Translated by Kurozuki ( This is a loose translation, since I am not fluent in Japanese. I've had to do it by ear, so there are bound to be some errors.

1. "The pretty soldiers' diary of pure love exchange"

Usagi:          Animate Cassette Collection: "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon,
                Number One".

Tuxedo Kamen:   The pretty soldiers' diary of pure love exchange.

        [The O/O, O/X, and such are generic dates.]

Rei:            O/O. My personality is so timid that even I get sick of it.
                Today again, I thought I'd be able to meet M-san, but... I
                wasn't able to. *sigh* I wonder why God is playing with my
                destiny. Love... It's endurance, isn't it.

Makoto:         O/X. My challenge was scallion and vegetables. A work after
                my own heart. It was delicious!

Ami:            O/[]. Today I played around too much. I was only able to
                clear one book of problems. This will not do. Thinking that,
                when I'm reading reference books, I get shallow. But, since
                my mind is being torn, I'll do another book of problems, and
                then I'll go to sleep. Today's proverb is, boys are a luxury,
                but be thankful for knowledge.

Usagi:          O/^. Oh, I forgot to write in my diary...


Rei:            ^/O. That may just be something nobody cares about. I long
                for a person who will love me the most in the world. I
                wonder, why are the boys of the world able to leave alone a
                cute girl with a nice personality like me? Again, I wasn't
                able to meet M-san. I'm so lonely... *sniff* *sniff*

Makoto:         ^/X. My challenge was potato gratin. Another work after my
                own heart. What a delicacy!

Ami:            ^/[]. On the way home from cram school, I got another love
                letter from a boy. How troubling... Since I have an important
                mission, and since I have to study as well... Oh, this boy
                has made three typos. Look, it was done on a word processor.
                I always thought love letters were supposed to be written by
                hand, but... What? This boy gets goose bumps when he meets
                me? Oh... Getting goose bumps was originally a phrase used
                when you got a chill, or as a figure of speech. It's not
                something to use when you're excited, or when you're happy.
                Oh well. I have to write another letter of refusal. But
                still, I wonder if it's all right to go without studying to
                do something like this.

Usagi:          ^/^. When I woke up, it was night.


Rei:            X/O. At last, the date with M-san I've longed for. It started
                at the coffee shop, we saw a movie, and we even went for a
                walk in the park. But I won't be distracted, what is this
                feeling? I wonder, is it because we do everything Dutch? If
                it was a normal date, wouldn't the guy pay? Now I've used up
                all my allowance for the month. *sigh* Chained once more to
                my part-time job as a shrine maiden.

Makoto:         X/X. The ultimate dish. My challenge was fried eggs,
                sunny-side up. A failure. The eyes collapsed, how shameful.
                Someday, I will make perfect eggs sunny-side up! I make that
                determination anew.

Ami:            X/[]. I read a poem collection in the park. I knew Rilke
                would be good. And Hermann Hesse, too. I can't get into any
                of Ranpo now, but I'm really into Kokuto and Sandburg. But I
                guess the best one is still Takamura. Poetry collections take
                time to read, so I was only able to read six. I'm really a
                lazy person. I'll rest.

        ["Kokuto" is what she says, but I don't know if that's a Japanese
        poet or the Japanese pronunciation for a foreign poet. She also says
        Takamura's given name, but I can't make it out for certain.]

Usagi:          X/^. Today I'll read everyone's diary for the first time. Oh,
                I'm totally shocked. There aren't any comments at all.
                Really, you're all spending every day with no, no thoughts at

Rei,Mako,Ami:   You're one to talk!

Tuxedo Kamen:   This has been the pretty soldiers' diary of pure love
                X/X. I went to the florist for some roses. They're getting
                expensive now, I'm worried. From now on, I'll go with
                artificial flowers.