.

Quiz: "If you can't do it, I'll punish you!"

24. Question 1

Mamoru & Luna:  Quiz: "If you can't do it, I'll punish you!"

Mamoru:         Thank you, thank you. It's been a week since the last time
                we've seen you. The time has come for the quiz, "If you can't
                do it, I'll punish you!" Your hosts are me, Chiba Mamoru,

Luna:           His assistant, Luna.

Mamoru:         Today's contestants are all important guests. The
                sailor-suited pretty soldiers have done us the honor of

Soldiers:       Thank you!

Mamoru:         Ooh, isn't that great? Even if you just sit in the contestant
                chairs wearing those clothes, our ratings will go up like
                those of the C.C. Girls!

Usagi:          What do you mean by that?

Luna:           Err... And next, as a general contestant we have someone who
                cleared all the cult questions, Umino Gurio-san.

Umino:          Thank you...

Luna:           Umino-san?

Umino:          Yes?

Luna:           There will be lots of Sailor Moon questions this time, but
                how far does your self-confidence go?

Umino:          Well, I'm not concerned about Sailor Moon-san and the others.
                They'll be lucky to get one right, I bet...

Usagi:          I don't know about that! We are the stars, after all.

Mamoru:         And now, the first question. If you can't do it, I'll punish

Luna:           Question 1: The "Crown" in the anime is a game center. But
                what kind of place is it in the actual Azabu Juuban area?

Usagi:          Wait a minute! Luna, is that the kind of questions we'll

Luna:           That's right.

FX:             [ring]

Umino:          Yes...

Mamoru:         Yes, Umino-san.

Umino:          Umm... Would it be... a pachinko parlor?

FX:             [bells]

Mamoru:         Pinpon pinpon! That's correct.

        ['Pinpon' is like a ping-pong sound, as on game shows when a correct
        answer is given. It is spoken in Japanese to indicate the same.]

Rei:            There's no way we could have known that!

Makoto:         That's right! That's right!

Ami:            No. Everyone, no matter what questions we get, we can't give
                up from the start.

Usagi:          Oh! Mercury-chan is angry!

Rei:            Sailor Mercury's pride as a genius girl has been injured.

Makoto:         You're really burning, Mercury!

Ami:            No! Leave it to me. I'll answer the next one for sure.

25. Question 2

Mamoru:         And now, the next question. If you can't do it, I'll punish

Luna:           In Sailor Moon episode 21, "Kodomo tachi no yume mamore!
                Anime ni musubu yuujou", who played the baby of the director

Ami:            What? Th- That's...

Mamoru:         Well, the cult questions continue. Who could it be, Sailor

Makoto:         What's wrong, Sailor Mercury? If you know, answer!

Ami:            B- But...!

FX:             [buzzer]

Mamoru:         Too bad! Out of time. Now, the correct answer is...

Luna:           It was Hisakawa Aya-san.

Mamoru:         How nice... Reality and fiction are gradually mixing

26. Question 3

Mamoru:         And now, we continue. If you can't do it, I'll punish you!

Luna:           Okay... Recently there have been quite a number of times
                where the underwear of the pretty soldiers was visible. So
                now, who was the first one to show their underwear, and in
                which episode was it?

Rei:            What luck! I know!

FX:             [ring]

Mamoru:         Yes, Sailor Mars-san?

Rei:            In episode 11, "Usagi to Rei taiketsu? Yumeland no akumu",
                I showed it when I did 'akuryou taisan'!

FX:             [buzzer]

Rei:            What!? Is that wrong?

Umino:          Umm... Yes... I know...

Mamoru:         Yes, Umino-san?

Umino:          Umm... The first time was after episode 9 ended, in the
                preview of episode 10, "Norowareta bus! Honoo no senshi Mars
                toujou", when Luna pulled on Usagi-san's skirt. But, if I
                recall, this was retouched in the episode itself.

FX:             [bells]

Mamoru:         Pinpon pinpon pinpon! That actually is correct!

Soldiers:       There's no reason we should know that!

Luna:           [???]

27. Question 4

Mamoru:         And now, next is an image question. Please give the name of
                this youma.

Luna:           If you can't do it, I'll punish you!

Makoto:         Oh, that's...

Usagi:          What, Jupiter-chan? Do you know?

Makoto:         Umm... Err...

Ami:            Isn't this youma from when Sailor Moon was still by herself?

Rei:            If that's so, there's no way we'd know it!

Usagi:          Huh? I don't remember this story...

Makoto:         Ugh... Why... Why are you keeping and repeating a past I want
                to forget? This show...

Usagi:          What is it, Jupiter-chan? Are you crying?

FX:             [ring]

Umino:          Oh, I've got it.

Mamoru:         Yes, Umino-san?

Umino:          Yes, it's youma Kyurene, who appeared in episode 6, "Mamore
                koi no melody! Usagi wa cupid". Incidentally, the one who
                played this is Shinohara Emi-san.

Makoto:         No! You said the name!

Other four:     Oh? Is that so?

28. Question 5

FX:             [bells]

Mamoru:         Yes, in any case that's correct. And now, the next image
                question. Give the name of this youma.

Luna:           If you can't do it, I'll punish you!

Makoto:         Oh! I know, I know already! Youma Jumoo.

FX:             [bells]

Mamoru:         Pinpon pinpon pinpon! That's correct.

Luna:           You did that one well!

Rei:            That's right! Sailor Jupiter isn't supposed to have appeared
                yet at this time.

Makoto:         *sniff* Even you say that, Sailor Mars...? Welcome me!

Umino:          By the way, the voice actor was Shinohara Emi-san.

Makoto:         Hey! Come on now! [???]

29. Question 6

Ami:            Anyway, you've been rewarded for it. Let's keep at it!

Mamoru:         So, now it's the final question. This one's difficult. If you
                can't do it, I'll punish you!

Luna:           Who is Tuxedo Kamen?

Usagi:          What? That's easy!

Rei:            I know, I know!

FX:             [rings]

Rei:            It's Chiba Mamoru.

FX:             [buzzer]

Soldiers:       What!?

Mamoru:         Fools... You really are fools. The correct answer is the
                anime hero who's crossed generations from grandmothers to
                grandchildren, the voice actor Furuya Tohru-san.

Soldiers:       That's it!?

Mamoru:         So, now that even my name has appeared, the time has come.
                See you next week, everyone. H- Huh? What's wrong, sailor

Usagi:          What do you mean, see you next week!

Makoto:         You just made up questions people hate!

Ami:            Right. Next time we meet, we'll settle this!

Rei:            Be prepared, you two!

Usagi:          In the name of the moon...

Soldiers:       We'll punish you!

FX:             [*smack* *punch* *slap*]