Monologue 3 ~ Rei

Translated by Kurozuki (

I feel like the person I love is standing in the way. I wonder if I'm being deceived. Love ends when people drift apart. I envision that something large has bended. When I think that, my heart it wounded, and I become unable to stand it.

Sometimes I think I want to be alone, and be free. But maybe I won't do that, because I believe in him. Because I love him. I need him. "Loneliness"... I hate words like that. I always say what I'm thinking, so often I'm disliked. But, that is my gentle feeling. I wonder if it's wrong for me to say things bluntly to the person I can love and believe in.

Maybe it's not created by intimate people, who love each other and believe in their relationship. I feel that when people in love appreciate each other's faults, intimacy is born and nurtured.

Hino Rei. I prefer love hot like a flame. I want to fall in passionate love. I want passionate love, burning thunderously like a flame.

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