Translated by Kurozuki ( This is a loose translation, since I am not fluent in Japanese. I've had to do it by ear, so there are bound to be some errors.

21. The tortoise and the hare

Luna:           Usagi's fairy tale reversal series, number one:
                "The tortoise and the hare".
                [kame and usagi]

Usagi:          Hey, hey, Ami-chan. I mean, Kame-chan.

Ami:            What is it, Usagi-chan?

Usagi:          Will you race with me one more time?

Ami:            Why? The outcome is already decided.

Usagi:          But that's no fair... The tortoise runs ahead of me while I'm

Ami:            Isn't that your fault, Usagi-chan?

Usagi:          That may be, but let's do it again. Come on, please. I won't
                sleep or anything this time!

Ami:            Oh, I guess I have no choice.


Man:            Well, this is a quite a turn of events. The tortoise and the
                hare will have a great race here on the grounds of the Juuban
                shopping district. Whatever happens, this is sure to be a
                great competition. I'm your play-by-play announcer, Zoe Syte.

FX:             [Gun fires.]

Zoe Syte:       Now, they're both starting at once!

Usagi:          Ack!

Zoe Syte:       Oh, right at the start, the hare has fallen down!

Usagi:          Owwww...! *sob*

Zoe Syte:       She's crying, how pitiful. That's no way to win the sprint.

Usagi:          Wahhhh!! *sob*

Zoe Syte:       And with that she has gone from first to second place. Fast,
                fast! The hare is rapidly falling behind!

Usagi:          Why is the tortoise so fast?

Zoe Syte:       It's the tortoise, the tortoise! It's crossing the finish
                line first!

Ami:            Usagi-chan... You can't neglect making an effort...

Usagi:          Hahaha... I guess not... That's right! The thing is, it was
                a mistake to put Ami-chan in the role of the tortoise. All
                right, I'll go with a different story!

22. Rocky mountain

Luna:           Usagi's fairy tale reversal series, number two:
                "Rocky mountain".

Usagi:          Hey, hey, tanuki-san!

Rei:            Why am I a tanuki? That's not funny!

        [A tanuki is something like a raccoon dog, and it Japanese folklore
        it has transformation powers and a habit of causing mischief.]

Usagi:          I can't help it! I'm appealing what's been established.

Rei:            Fine... Hmph! If there's a tanuki that's this cute with such
                a good personality, I'd like to meet it! So... What do you
                want with me?

Usagi:          I'm wondering if you'd race me in these boats to the shore
                over there.

Rei:            What!? In this mud boat and this wood boat?

Usagi:          Come on.

Rei:            Well, then allow me to use this fine mud boat.

Usagi:          (Heh heh heh... She fell for it. That boat will melt apart in
                the water!)

Rei:            Huh? Did you say something?

Usagi:          N- No, nothing!


Zoe Syte:       Well, this is a quite a turn of events. The athlete Usagi is
                not giving up. But today it's a boat race! What on earth will
                happen this time. Now, the two are starting off!

FX:             [sinking in water]

Rei:            What's going on!? My boat is completely melting apart!

Usagi:          All right! This puts an end to all those tales from the past!

Rei:            Hmph. Nice one, Usagi. Watch this!

Usagi:          What? That's a light transformation pen! What's a tanuki
                doing with one?

Rei:            A tanuki can change into anything. To make use of that
                ability, I borrowed this transformation pen!

Usagi:          This is terrible!

Rei:            Mars Power! Turn me into a beautiful, magnificent puppet!

Zoe Syte:       Oh! The tanuki athlete transforms into a human! It's plump
                breast is revealed!

Rei:            Ahahaha. A figure like this fits me the best after all. See
                you later, Usagi. Bye-bye.

FX:             [splash in the water]

Usagi:          Rei-chan?

Rei:            I made a hole in the bottom of your boat.

Usagi:          What did you say!?

Rei:            Your punishment for trying to trick me! See you later!

Usagi:          That's so mean! Ack!

FX:             [ship sinks into the water]

23. Inaba white hare

[Not done. Sorry!]