Translated by Kurozuki ( This is a loose translation, since I am not fluent in Japanese. I've had to do it by ear, so there are bound to be some errors.

2. Subtitle call / Queen Beryl's conversation with Zoisite

Usagi:          Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon inside story: Usagi and the others
                making a challenge toward voice acting!? Protect it! The
                recording studio of dreams!!

Queen Beryl:    Zoisite. Have you still not found the Silver Crystal
                necessary for our great ruler to be revived?

Zoisite:        Yes, I apologize. However, I have come up with a way to lure
                out Sailor Moon and the others, and get rid of them in one
                fell swoop.

Queen Beryl:    Oh? Is that the truth?

Zoisite:        Yes. Please, leave everything to me, Zoisite.

Queen Beryl:    Hmm, I see you have quite a bit of confidence. All right,
                then. I'll leave it all to you.

Zoisite:        Understood.

3. "Pretty Soldier Sailor V" voice actor search!?

Umino:          Usagi-saaan!

Usagi:          What is it, Umino?

Umino:          This is a sudden change of events! It's this, this.

Usagi:          Do you think it's all right to bring a cool anime magazine in

Umino:          It might be. Take a look at this article!

Usagi:          Oh, what is it, what is it? "In the theater anime 'Sailor V'
                planned to open soon, they are appealing to the general
                public for the part of the voice of the star, Sailor

Umino:          That's what it says! Isn't it amazing? I think you have to
                apply for this, Usagi-san. After all, I think you're a
                wonderful match for Sailor V's image, and your voice is good
                too. Since I read it, and I've been watching anime for
                fourteen years, it's no mistake! W- What? Usagi-san? Where
                did you go? Oh, she took that anime magazine more important
                than my life, oh no...


Usagi:          Ami-chan! Ami-chan!

Ami:            Oh, what is it, Usagi-chan?

Usagi:          Look, this article! You remember, don't you? We went to the
                studio where they were making the Sailor V anime.

Ami:            Oh, they're completing that work.

Usagi:          And so, it says here they're doing a voice actor search!

Ami:            Yes, so what?

Usagi:          Oh Ami-chan, you're so slow. So, that means we've got an
                influential connection! If we tell them we know those two
                ladies from Studio Dive, we can pass through the auditions no
                problem! We can't throw away a chance like this!

Ami:            An influential connection, is it just that?

Usagi:          Just that is plenty! Since we have such pretty voices, I'm
                certain of it!

Makoto:         Hey, you two. So this is where you've been?

Usagi:          Oh, Mako-chan! Hey, Mako-chan, will you do an audition with
                us too?

Makoto:         Huh? What are you talking about? "Voice star search"? Hahaha.
                There's no way I could do that.

Luna:           Hey, Usagi-chan, Ami-chan, and Mako-chan.

Ami:            Oh, Luna?

Usagi:          Don't do that! What will happen if you talk in school!

Luna:           More importantly, I have something to talk to you about.
                Everyone, come to the roof.

4. Rooftop strategy conference

Ami:            What!? You want us to go to the voice actor auditions!?

Makoto:         What stroke of fortune is this, that even Luna says it?

Luna:           This somehow smells like another of the Dark Kingdom's plots.
                Look, there are many concerning things about Sailor V's
                existence, right? For both us and the enemies. That's why I
                think they must be planning something again.

Makoto:         Hmm, I guess so.

Luna:           Actually, Rei-chan insists that this is certainly an enemy
                plot. And since Rei-chan draws from her inspiration, she
                does have persuasive power.

Ami:            Right. If Rei-chan says so, there is a possibility.

Usagi:          I see... Rei-chan thought of a nice strategy! If she said
                that, Luna would agree, and she'd be able to become a voice
                actor with no problem!

Makoto:         No, that means Rei-chan was being thoughtful.

Usagi:          Th- That's not it! It's just for her! She wants to be an
                anime star, and inspect the scene of the recording, and see
                shows before they're broadcast on TV, and maybe be able to
                meet the beautiful voice actor Mitsuishi Kotono-san, she's
                not thinking of us at all!

FX:             *Slap*!

Luna:           You're the only one thinking that.

5. Hikawa Shrine / Rei's demo tape making

Rei:            Rin, pyou, mou, ran, sha, betsu, men, tan, pi!! Whoops, I
                messed it up. Once more. Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin,
                retsu, zai, zen!! Ooh, perfect. Now it's all finished. Since
                we have an influential connection, I can be like the pretty,
                pretty Tomizawa Michie-san with a beautiful face, voice, and
                style, with a great personality, now there's no way I won't
                pass that audition! Y- Yes! I can go to the recording studio!
                I did it, I did it! Getting Luna to agree was easy.

6. Mamoru's an anime fan too!?

Ami:            So Usagi-chan, what should we do to have the auditions?

Usagi:          Well, in the anime magazine, it says to record any lines you
                like on a tape and send it in. That's the first thing you do.
                And the second thing is doing it at the recording studio.

Makoto:         Hmm. Any lines are all right?

Luna:           Everyone, don't lose your focus. You have the important
                mission of foiling the Dark Kingdom's plot!

Usagi:          It's all right, it's all right. Just leave it to us!

Luna:           Oh, Usagi-chan, you're the one I'm worried most about. You
                forget your mission right away.

Usagi:          This time it's safe! I'll open up the path to voice acting
                for sure!

Luna:           I knew you wouldn't understand...

Usagi:          Huh? Did you say something?

Ami:            Oh, Usagi-chan, look out!

Usagi:          What?

FX:             *Crash*!

Voice:          Ouch!

Usagi:          You again!?

Mamoru:         Can't you say anything else when you run into someone? You
                odango atama.

Ami:            That's right. It was your fault, Usagi-chan. Be sure to

Luna:           Meow.

Makoto:         It's rare for you to not walk into him when he's not facing

Usagi:          Okay, okay, I know. I'm sorry. Is that enough? Oh, I got
                Umino's book all muddy. But oh well, if it's his it's all

Mamoru:         Oh! Ohh! That's-!

Usagi:          What's with you all of a sudden?

Mamoru:         That's the December anime information magazine with a feature
                on Pretty Soldier Sailor V, the theater release of which is
                the number one topic of conversation, loaded with articles on
                handsome male and beautiful female voice actors, with an
                extra-large pin-up of Han Keiko!

Makoto:         Mamoru-san, you know a lot about that.

Mamoru:         Oh, no, not really.

Ami:            Mamoru-san, if I recall, you're a college student, right?

Mamoru:         Yes, I am.

Ami:            And soon you'll be an upstanding member of society.

Mamoru:         And so?

Ami:            No, that's all.

Mamoru:         What, do you mean I can't be an anime fan?

7. Usagi's demo tape making

Usagi:          I am the sailor-suited pretty soldier of love and justice,
                Sailor Moon! Oh, whoops. I said "Sailor Moon" again. I have
                to say "Sailor V"!

Luna:           Usagi-chan, this is the 25th time now. Since any lines are
                fine, why don't you do a self-introduction that's suited to

Usagi:          I can't do that. This is the Inland Sea to determine whether
                or not I can be the star!

Luna:           Huh? Shouldn't it be the "critical moment", then?

Usagi:          Oh? Oh yeah...

        [That's something of a pun in Japanese.]

Luna:           Oh, there's no way you'll be able to be the star like that.

Usagi:          I will be! I will do the starring role of Sailor V-chan!

Luna:           But, Usagi-chan, it's really all right even if you don't
                become the star. We just want to get to the studio by doing
                the first part, so then we'll be able to achieve our goal.

Usagi:          Oh, what are you saying? I will be a voice actor. If I become
                a voice actor, I'll get lots of yummy things from my fans,
                and they'll all want my autograph, and I'll get to do all
                kinds of special things, and I'll be driven around in a car,
                and I'll be famous, and I'll go to events, and I'll get to
                sing songs, and live in joy!

Luna:           Usagi-chan. All I can clearly tell you is this. It's not like
                that at all! Being a voice actor is hard work. Usagi-chan,
                you really know that, don't you?

Usagi:          Fine, but I won't be discouraged by that! Now, let's record,
                let's record. I am the sailor-suited pretty soldier of love
                and justice, Sailor V! In the name of the moon, I'll punish
                you! Wait a sec... I wonder what Sailor V would punish in the
                name of. Luna, do you know?

Luna:           I don't know.

8. Hikawa Shrine / Makoto, Ami, and Rei's demo tape listening

Rei:            Welcome, Ami-chan, Mako-chan. Did you two bring your tapes?

Ami:            Yes, but why did you say we should check our tape recordings
                in advance? Aren't any lines all right?

Makoto:         That's right. If you're worried we're not doing it sincerely,
                I'm sorry to hear that.

Rei:            It's not that. But I wanted to hear them at least once.
                (These two are my rivals for now. I have to check them out.)

Ami:            Huh? Did you say something?

Rei:            N- No! Nothing at all. Anyway, whose tape is this?

Makoto:         Oh, that's mine.

Rei:            Do you mind? Let's listen to it.

Makoto:         It's kind of embarrassing, but... All right.

Makoto's tape:  Achoo! Achoo! Haaa!

Rei:            W- What is this...?

Makoto:         It's my karate practice. What do you think? It's busy, so I
                bet it's good.

Rei:            Y- Yeah, it is!
                (This is no match for me.)
                So, this must be yours, Ami-chan.

Ami:            Yes.

Rei:            Here it goes.

Ami's tape:     Three point one four one five nine two six five three five
                eight nine seven nine three two three eight four six two six
                four three three eight three two seven nine five zero two...

Rei:            Is this... telephone shopping?

Ami:            It's pi. I put in at least the first ten thousand digits, but
                I know it all the way to eighty thousand digits.

Rei:            Then... This tape has nothing on it but numbers!?

Ami:            That's right.

Rei:            Do you enjoy that?

Ami:            Huh?

Rei:            Ami-chan, I knew there was something about you that's just...

Ami:            Is that so?

Rei:            (Since Usagi-chan's no rival, if it's like this I'll make it
                to being Sailor V. Hahaha...)

Makoto:         Rei-chan, let's not just listen to ours. Let us hear yours,

Rei:            All right.
                (They're in for a shock.)

Rei's tape:     Hello! I'm Hino Rei. Everyone, please call me "Rei-chan". I'm
                an eighth grader at T*A Private Girls School, and I'm
                fourteen years old. My birthday is April 17th, and I'm an
                Aries. My blood type is AB, so I can be a bit thoughtless.
                But I'm sure I can play a wonderful Sailor V-chan who will
                match the judges' tastes. And so, I pray that the judges will
                select me, Rei-chan. Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu,
                zai, zen!!

Rei:            How was it? Huh, what's wrong with you two? You look like
                you're smelling rotten sardines.

Makoto:         *sigh* Rei-chan. Do you enjoy that?

9. Zoisite inspecting the tapes

Zoisite:        Heh heh heh. The foolish humans have sent tapes in. Now, from
                these I'll find the voice prints that perfectly match those
                of Sailor Moon and the others. Since they're so trendy,
                they're certain to apply for this audition. Which... Let's
                listen to one.

Rei's tape:     Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, zai, zen!!

FX:             [Glass shatters.]

Zoisite:        Zoi! That voice! What on earth is it!? Could there even be a

        [I'm pretty sure that line is wrong....]

10. The four meeting at the studio

Usagi:          We've made it in front of the studio at last.

Makoto:         But I was shocked that we all succeeded in the first part of
                the audition.

Ami:            Here we can probe to see whether or not this is an enemy
                plot, right Rei-chan?

Rei:            R- Right...
                (Apart from me, how did the other three manage to succeed?)

Luna:           Everyone, we should be careful.

Ami:            Huh? Oh no, Luna!

Luna:           What?

Ami:            It says cats aren't allowed inside the studio.

Luna:           What? It does?

Usagi:          Oh, that's no problem. Luna can be my special muffler.

Luna:           N- N- No way! I'm no muffler!

Usagi:          Come on, Luna-chan, behave yourself. I'll wrap you around my

Luna:           Ow! Ow! Owww! L- Let go! M- My spine!

FX:             *Crack*!

Luna:           Uh...

Usagi:          All right, let's go in.

Ami:            Luna? Luna? Luna!? Everyone, this is serious, Luna is-!

Makoto:         Luna's...

Rei:            What's wrong?

Usagi:          Luna!

FX:             [Ambulance siren]


Luna:           Luna brought back to life... Huh? So this is the recording

Usagi:          Don't move! You're a muffler.

Luna:           Oh yeah, that's right. The muffler with the world's most
                hurting spine.

Man:            What are you doing here!?

All:            Huh?

Man:            You all came here for the Sailor V audition, right? It's no
                use. Voice actors must be punctual to the minute!

Usagi:          And... You would be?

Man:            The Sailor V sound producer, Zois Ite. Now, enter studio two!
                There's no time!

Makoto:         He's something of a... talented guy.

Ami:            He must have a lot of tough things to do.

Rei:            But that's the kind of person who would direct a real

Usagi:          Really?

Zois Ite:       Are you still over there!? I told you to be quick!

All:            Okay!


Zois Ite:       All right, go ahead with the first line.

Usagi:          What...? We're the only ones in the audition.

Rei:            Excuse me, don't you have a scenario or something?

Zois Ite:       Be quiet! When it rains, there are puddles. You're too
                impertinent! Try doing it without that sort of thing.

Makoto:         What a weird guy... All right, I'll go first.

Usagi:          Good luck, Mako-chan!

11. Audition: Makoto's turn

Makoto:         I am the sailor-suited pretty soldier of dreams and hope!
                Code name: Sailor V!

Zois Ite:       No good, no good. That doesn't work at all.

Makoto:         Huh? What's wrong with it?

Zois Ite:       Katsuzetsu. You're not doing katsuzetsu.

        [This roughly translates as 'lively tongue'.]

Makoto:         Rei-chan, Rei-chan. Did someone ask for katsudon?

        [Breaded pork on rice.]

Rei:            I don't know, I'd rather have eggs.

Zois Ite:       I'm waiting! That's not it. Katsuzetsu. Oh, don't you even
                know what katsuzetsu is? It's moving your tongue with vigor!
                Bbbbbpppprrrrr, bbbbbpppprrrr!

Makoto:         I see...

Rei:            This is enlightening.

Zois Ite:       Now, do this tongue twister. Oyagaoyuniyukutoyaoyanonioi.
                Go ahead.

        ["Oya ga oyu ni yuku to yaoya no nioi."
        "When parents go to the bath, it smells of the greengrocer."]

Makoto:         Huh? W- What?

Zois Ite:       Come on now. It's "Oyagaoyuniyukutoyaoyanonioi".

Makoto:         Oya... oyagi... oyoyu... oya... oyuyu... oyuyuyu?

Zois Ite:       Oh, no, that's not it at all. Listen carefully. It's

Makoto:         O... oyayayuyu... yuyuyayaya yuku to yaoya no nioi yoyuyu...

Zois Ite:       Did you... eat something bad...? All right then. Would the
                next person go.

Ami:            Well, I'll give it a try.

Usagi:          Good luck, Ami-chan!

12. Audition: Ami's turn

Ami:            Code name: Sailor V, I am now here!

Zois Ite:       Oh, that doesn't work at all. Be sure to pronounce the nasal

Ami:            What? Was there a nasal sound in that line?

Usagi:          Wow, Ami-chan, you know what a nasal sound is?

Ami:            Sure, it's a voiced sound that resonates in the nasal cavity,
                it's like the ga in "daigaku", or the gu in "donguri".

Zois Ite:       Oh, just shut up. You're ruining my delay tactic! Then, just
                do some other lines.

Ami:            Then, I'll state sine one.

Zois Ite:       Huh?

Ami:            Point eight four one four seven zero nine. Cosine one is
                point five four zero three zero two three. Tangent one is
                one point five five seven four zero seven six [sic].

Zois Ite:       You're the one who put pi on their tape...

Ami:            Yes, that's right. Well, I'll continue. Root two is one point
                one [sic] four one four two one three five six. Root three is
                one point seven three two zero five zero eight. Root five is
                two point two three six zero six seven nine.

Zois Ite:       Hey you.

Ami:            Yes?

Zois Ite:       Do you enjoy that?

Rei:            Well, looks like if Rei-chan here doesn't do it, they won't
                have anybody.

Zois Ite:       Oh, what a day I'm having today... What's the matter? Isn't
                there anyone else?

Rei:            [flirty voice] Please, allow me! I'm Hino Rei! Please call me

Zois Ite:       Flattery will not change your evaluation.

Rei:            [flat voice] I'm Rei-chan.

13. Audition: Rei's turn

Rei:            I will not allow any more wrongdoing. Crescent Beam!

Zois Ite:       Hold it. Please, watch the animation. You're not matching her
                mouth at all.

Rei:            Her mouth? The screen is totally blank!

Zois Ite:       Oh, you're talking back to me? I'm directing this here. I am
                a great, great sound producer! If you disobey me, this is
                what will happen...

FX:             [High-pitched noise. The girls cry out.]

Usagi:          What is this sound? My ears are splitting!

Rei:            U- Understood! I will do it seriously. Please, continue the

Zois Ite:       All right, then. Say some fitting lines and see.

Rei:            Really? Then there is one for certain. Rin, pyou, tou, sha,
                kai, jin, retsu, zai, zen!!

FX:             [High-pitched noise.]

Zois Ite:       So you're the chicken. Don't say things like that. Next,
                next. Aren't there any more?

Luna:           Usagi-chan, that sound producer is extremely odd.

Usagi:          I- I guess so.

Zois Ite:       Oh, what's wrong? Is the next one withdrawing? A voice who
                withdraws will be in danger. Heh heh heh... That was a good

        [That's a pun: "Kiken" is both "danger" and "withdrawal".]

All:            *groan*

Zois Ite:       For girls who don't laugh, there's this!

FX:             [High-pitched noise.]

Makoto:         Hurry... Usagi-chan, go next! Like this, this scene is

Usagi:          All right. Tsukino Usagi will do it!

14. Audition: Usagi's turn

Usagi:          I am the sailor-suited pretty soldier of love and justice! I
                am Sailor V, and in the name of Sailor Moon, I'll punish you!

Zois Ite:       Not bad, but you don't have enough temper. Your emotion isn't
                coming through.

Usagi:          What? Then, what kind of emotion should I express?

Zois Ite:       Zeal! Passion! With the flames of love, burn in the spirit
                of justice! Once more...

Usagi:          [emphatic voice] I am Sailor V, and in the name of Sailor
                Moon, I'll punish you! Crescent Beam!

Zois Ite:       Hmm, there's no tsuya [sweetness] in your voice.

Usagi:          Tsuya, you say? Is that what you do before a funeral?

Zois Ite:       That's tsuya [a wake]. [different accent]

Usagi:          Then, is that when it keeps raining forever?

Zois Ite:       That's tsuyu [the rainy season]! Like "happy birthday tsuu
                yuu". There's no sensuality in your voice. Try doing it more

Usagi:          [moany voice] Oh, in the name of Sailor Moon, ahh, I'll
                punish you...

Zois Ite:       That's just silly. What can I say, really... I know, it needs
                a feeling of hatred.

Usagi:          [strained] In the name of Sailor... Moon... I will punish
                you... ahahaha!

Zois Ite:       That just sounds drunk.

Usagi:          Oh, what do you want me to do...?

Zois Ite:       Heh heh heh... Do you still not realize it?

All:            *Gasp*!

Voice-over:     Sailor Moon!

        [Insert commercial break.]

15. Zoisite shows his true self!!

Zois Ite:       Heh heh heh... Do you still not realize it?

All:            *Gasp*!

FX:             [Glass shatters.]

Usagi:          He broke the glass and came over here!

Luna:           That was an explanatory line, but since this is a
                presentation only in sound, there's no helping it. This is
                not a case of speaking for those listening. Th- that's...!

Zois Ite:       Heh heh heh. Realizing it now really shows what fools you
                are. The sound producer Zois Ite is a temporary form.
                However, in truth I am...

All:            Zoisite!

Zoisite:        Heh heh heh. Tsukino Usagi and Hino Rei, and Mizuno Ami and
                Kino Makoto. I now know your true identities. I was having
                a little fun with a side show. I hope you enjoyed this
                make-believe of voice acting as a souvenir of Hades.

Usagi:          It can't be!

Zoisite:        It is. You must be satisfied as well, since you'll be able to
                die in a recording studio. Zoi!

FX:             Kaboom!

Luna:           Everyone, transform!

Makoto:         But our identities will be revealed!

Luna:           They're already revealed!

Rei:            That means, unless we defeat Zoisite, we won't be able to
                live carefree lives as ordinary girls

Ami:            It seems that way.

Usagi:          I don't want that! It's my dream to live a carefree life!

Luna:           Usagi-chan, are you sure you have O-type blood and not

Usagi:          Let's go!

16. Transform into sailor soldiers!

Usagi:          Moon Prism Power!

Ami:            Mercury Power!

Rei:            Mars Power!

Makoto:         Jupiter Power!

All:            Make up!

Usagi:          Now, prepare yourself, Zoisite!

17. Decisive match: word-chain-game battle!

Zoisite:        Heh heh, wait a minute now. The stage is a recording studio,
                after all. So shall we decide the match by a word chain game?

All:            Word chain game!?

Luna:           What kind of logical connection is that?

Zoisite:        Not an ordinary word chain game. We have to use nothing but
                words used in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. Sound good?

Usagi:          I don't really get this, but all right! I'll go first.
                Bishoujo senshi seeraamuun!
                [Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon]

        [No word in Japanese starts with N alone, so it's a losing ending.
        I've translated this part as best I can, but it still requires a
        basic understanding of the Japanese syllabary.]

FX:             *Slap*!

Luna:           You just ended it from the start.

Ami:            Since we've gone to this trouble, let's continue.

Zoisite:        Then I'll begin, all right. Daaku kingudaMU.
                [Dark Kingdom]

Makoto:         MU? MU, is it... Is there anything?

Usagi:          Oh, I know, I know! Muun tiara akushon!
                [Moon Tiara Action]

FX:             *Slap*!

Usagi:          Ouch...

Rei:            Oh, we can't leave this to you. Just be quiet for a while.

Usagi:          Okay...

Ami:            I'll try using my computer. Here it is. Muurido.

Rei:            What? The youma that was at Dreamland?

Zoisite:        DO, then? DO... I can change that into TO.

Makoto:         Oh, that's no fair!

Zoisite:        Not at all. Takeda Sumi-sensei at Higa Private Elementary
                said so. TO is for... Tokeiya kurokkurukku.
                [the clock shop, Clocklook]

Ami:            The KU in kurokkurukku, then... Kurozuishou!
                [black crystal]

Zoisite:        You're reliant on the computer... U, U... Umino GuriO!

Luna:           O? Oh! Odango ataMA! It's MA!

Zoisite:        MA is... Matsuno HiroMI.

Rei:            What? Guest characters are all right too?

Zoisite:        Absolutely!

Ami:            MI will be right away... Mizuno Ami!

Makoto:         Look, it's MI again.

Zoisite:        How clever. MI... MI... Mikazuki!
                [crescent moon]

Rei:            Mikazuki? That's not really fair!

Ami:            No, it's in my computer as well. Let's give it to him.
                Mikazuki's KI, then...

Makoto:         I have it, I have it. Kino Makoto!

Zoisite:        Damn! I have to do TO again... There aren't many TOs...

Makoto:         Hurry up with it, Zoisite!

Zoisite:        I know! How about this... Tokyo Tawaa!
                [Tokyo Tower]

Luna:           There aren't many WAs either!

Ami:            We'll get it... WA, then?

Zoisite:        That's right.

Ami:            Wakai enajii.
                [young energy]

Zoisite:        Haha... That's smooth. I want to continue, so I close my eyes
                for a bit. When my eyes are closed, I don't see a thing. But
                opening my eyes, I can be difficult and use that kind of
                thing too. All right then. Now... Enajii no JI... Changes to
                SHI... Shaneera!

Rei:            Ramua!

Zoisite:        Amade Yuusuke!

Rei:            Kenji!

Luna:           Hey, you called our dad with no suffix!

Rei:            Oh, then, Kenji-papa!

Zoisite:        PA turns to HA for... Haneda Kuukou!
                [Haneda Airport]

Luna:           Usagi!

Usagi:          Huh, what?

Luna:           Oh, I didn't mean to call you... Since it's the U in kuukou,
                I said "Usagi".

Usagi:          What, did you really...

Zoisite:        Well, a rhythm's appeared, so it's time to up the tempo!
                Usagi's GI is ginzuishoU.
                [Silver Crystal]

Ami:            Uranai hauSU!
                [House of Fortunes]

Zoisite:        Sutajio daiBU!
                [Studio Dive]

Rei:            Oh... Bunbou!

Zoisite:        Bokushii!

Ami:            SHI becomes JI... Juuban chuugaku!
                [Juuban Junior High]

Zoisite:        Kurisutaru zeminaaRU!
                [Crystal Seminar]

Ami:            Runa!

Zoisite:        NA?

Ami:            Ha, that's it. There's nothing in my computer with NA. And
                incidentally, since Naru-chan has a N, that's no good.

Makoto:         You did it!

Rei:            Sailor Mercury! You're so clever!

Usagi:          We won! We won!

Zoisite:        Annoying computer. Zoi!

FX:             Kaboom!

Ami:            How cruel. My computer...

Makoto:         That's not fair, Zoisite!

Zoisite:        Oh, what are you so upset about. I was the one at a

Luna:           Fine then, hurry and say a NA!

Zoisite:        All right... NA, then... Nanba Keiichi.

Usagi:          Who's that?

Zoisite:        That's allowed, it's a name in the ending credits! Now, it's
                the CHI in Nanba Keiichi. Hurry and say it!

Makoto:         CHI... Is there one?

Ami:            Uh oh...

Luna:           CHI? CHI, CHI, CHI, CHI...

Usagi:          Oh, I have a feeling there's one, but...

Rei:            It's no use. We can't come up with it.

Zoisite:        Heh heh. It seems the match is mine.

FX:             [Object striking the ground.]

Zoisite:        What? That red rose...

18. Tuxedo Kamen appears

Tuxedo Kamen:   Hahaha! Sailor soldiers, you cannot give up at any time.

Usagi:          Oh! Tuxedo Kamen-sama!

Tuxedo Kamen:   There is one for CHI. It's Chiba Mamoru.

Usagi:          Yes! That's it, that's it!

Ami:            There's no RU, since we already had Luna.

Zoisite:        Filthy... RU, then? RU... There's no choice. My last resort.
                Rubiru byuumu munto.

Rei:            What's that? I've never heard of it.

Makoto:         Oh, he just made it up!

Zoisite:        What are you talking about? Rubiji gamau kuramanto is one of
                the youma I command.

Luna:           That's not what you said before!

Zoisite:        H- Huh? Rubimu eramento, isn't it?

Makoto:         I knew you just made it up.

Usagi:          That's cheating!

Zoisite:        Shut up! In any case, the last word was TO! Come on, go!

Usagi:          Oh, TO is it... Tuxedo Kamen-sama, do you know one that
                starts with TO?

Tuxedo Kamen:   Hahaha. Of course. How about Tokyo tawaa.
                [Tokyo Tower]

Ami:            That was already used.

Tuxedo Kamen:   Hahaha. Then, tokeiya kurokkurukku.
                [the clock shop, Clocklook]

Ami:            That was also already used.

Usagi:          Oh, Tuxedo Kamen-sama!

Tuxedo Kamen:   Ahahahahaha! Today it's up to you, Sailor Moon. Farewell.

Luna:           He left...

Usagi:          How could he...!

Zoisite:        What's wrong? It's TO. It's TO. It's TO, TO, TO! Hurry and

Makoto:         Oh, shut up, shut up! Before you said it was okay to use the
                ending credits. In that case, this one is from the opening.
                Toei douga!
                [Toei Animation]

Zoisite:        What!? So it's come to this at last? Then... There's no more
                toothpaste! Er, I mean, I won't hold anything back!

        [Kind of a pun...]

Zoisite:        So it was GA, then. Well... Gariben no mondai ga muzukashii!
                [mindless problems are difficult]
                How's that, the last one is I!

Rei:            If you're doing it like that, we can do as many as we want.
                For I there's... Isamashii seeraa senshi tachi!
                [the brave sailor soldiers]

Zoisite:        Chimitsu na keikaku zoisaito!
                [the detailed plans of Zoisite]

Ami:            Doushite shinda no nefuraito!
                [why did Nephrite die]

Zoisite:        Tonma na shitennou jedaito!
                [the pathetic general, Jadeite]

Rei:            T- TO again...?

Makoto:         We've used them all up.

All:            Umm...

Usagi:          Oh, I know, I know!

Luna:           Well, say it, Sailor Moon.

Usagi:          Totemo kawaii seeraamuun!
                [the very cute Sailor Moon]

FX:             *Slap*!

Usagi:          Whoops...

Rei:            Why are you such a brick!?

19. Moon Tiara Action

Usagi:          *sob* Oh, I can't do this anymore! Moon Tiara Action!

Zoisite:        Moon Tiara Action, you say? What! You can't do that!

FX:             *Klunk*!

Zoisite:        Uhh...

Usagi:          All right! The tiara hit him!

Ami:            Now, let's finish him off. Shabon Spray!

Rei:            Fire Soul!

Makoto:         Supreme Thunder!

Zoisite:        Ow! Ow! Ow...
                Huh? What am I doing here...?

Usagi:          Zoisite, get ready! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!

Rei:            Right. You won't get off free for teasing us! With red high
                heels, I admonish you!

Ami:            With the power of Mercury, I'll cool your head off!

Makoto:         With the power of Jupiter, I'll pierce through you!

Zoisite:        I don't know what you are, but you're eager to talk. Anyway,
                who are you?

Usagi:          Huh? Don't you know who we are?

Ami:            The shock of the tiara striking his head before must have
                made him lose his memory.

Makoto:         Then he forgot our identities too?

Rei:            I guess... He must have.

Luna:           Oh, wonderful.

Zoisite:        I don't know anything at all, but if we meet again, I'll
                finish this! Zoi!

Usagi:          He disappeared.

Ami:            Well, in any case, we foiled the ambitions of the enemy.

20. Epilogue

Makoto:         Huh? Sailor Mars, you don't look happy.

Rei:            My dreams... My aspirations... I was supposed to become a
                voice actor, and have an elegant life... *sob*

Luna:           Come on, it's not like that. Being a voice actor is hard

Usagi:          That's true, Mars-chan.

Rei:            *sigh*

Usagi:          Me too...


Luna:           It's too bad you weren't able to become a voice actor,

Usagi:          Oh, I've given up on that job already.

Luna:           I knew you would, Usagi-chan... Have you recovered already?

Usagi:          Yeah. Next time I won't be a voice actor, I've decided to
                stand on stage!

Luna:           What?

Usagi:          Hey, look at this.

Luna:           Huh? What? What is it? What's this pamphlet? "Auditions for
                the role of the popular Sailor V, now being made into a

Usagi:          That's right. From now on, I'll be a singing, dancing ally of
                justice. A e i o u a o, ka ke ki ko ku ka ko.

        [That's a voice exercise.]


Rei:            Sa se shi su se sa so, ta te chi tsu te to ta to...

Makoto:         Rei-chan, Rei-chan. Have you still not given up?

Rei:            What are you talking about? I set my sights on the stage from
                the beginning. This Sailor V musical was made for me, it will
                be a gala occasion! So... I'll finish my last speech. Rin,
                pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, zai, zen!!

Ami:            Rei-chan... Do you enjoy that?

Usagi:          Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon inside story: Usagi and the others
                making a challenge toward voice acting!? Protect it! The
                recording studio of dreams!! The end!