Monologue 1 ~ Usagi

Translated by Kurozuki (

Let's see, let's see, let's see... I'm Tsukino Usagi, a loving girl in eighth grade. This is really strange! When I first met this guy, I thought he was a real big jerk, but I've realized that I've gradually come to like him. This is so strange! I wonder if it's all right for me to like a guy who's so stuck up!

But... Every time I see him, for some reason I feel invigorated. What on earth is this wondrous feeling? Every time I see time, each and every day seems more fresh than ever before in my life. *sigh*... I want to make the most beautiful love like this.

Mamoru-san... Tuxedo Kamen-sama... And Endymion-sama of my awakening ancient memories of the past... To be with you, I think I want to become any girl it takes. "I believe in you"... I wonder if that's the same as saying I love you. By the window at night, when I think of you far away, why... Why...?

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